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Best Free Games of 2019

Are you prepared to download and play the very best upcoming 2019 new video games that run on all smart Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and PC/laptop devices? There are lots of game lists to enjoy from the coming year 2019, and the game types include Play station 4 (PS4), Xbox one, Bluetooth and Multiplayer etc. encompassing Action adventure, Sports, Cards and many other. 

There are lots of latest game series to enjoy from as a game fan of this website; previously, we outlined 2018 free game download links for our regular visitors and those in search of such games. So today, I will walk you through on the new E3 2019 games and at same time unraveling the release date, features, device requirements, and update for each game. Meanwhile, relax and scroll through to make a best selection for your device. 

 Before then, ensure to bookmark this page because this article will continuously receive update whenever new feature of any game is released to the public for official download. 

Best 2019 Free Games

Best Game Selection Series 

List of Best 2019 Games 

Anthem 2019


Anthem game is another special shooter game which happens to be EA’s favorable answer to Destiny. In Anthem, there are lots of features to explore as a player or controller of the game. Such include; mass effect style shootouts, more actions with javelin to get rid of enemies regarded as aliens. In anthem, you will be able to play a party or group game involving about 4 players. As gotten from research, this game will be penned by the popular known writer of KOTOR and that of the first 2 mass effect games. For more best games, endeavor to check out BET BIND. So just rest your case and bookmark this page for a star war battlefront action game, as it is called by many.   
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
>Launch date: 22 February, 2019.
> Download Anthem 

Crackdown 3

 Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 happens to be an anti-crime fight against corrupt bad gangs. Here in this game, you are a super-cop in a city fighting against crime troubling the nation. It goes with up to four players co-operation fighting and going after terrorists in the country. You have access to shoot a high-tech bazooka missiles against the enemies, killing the country’s criminals is a massive way. 
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PC
>Release date: 22 February 2018.
> Download Crackdown 3

New 2019 Video Games 

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 game is coming with loads of feature for the year 2019. This game which is still enjoyed by fans till today in the latest E3 2018, can’t be missed out in the upcoming year. The developers of this game Square Enix has assured a very wonderful version for the coming year. And as it stands, the January launch window having a firm date is seriously going to take place as said. This game called Kingdom Hearts 3 is using the full Disney brand and as such question has been asked if the gameplay of the playstation 2 era will still hold up in later years. All findings won’t be long to get verified as we await this game. Below is Kingdom Hearts 3 release date and platforms in which the version will be available to all users. 
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC 
> Release date: 29 January, 2019. 
> Download Kingdom Hearts 3 

Days Gone

Days gone is a zombie game played via PS4. Here you get to fight against the human enemies in form of zombies. Well, as you may know, zombies are formed from infected humans. Your duty is to hunt down this world threat freaks from hurting the normal set of humans. This game is voiced and modeled by Sam Witwer, popularly known as Starkiller right from the Star War Game “Force Unleashed” In the world full of human threat like zombies, only the strongest and smart warriors survive attacks, as there are multitude or mass flood of this human threat. Sometimes, when they come in mass attacking you, all you need do at that moment is running away and seeking for a safe place. Then map a strategy to wipe out their mass flood with your available weapons. 
>Game Platform(s): PS4 
>Release date: 22, February  2019
>Download Days Gone PS4 Game

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus happens to be a third party game under post apocalyptic FPS series, leading you to the unaccepted irradiated ruins of modern civilization, here you team up with some kind of strange and sometimes beautiful animals. Your survival is what matters most, as you smartly make your way across Russia when the days are harsh with nuclear winter. You ensure to keep a close eye to dangers as you pass through abandoned subway tunnels. Also avoid radioactive bears that could kill you instantly. Metro Exodus has a lot to explore while playing on your devices. You only need to be guided and also to apply your own tactics in order to survive the harsh winter. The game is very sweet and entertaining to play. Just bookmark and stay tuned for the cracked and mode version if not priced much. 
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
>Release date: 2019
>Download Metro Exodus 

Jedi: Fallen Order

Finally, a name has been given Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars game. This game has been rumored so much concerning its great features. The EA-owned developers of Titanfall have done their best in offering some teases, unveiling to the public that the game will feature episode 3 and 4 ( having hello there, Star Wars: Rogue One). New genre, Empire will not be excluded in next year’s star wars gaming console. Is Jedi one of your best games? Let us know via comment box.
>Game Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
>Release date: Holiday 2019 
>Download Jedi: Fallen Order

Devil May Cry 5

This game is an awesome game in which all addicted game fans cannot resist to play on their devices. Devil May Cry 5 is a Ninja game that gets you as the controller of the game, control Nero that is demon hunter utilizing robot arm and that of ninja sword in fighting against demons that are not meant to live in the surface of the earth. 
>The Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
>Release date: 2019
>Download Devil May Cry 5 

Ori And the Will of the Wisps 

Ori and the Blind Forest game is another beautiful game I love playing, the gsme is developed with highly sophisticated graphics and hand painted backdrops. This game exposes player to new creatures and regions present in the lush Nibel forest. The story that brought up this gaming entertainment is such cherished by all. 2D Ori and the Will of the Wisps is coming with more wonderful features and as it stands, it seems Ori is strongly teaming up with purple-feathered owl. Do not miss this game when it finally shows up for download and installation in 2019.  
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PC 
> Release date: 2019
> Download Ori And the Will of the Wisps. 



