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PES 2022 & 2021 PPSSPP ISO PSP Offline Free Download

New update for latest PES 2022 PSP ISO and PES 2021 PPSSPP ISO Download links, with PS5 Camera graphics and Normal PS4 Camera. All updated with latest save Data and Textures files. And you can directly download and install these best PPSSPP iso ROM Android Season Update games from Techbmc to your Android mobile devices for free.

So, if you have been waiting for this latest version of PES PSP ISO Games? Wait no more and rejoice because you can now download the PPSSPP ISO English edition all for free.

Does that not excite you? I believe it does! Now, because of how voluminous this PES PSP ISO File games can be, we have greatly compressed them, so you can now seamlessly get any of the files downloaded to your Android devices! Recently, we updated PES Lite 2021 PPSSPP PSP Iso you might want to download it and catch more fun via sports games using your android smartphone.

Features of Latest PES PPSSPP ISO PSP Game

In order to inform you in details about the Sports or football game you are about to install, we have explicitly written below some nice details out of other numerous features of this newest version game. So below are nice improvement done to this game and as well as, the direct download links for all eligible devices (mobile phones).

Improved HD graphics and commentary in PES PPSSPP 

This latest PES 2022 PPSSPP  and PES 2021 PSP Games came with lots of enhanced features like the improved HD graphics and the sensational commentary of the commentators – Peter Drury and Jim Beglin is very enticing and entertaining especially as they mention real names of players and analyze the events of the field as the game is going on.

Offline Soccer PSP Game

These PES PPSSPP happens to be offline soccer PSP games that came with loaded sophisticated features to impress the users just like that of the latest 2019 – 2020 nice team logo, original kits, player transfers, emblem and the faces of the players looks so real just as they are in real life. Interestingly, you get to see how the stadiums and grasses on the pitch has been greatly improved.

There is Improved Settings in PES 22, 21 PSP ISO

There is another fantastic setting in PES 21 and 22 PSP ISO that allows you to choose PS4 Camera or PS5 Camera, with a wide pitch view, there is also the bird eye view, and TV broadcast view readily available for you to choose from. Of course you can still be able to opt for the normal game camera which you are familiar with already, and this mode focuses more on active players and some players around the active player.

PES 2021 PPSSPP ISO PSP with PS4 Camera

Unlimited top rated football star players

I believe you should know that the Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 to 2022 pool of professional players have been increasing rapidly and has almost gotten above the 5000 mark which can be seen on the release, so this excitingly implies that you now have access to unlimited top rated football stars players in this game. Isn’t that interesting? Yes! It is.

Improved PS4 & PS5 Camera in PES 2021 and 2022 PSP

The use of PS5 and PS4 Camera in PES is one of the features that I love so much because when activated you would be able to see more players on the pitch, also the fans can be clearly seen with this fantastic camera angle.

New champions league songs Added

Another feature that always gets me really excited is the Champions League, how the champions league song is been sang as you listen to it in the background is so lovely.

Champions League competitions

I so much believe you will enjoy the Champions League competition that has many clubs that scaled through the group stages and very capable of making it to the knockout stages.
Additionally, you can equally participate in many other interesting competitions such as the Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, UEFA Europa League and many others.

Improved Players and Fans Reactions

In these latest PES 2021 and 2022 PPSSPP, there are also different fans reactions and player celebrations when they score goal. For instance, when a player, let’s say Ronaldo, performs a fabulous skill or there is an awful tackle on him and referee decides not to blow the whistle for free kick, the crowd will reacts with whoooh.

But as for the players, whenever a player scores, the player will make a signature celebration that is peculiar to that particular player that scored. For example, Messi raising his two hands above his head up to the sky, or the jumping up and then landing with his arms spread that Ronaldo normally does in the real world of football, etc.

It might interest you to know that PES 21, 22 ISO PSP are unarguably, among the top soccer games for mobile and console. This is because they come loaded with many features, coupled with the realistic gameplay and competitions in them.

There is a possibility for you to implement the PES game hacks and cheats. Even though it is easy, but you can do this by boosting each player stats through the Menu > Edit icon > click edit player. So from there, you can increase any player’s skills and attributes like stamina, passing, heading, speed, shooting, and so on to maximum level So that they can do incredible things for you in the pitch.

You may be wondering how you can play PES 2021 or 2022 PPSSPP on your Android. It’s very simple, just get a good PSP emulator just the same way you play PPSSPP console games.

