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8 Rarest Lightsaber Colors in Star Wars History

Lightsabers, also called laser swords, were regarded by the Jedi and their enemies, the Sith, as dangerous and powerful weapons. Throughout the galaxy, the lightsaber has come to symbolize the values of the Jedi Order that aim for peace and justice. 

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8 Rarest Colors of Lightsaber

Following are the eight rarest colors of lightsabers.


Several player characters in video games, including Darth Vader, have wielded the cyan or teal lightsaber blade. Neither the toy nor the movie has an official license for them. Since the game Jedi: Fallen Order has been declared canon, the teal blades of Cal Kestis are now rarer than ever.


Jedi normally wield lightsabers of other colors, but yellow is one of the rarest. Master Plo Koon is among the legendary users who have used these unique blades. During the time of Ahsoka Tano, one of these blades was used. 

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Star Wars: Episode IX ended with Rey making a yellow blade. However, the Jedi Sentinels are the most famous users of the yellow saber. A Jedi Knight could become a Sentinel, equivalent to a guard or spy in the Jedi Order who patrolled the temple.


The player character, Kyle Katarn, faced off against the Dark Jedi Yun using an orange lightsaber blade in Star Wars: Jedi Knight. Kyle then receives the orange blade after Yun dies in a battle with Sariss. 

Sariss is killed with it, and he also uses it to fight in other duels. Orange is a unique color, which some speculate is the result of the mixing of Sith energy with the white blades of the High Republic Era.


It is rare to find a white lightsaber. They were used by Ahsoka Tano after her master, Anakin Skywalker, turned to the Dark Side and was expelled from the Jedi Order. Star Wars Rebels had a similar situation in which the Order framed her for murder.

After losing both her lightsabers, she was banished to Raada when she became the target of the Inquisitorious, one of the Sixth Brothers after the Clone Wars. Using white kyber crystals, she made new blades that have become exclusive to her, as seen in series like The Mandalorian.


Purple is another extraordinarily rare lightsaber. A Jedi’s emotional bond with the purple crystal is described in Claudia Gray’s novel, Master and Apprentice, as the origin of the crystal’s purple color. Fans have speculated what the color purple means about Mace Windu’s state of mind since he is known as the wielder of the purple blade. 

The purple color is thought to represent this conflict due to Master Windu being one of the few Jedis ever to use Form VII, where the Jedi is in a state of emotional conflict while still not completely surrendering.


When Mara Jade was a member of the Hand of the Emperor, she only wielded the pink or magenta lightsaber, not Windu’s purple blade. Emperor Palpatine entrusted this team of operatives with completing seemingly impossible missions.

Palpatine gifted Mara Jade with her unique blade in exchange for a rare pink crystal. During the Galactic Civil War, she used this weapon, which was destroyed at the Battle of Endor.


Darksaber is the name given to the black lightsaber. Tarre Vizla, the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi, forged this sword, making it one of the most exclusive Jedi weapons. Lightsabers have blades made from plasma, but unlike other lightsabers, the sword-like shape gives it a distinctive appearance.


Bronze is the rarest color of a lightsaber. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Lowbacca, the warrior Jedi Knight of the Wookiees, used this lightsaber as his own. After the Galactic Civil War, he studied at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 under Luke Skywalker.

This blade was constructed by Lowbacca with computer components, focusing lenses, and enhancement jewels instead of a lightsaber crystal. Blade width and color of the saber result from this molten bronze process.