Lots have been done in the previous version of this game called indivisible. Back in the year 2015, $2 million plus was raised out of crowd funding to ensure a better enhancement of this game. RPG – Metroidvania hybrid has built a smart looking animated visuals and inventive combat mechanics to fit the gorgeously made presentation developed by Lab Zero Games, which also presented the studio behind fighter Skullgirls. As the name implies, in indivisible 2019 game, you are bound to encounter rough environment filled with monsters, as you explore 2.5D forests, tombs, temples through the use of acrobatic abilities. You will also have the ability to recruit party members. As it stands, indivisible prototype Beta is currently available on PSN in case you wish to check it out. Go for the previous versions and thank me later for showing you such a game. The latest indivisible version is coming in 2019, so stay tuned and bookmark. 
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC
>Release date: TBC 2019
>Download New Indivisible Game. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

This is another new game coming from the masters of action RPG Fromsoftware. The game has lots of action in its stages or level of rank. If you are not well experienced in Sekiro; shadows die twice, you will lose often, as your enemies will beat you up and finally get you killed in the game. The gameplay is awesome as you face different stages of challenge. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will continually go Fromsoft hack-and slash tradition or pattern with tactic tweaks to suit the new milieu. The arena and zones graphics was wonderfully embedded for gameplay mode. Don’t get upset when you die over and over again, all you got to do is to master the tricks and tactics involved in winning. Then you will have yourself as the best game winner ever in shadows die twice.  

>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
>Release date: TBC 2019
>Download Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 

The Valley of gods 

 trending then was that Developer Campo Santo is now owned by Valve and it made a name for itself as well as its debut game Firewatch, having a beautiful tale of bonding in the lonely, picturesque Wyoming wilderness. You play mostly as Rashida, having an adventurous excavation while traveling alongside with your bosom companion Zora ensuring to capture everything on black and white, having 35mm film. Researchers have seen a silver of what’s in store concerning Campo Santo’s games. It is coming with a lot to explore. Likewise pyramids and towering sphinx statues regarded or equivalent to the black Assassin’s Creed Origins. So expect more from the Valley of gods promises and its hell of historical setting. There is more to play in the upcoming new year, just get ready to play online and offline latest trending games.
>Game Platform(s): PC
> Release date: TBC 2019
>Download In The Valley of gods 

Dying Light 2

Downloading Dying Light 2 and getting it installed and played is not a bad idea at all. This game is made up of zombies. Originally, this game started trending form the year 2015, and since then till date, the game has been making a huge progress. There is more to explore in 2019 Dying Light 2 game, and most of the features you should expect are as follows; near to real life combat, upgraded visuals and graphics, sharp background song or music, more control features for players etc. This game is apocalyptic package, although we haven’t gotten more information regarding to its features but you have a lot to enjoy from baseball bats and that of zombie blood coming soon on this blog. 

>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
>Release date: TBC
>Download Dying Light 2 

Ghost of Tsushima 
Ghost of Tsushima is a samurai-led tale of ancient game from Infamous and Sly Cooper series studio. Here you play as a swordsman fighting securing his life against rivals and forces of the enemy after your life (Mongol Empire). This game is coming with full combat for those of you that enjoy such games. Get yourself prepared to get this game played on your PS4 as soon as it is released or launched to the public. 
>Game Platform(s): PS4
>Release date: TBC
>Download Ghost of Tsushima

Gears of War 5
This is another game you can’t afford to miss as a game freak. Gears of War 5 take you to another world in the action mode. Prepare your fingers to play this game during its launch date.
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PC
>Release date: TBC 
>Download Gears of War 5 

The Last of Us Part 2 

This game called the last of us part 2 actually tells the story of Joel and Ellie 5 years after the original game was set in. In the forth coming game we will understand whether Joel is dead or still alive as the Naught Dog reveals more of it in time to come. 
>Game Platform(s): PS4
> Release date: TBC
>Download The Last of Us Part 2 

Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal is one out of my several best video games out there. As you may know, the sequel of 2016’s Doom reboot is sure to be happening. The  game is coming with lots of awesome features and not only that, it was recorded that the previous was a magical comeback for FPS veteran developer id software, and that of the game’s flippant approach to contemporary game storyline and design was such an awesome experience. The game coming in 2019 has been rumored to come with special action game features such as horrors of hell to the terra firma and as well Doomguy. The gameplay footage is to be revealed at the year’s Quakecon in 2019 launching date. Yo don’t need to be told what to do, just get yourself ready to enjoy this awesome action adventure that has to do with lots of battles in the underworld of demonic agents. 
>Game Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
>Release date: TBC 2019 
>Download Doom Eternal

