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Professional guide to creating a resume Online to win a job!

The main reason for creating a resume is to wow the hiring manager and get the job without any trouble. To win the job, you have first to win the interest of the manager through your resume. If you don’t have experience building a resume and are looking for a professional guide online, you have landed in the right spot. 

Right now, we are going to guide you about the best tips, tricks, and tools you can use to create the most professional resume for a job application.

Compile all of your information in one place

Before you start designing a resume or filling up sections, you must compile all the useful information in one place. You have to collect all of your personal information and the one which is necessary for your employees in one place. You can manually write it down in your notes to know about the stuff you have to add and arrange in the resume. Some of you might not have any job experience, and some of you might have tons of it, so it is important that you build a resume that compliments your data and personality. We would also suggest you take out all the important certificates and credentials to add their specific details in the resume.

Write your resume on a rough page!

When you have collected all the information, you must write it down manually on a rough note. This would help you understand how long your resume is and what kind of details you want to add and ditch. When you write all of your resume in a particular format, you would easily see the full picture of you as a candidate. You can change different aspects of the resume and can make it more appealing afterward. You can also take inspiration from the templates that can be easily found on the resume builder tools.

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Choose a resume layout!

Choosing the perfect layout for your resume is very important as it contributes a lot to its appeal. There are three types of resume layouts that you can use. The selection of the format depends on your credentials and then your employment history. You can find all of these different resume layouts in the leading resume builder tools.

  • The most used resume format is the chronological one; in this format, the applicant presents his job history in the CV starting from the most recent one. 
  • Functional CV format is the one that can be used if you have a spotty work history, and if you want to focus on presenting your skills and accomplishments. 
  • Combining both of these formats is the third layout to describe your skills and your chronological work history.

Format your resume text!

Your resume is all about text. You must select the text’s right format, including its font styles, size, type, and other aspects. We would suggest using the basic but modern font styles in your resume as they have a more appealing look. In the resume, you have to be very consistent when it comes to adding text. You cannot add different font styles to different parts of the resume. It would be highly unprofessional of you. You must also add lists to the resume to make the resume even more interesting. Paragraphs are less interesting than lists, which is why you should focus on them more. 

Use a resume builder tool!

Today there are many resume builders but one of the best cv builder is offered by Design Studio of SmallSeoTools. This free resume maker can help you create the most professional resumes based on the templates they offer. You have to open this online resume builder on your browser and pick the most intriguing templates from its interface. In the template, you can easily add all the information that you have collected in the first place. 

You can get complete guidance and help from the resume builder tools, so we would suggest using the best one. Making your CV with these resume builder tools can be extremely helpful. You can save the time and effort of manual designing and setting of formats.

Target your resume for the job you are applying for!

This is an especially important tip for you. Whenever you are applying for a job, you have to make sure that the CV you are making has relevant details, skills, and accomplishments that would complement the job’s requirements. For example, if you apply for a head chef’s position and are not adding the skills or information relevant to the job, you would not please the hiring manager. There is a minute chance of you getting that job, whenever you are applying for a job you have to make sure that you are targeting it with your resume details!