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How to Make Money if you are Unemployed

Are you unemployed? So many opportunities for making money are available depending on your skills, schedules and qualifications. With the global recession and industries going into decline, there are still industries available for job opportunities.

We’ve listed out 7 ways to quickly make cash to help you get by. So go ahead and select the job that suits you well from the list below.

1. Apply for Easily and Urgent Hiring Jobs

Okay, calm down. You might say you’ve been applying but this job isn’t the one you’ve been fantasizing about. It is one you need to get your hands on while you keep searching for better jobs out there. There’s a lot of companies with vacant positions that needs hiring. One more thing, for jobs like this, you might not need a resume.

Here’s how to find such jobs

To start with, check job sites for jobs that are open for immediate hire. These kind of jobs need to hire urgently and it is so easy to apply and also get the job through the sites, an example is indeed website.

You can use advance search options like “Hiring now” and “Urgent hiring” jobs To get the exact kind of job that you need for the time being.

2. Be available for the next job coming your way

Do managers know that you’re available for the good jobs they offer? Indeed’s Ready to Work options tells them that you are available and ready to work. Do check the box so these employers will know about and hire you.

How about LinkedIn? Yes, LinkedIn is an amazing site to let employers know that you’re available for hire. It’s Open to Work feature and frame have caused quite a number of unemployed persons get access to prospective employers and ended up with jobs.

3. A part -time job is important

Why is it important? You earn from it while searching for a permanent job. Furthermore, the skills and experiences in your part-time job helps when you get into your full-time career.
Below are sites for part-time job you can use:

Remember to choose a job close to your location that fits into your schedule and lifestyle.

4. A remote job too is important

If you’re having issues with family, childcare and mobility, there are remote jobs just for you.
Quickly narrow your search on Indeed with terms like “work from home jobs” to check for remote jobs available. FlexJobs does the same but there’s a fee attached. Your choice.

Another fast and efficient way to discover tutor jobs online is by using well-known online tutoring platforms, for example, such as Preply. By using a platform like this, you do not even need to leave your home in order to participate in a job interview, you can simply apply online.

Whatever is the reason why you are currently unemployed, let it be because you are on maternity leave or have no time for a full-time job because of family or other personal issues, online tutoring jobs are the best choice. 

By tutoring online, you can control how much time you spend working and if in the future you enjoy this type of work and have more spare time, you can increase the number of your working hours.  

Also, with this kind of job, you can teach your students multiple things, including yoga, math, chemistry, languages, marketing, and whatnot. And who knows, it may help you discover your dream career path.

5. Use and market your skills

You can use the skills you’ve acquired whether from courses, trainings or from your previous jobs to earn yourself money as a freelancer. Use the following sites below to check for jobs

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Facebook
  • Craigslist

Ensure your family, friends, enemies, and business associates know of your skills. You can work with and for anyone.

6. You need to get a gig work

Gig work is an excellent way to work using your time and skills and get paid for it while waiting for the permanent career. You can do it whenever you schedule as there may not be specific time. Examples of Gig work include;

  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Pet walking
  • Shop and deliver
  • Drop shipping
  • Caregiving
  • Home tutoring
  • Handyman
  • Driving

7. Those stuffs you don’t need anymore, sell them

Selling stuffs you don’t need is one way to make money quickly. You can sell your electronic devices on Amazon. Other sites like Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist is available to sell clothes, shoes and household or non household items.

Earnings and Unemployment

If you received benefits as an unemployed, your earnings might cause your benefits to reduce. These varies from state to state. You might receive benefits slashed into half. And the more you work, the more your benefits reduces.

In states like California, if you receive a benefit and earn over one fourth of your benefits, that amount you earn is subtracted from it.

Make sure that you’re getting all benefits due to you, report your income and check for opportunities to make money while you are unemployed. In order to keep receiving unemployment benefits, report your incomes and earnings weekly.

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Good luck!