Psychonauts 2 
Psychonauts 3D Game is also coming to brighten your year in 2019. The game is cool and sweet to play, if you haven’t play this particular game on your device then you are far from playing entertaining games. The game is coming with loaded features that all wouldn’t want to take the chance of missing. In their last developed game in previous years, they were able to come up with nice adventure at whispering Rock psychic summer camp, Lili, Raz and elite members of the psychonauts. Now another set of mind blowing features such as 3D platform adventure is coming for the 2019 version. 
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
> Release date: TBC 2019
> Download Psychonauts 2

Shenmue 3

Although Shenmue series didn’t make a huge commercial success in the previous years but special thanks to Kickstarter and followers of the game who contributed in the game by enjoying the service. It was recorded that the game earned dollars including the generous funding from Sony. Expect an awesome result from the already planned project coming on your way by 2019. So be ready for Shenmue 3 coming with full role of martial artist called Ryo Hazuki, which happens to be the role you will play. Now you tend to uncover who is behind your father’s death or murder as Ryo Hazuki you are. The game is sure coming with sharp gameplay better than the previous developed, giving you the enhancement to take up a fight with enemies via hand-to-hand combat, also upgrade combat abilities and have your way to explore a living world comprising of villages, shops and active populated humans. There is more to explore in this game, as this is just a brief summary to what you can expect in the game. Stay tuned for the free download and installation link.
>Game Platform(s): PS4, PC
>Release date: TBC 2019
>Download Shenmue 3

Skull and Bones
There are several world pirate games like Sea of thieves and others which I won’t be mentioning here now but here is another pirate game all can enjoy from playing. It is called Skull and Bones game from Ubisoft. This game Bones is also setting sail this year and it Have more realistic on wars like pirate battles which is always on the high sea or ocean. It may interest you to know that Skull and Bones is an Assassin’s Creed Black Flag because it is developed with same pattern having much resemblance of work crafted by Black Flag. In this coming game, you will be accessing more features unlike the previous versions, there is more to engage you in this Skull and Bones 2019 game. As a player, you will have control over 18th-century waters in the Indian Ocean. Here the gameplay will be player-versus-player ship skirmishes online, having each of the players have full control over their own warship in any team-based fleet battles. Without leaving you in shadow, this game will feature a supernatural elements among all the cannon firewhich may be seen as colossal tentacles of a bad terrifying kraken lurking in the face of the deep. Coming year, this game will be available for all to download.
>Game Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
>Release date: TBC 2019

>Download Skull and Bones 

Death Stranding 
Death Stranding happens to be Hideo Kojima’s first game and it is played in PS4. Kojima which we all know about is a high-quality action adventure producer, so expect more to come in future regarding this update in 2019.
>Game Platform(s): PS4
>Release date: TBC 
>Download Death Stranding 

Bayonetta 3 
A very big thanks to Nintendo: it was a success for Bayonetta 2 possible by bankrolling, and now they are at it again with another wonderful bullet blasting witch having a third game on the switch. Under the blood moon, Bayonetta was caught losing the battle, as she was deprived of her guns. Watch more of its battle game in 2019.
>Game Platform(s): Switch
>Release date: TBC
>Download Bayonetta 3 

Beyond Good & Evil 2 
Beyond Good & Evil 2 is another fantastic game you ought not to miss, thanks to Michael Ancel and his team at the Ubisoft company, haven confirmed as one of the most requested sequels of our time. Good and evil 2 has a lot of tech ships, animals, and most importantly high graphics entertainment design that will ensure a better performance of the game. Explore more in visiting and as well stealing from resident of many cities on myriad planets. So there is more to explore when it comes to Beyond Good & Evil 2 2019 game. 
>Game Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
>Release date: TBC
>Download Beyond Good & Evil 2  

Metroid Prime 4 
A series is always popular when teasers literally show nothing logo can garner 2 million views on YouTube. During E3 2017, it is recorded that Nintendo dropped what is called a bombshell and by finally confirming that Metroid Prime 4 is as at then currently under development for Nintendo Switch now sending peoples imagination into overdrive for what Samus’ FPS explorations might look like and also have it play as a portable console. Just get ready for the bomb game play.
>Game Platform(s): Switch
>Release date: TBC
>Download Metroid Prime 4

Cyberpunk 2077  
Expert more from Cyberpunk 2077 in the upcoming year. The game is one in a million when played. Don’t afford to miss this game no matter what. 
>Game Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
>Release date: TBC
> Download Cyberpunk 2077  

>>Halo Infinite
>>The Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda’s first new IP : Another great game you shouldn’t think of letting go when it finally reach the public for paid and free download. Starfield id coming with load of features that will interest all in the field of game playing. You can also enjoy this game with your PlayStation 4 as announced by the programmers or developers. 
>Game Platform(s): TBA
>Release date: TBA
>Download Starfield


That’s all for the new video game of 2019. Stay tuned and bookmark this page for download link update. Meanwhile, you can go ahead and enjoy the other OBB Data file games updated and above. Please ensure to share this post to friends who might be in need of the games. Thank you.