PES 2022 ppsspp

Summary of PES 2022 PSP PPSSPP ISO Features

  • Updated with new kits for 2022 season
  • Updated with real players
  • Good Commentary on live football matches (English commentator)
  • Features European Cup
  • Champions League Updated in PES 2022 Android
  • New background music or Songs added
  • Star players equipped with good skills
  • World Cup and African Nations Championship included in the game
  • Free new players available via the in-game store, and other good offers.
  • Got best clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona, and Juventus.
  • Very easy to play and navigate from your Android device,
  • You can Recruit stars using the new Player Pack
  • There is Player transfer feature
  • You can engage in Real-time online matches

Game Information about PES 2022 PPSSPP for Android

  • Game name: PES 2022 PPSSPP
  • Category: Football Games
  • Developer: KONAMI
  • Game Language: English language
  • Game Size: 2 GB
  • Game Mode: Single player – Multiplayer
  • Cost or Purchase: Free

Download PES 2022 ISO

  1. PES 2022 iso PSP NORMAL CAMERA (500 MB Mediafire link)
  2. PES 2022 PSP iso with PS5 CAMERA (595MB)
  3. SAVADATA for PES 2022 iso ppsspp
  4. TEXTURES for PES 2022 ppsspp

How to run or install PES 2022 on Android Phones

  1. First of all, download and install Zarchiver Apk
  2. Also install PPSSPP Gold emulator App you downloaded from above
  3. Now extract the PES 2022 file downloaded above to your SD card location, i.e SDCard » PSP » GAME (this is for easy access)
  4. Also extract the TEXTURES PES 2022 to SD Card » PSP » TEXTURES file
  5. Proceed to extract the game SAVEDATA PES 2022 to SDCard » PSP » SAVEDATA file
  6. Next is to launch the PPSSPP Gold Emulator app you installed from above and then find PES 2022 game (SD card > PSP > Game).
  7. When you find the PES 2022 icon through the Emulator app, just tap on the icon and start playing the game.


PES 2021 Ppsspp Features

Summary to Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Game (PES 21) PPSSPP features, you might want to know so as to explore the video game.

  • It’s Free and Offline.
  • The Commentary and Text is English.
  • It Offers HD Graphics.
  • It has Realistic and Improved gameplay.
  • It comes with Updated team rader and score display.
  • There are Champions League update and UEFA UI.
  • Legendary players are on Become a Legend.
  • Real-Time Commentary and Player emotions are featured.
  • There are World Cup , International friendlies, Exhibition match, new balls.
  • It has astonishing New Kis and Formations.
  • The transfers of players both in Clubs and National teams level is up-to-date.
  • The Team Kits and Logos are Updated to 2021 Season, like that of Juventus.
  • The attitude or behavior of players are quite realistic – a bit like Ronaldo place kick Posture.

PES 2021 PPSSPP ISO PSP Game Download

Download PES 2021 PPSSPP Game

Simply click on any of the following links below for you to be able to Download PES 2021 PPSSPP and other related and important files needed to install this soccer game in your Android smart phone.

  1. PES 21 PPSSPP ISO File Size (708.59MB) – Click Here to download.
  2. PES 21 PPSSPP Save Data size (1.07MB) – Click Here to download
  3. PES 21 Textures File size (557.91MB) – Click Here to download.
  4. PPSSPP Gold Apk size (27MB)
  5. Download ZArchiver Pro App

I strongly believe you are used to playing PSP games on Android, so it will definitely not be a problem for you to install this game and play with no issues. Just patiently follow the procedures below on

How to Get PES 2021 PPSSPP installed successfully on Android device

  1. First of all, you have to get or download PES 21 ISO Game Files from above
  2. Open the Zarchiver android app tool to unzip or unlock the file, to do that, locate the PSP folder from the phone memory (ROM)
  3. Navigate the download folder
  4. Now go ahead and click on PES 2021 PPSSPP – PSP Iso. Note: There are files like Save Data and Texture in the Rar format file.
  5. Right From the same option menu, click where you see “Extract” and go to the phone or device memory.
  6. Next is to click on “Extract Icon“.
  7. Ensure to leave the game file to completes its extraction up to 100%. Disrupting the extraction process leads to black screen or problems.
  8. Once the process of extraction is completed, a new PSP Folder would be created automatically, containing Iso textures, and save data files
pes 21 english version free download
pes 21 english version free download

How To Play PES 2021 PPSSPP Game Using PSP Emulator

As soon as you are done with the installation and the game is set, you need to launch the game for the first time and play for free!

  1. Endeavor to Install PPSSPP – PSP Emulator from the links provided above
  2. You might want to change the PPSSPP Emulator Language to Espanol (This simply fix or avoid black screen issues with the game).
  3. Now from the PPSSPP Emulator app you downloaded and installed from above, simply locate or find PES 2021 Iso right inside the PSP Folder
  4. Now click the game to start playing
  5. Because this is an offline game and not online, so it does not require any form of Wi-Fi connection or mobile telecom network data, as everything is free on this mode.
pes 2021 psp iso free download
pes 2021 psp iso free download


For the doubting Thomases, I know people often say it is not the official PES 2022 or PES 2021, yes, Konami has not released update since 2014 for PSP. But let’s work on this PES 20 Mod ISO, it really has an updated Save data and texture files that contains the latest transfers, similarly to just like the eFootball PES 21 game.

But I promise, whenever there is an official release, this post will be updated with original PES 22 Iso, so pending when that happens, download and play this Modded version and enjoy yourself. You will really enjoy it!


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