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Apply for Cosmetologist Job in Canada: Salary, Skills, Education

Building your skills for available career or job opportunities in line with your interest, remains a step in a right direction. Today, am on your way to share basic review on what Cosmetology is all about, what Cosmetologists receive as salary, the skills necessarily needed to work in a cosmetology industry and more to learn about its Education etc.

There are jobs or businesses that gets prospective and potential customers daily to the service they offer, cosmetology jobs happens to be in that category of lucrative businesses. As a Cosmetologist or intending to be Cosmetologist, you have a lot of lucrative opportunities to earn money on daily, weekly and on monthly basis, depending on how the payment or salary system was structured by the owner of the business.

Below is a standard and detailed description depicting all you need to know about Cosmetology jobs. But before then, you wouldn’t want to miss a whooping opportunity from one of the top and highest salary paying company known as Lockheed Martin Aerospace and Defense. There are available job vacancies awaiting for Job seekers to submit their applications and resume. Sign up with them, as well as submitting your credentials and stand the chance of getting employed to any of their highly paid business department. Below, comes the full answer to “what is the work of Cosmetologists?” as some persons are asking.

What Does a Cosmetologist Do?

Cosmetologists are involved in providing personal care services encompassing; taking good care of people’s hair, nails and skin. Since Cosmetology involves Beautification of the body parts, the beauty professionals employed to carry out these jobs in the industry are barbers, hair stylists, and the estheticians (skin care specialists).

A rough estimate of 866,300 and above was denoted to be the numbers of people found working in the cosmetology industry, as at the year, 2016. Without doubt, the number or people working as Cosmetologists have increased in recent years of 2022, 2023 and more numbers for the upcoming 2024.

Cosmetology Duties and Responsibilities

Basically, there isn’t much difference about several of the associated duties of barbers, hair stylists and the estheticians (skin care specialists). They are same but some uniquely differ when it comes to profession. Most of such services under the professions include:

  • Making provision to the client with necessary information about what colors and styles are best for their hair making, regarding to the type of hair texture, color, complexion and hair condition.
  • Shampooing hair, style, color, cut, curl, or straighten hair.
  • Treatment to peoples’ skin, carry out evaluation to skin condition and proper application of treatments after a convincing discussing on alternatives.
  • Shaving beards as well as performing facials.
  • Using cosmetics to change or enhance a performer or entertainer’s appearance eg actors and actresses, as well as other individuals.
  • Applying color and bleaching, as well as, using chemicals to curl hair or straighten hair by Barbers depending on the state.

Cosmetology Salary Payments

The professions under Cosmetology have slightly different payment thresholds. You might want to check their corresponding values as regards to payment frequency, using an online salary calculator after checking the list of salaries mentioned below. So Below are the range of salaries being paid to workers under Cosmetology industries.

Hair stylists & cosmetologists:

The Median Annual Salary in some states like USA, Canada etc is: $24,850 (which is invariably, $11.95 per hour)

For Top 10% Annual Salary payment: It is estimated to be more than $50,669 ( which is invariably $24.36 per hour)

The Bottom 10% Annual Salary payment: This is estimated to be Less than $18,158 (which is invariably, $8.73 per hour)


The Median Annual Salary Payment is estimated to be: $25,650 (which is invariably $12.33 per hour)

For Top 10 percent Annual Salary Payment: it is estimated to be more than $48,484 (which is invariably $23.31 per hour)

The Bottom 10 percent Annual Salary payment is estimated to be Less than $18,616 (and this invariably depict payment of $8.95 per hour)

Estheticians (skin care specialists):

The Median Annual Salary Payment is estimated to be : $30,080 (and this depict a stipend payment of $14.46 per hour)

For Top 10 percent Annual Salary Payment, it is estimated to be more than $58,801 (here, you earn salary of $28.27 per hour)

Bottom 10 percent Annual Salary Payments is estimated to be Less than $18,657 dollars (and this simple means that workers here earn about $8.97 per hour)

Cosmetology Education, Training & Certification

As a professional profession, Cosmetology requires training and education in order to be efficiently operated and managed. So training and education requirements, in most cases differs due to the filed of Cosmetology you are opting for.


In the industry, some positions requires a high school diploma certificate.


It is demanded of any person pursuing a career in this industry, to complete a state-approved barber or cosmetology program, which usually takes a duration of 9 months or more to become a hairstylist.

For those who wants to become a barber, it is also required of them to attend a barber training program.

makeup artist
makeup artist

The makeup artists also attend cosmetology school, for full training on cosmetics and other related field courses. And this training usually takes several months, up to a year to become a certified makeup artist.

The Estheticians are mandated to go for a two-year training program which is usually approved by the state they want to work for before they can proceed with training program.

Cosmetology Licensure:

Some state in different countries doesn’t require license in order to operate in this kind of business, but some countries like the United States of America U.S, demands every hairstylists to have license for such Business. The Barbers aren’t exempted in getting this license too. They are also mandated to get this state-issued license, so that they can operate in USA. Usually, in some states, one can get a barbering license for studying in cosmetology school, but in others, the trainee is demanded to get a specific training for barbering. There are states that combine barbering and cosmetology licenses during issuing. The Licensing requirements for makeup artists can vary by state and most of them requires the estheticians to be licensed too.

Cosmetology Skills and Competencies

The ability to meet the customers or clients satisfaction calls for possessing essential qualities by the Cosmetologists in divers fields. Workers in this field needs to embrace the following qualities.

People skills: This is one of the most vital skill any cosmologist needs to embrace, because it has to do with interacting with your potential customers. And not just a mere interaction but a satisfying, pleasant and friendly one.

Think Vast: You have got to think outside the box in full creativity and also the ability or willingness to adapt to new trends remains important.

Good listener: Be a good listener by listening and learning your customers. People like talking about themselves especially when they are seating on a particular place for some minutes. They tend to talk to you and expect feedback, so always be ready to provide appropriate feedback as reply.

Physical stamina: You definitely will spend more time on standing on your feet. So build your physical stamina or strength.

Job Outlook For Cosmetology

Humans will always want to look better and appear best anytime, anywhere and everywhere. From the findings and information gathered, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics review, explained that employment in the cosmetology Careers is likely to grow faster and bigger than its present average, and it tend to be for all occupations between 2016 and 2026, with about 13 percent increase.

Work Environment

The Employers are as follows: barber shops, spas, hair salons, nail salons and resorts. The surroundings are going to attract more customers and also make them feel welcomed and comfortable. But as we all know, these surroundings often interact with different chemicals and equipment / tools. So it is important to use protective gloves and clothing.

Work Schedule

This type of business appears in most cases to be a self-employed business, and as such, requires more work and time from the Cosmetologists eg hairstylists, barbers etc to promote their own salons, shops, and cosmetic businesses.

The Employees in this field of business usually work full time, even though part-time position are also available. You tend to choose either to be working evening or on weekends, but note that the busiest time for this business is always evening and weekends.

Comparing Similar Jobs

The Cosmetology profession covers a wide range of skill opportunities. And other similar careers which include:

  • The Manicurist or Pedicurist earns about $23,230
  • The Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists earns about $59,300
  • A Vocational Education Teacher /Cosmetology earns about $52,600


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