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Google Play Android Apps that Causes Battery Drainage Via Ads

Technology analysts have recently found that some of the apps on Google Play are running your battery power very low, even when they are not running. These apps behave in a way that makes the user not suspect. Researchers using Bitdefender antivirus have found that for example, some apps wait 4 hours before hiding their device, stopping ads for 4 hours, interrupting ads at a distance. They show up at random or store ad code in multiple files, making it difficult to identify.

Interestingly, these mobile apps have code that uses them to perform tasks and tasks that are referred to in Google Play to be legitimate. Interestingly enough, Beat Defender has identified 17 of these apps so far, and these 17 apps have been downloaded and installed 550,000 times.

One of these malicious battery applications is a race simulator. In this game app, a trick is used to display ads that are generated at 4-hour intervals, each ad is generated by a random number between 1 and 3 and compared to the number considered before the program. Now if the random number is equal to or greater than that, the ads will be shown to the user. The same random display makes the pattern used by the program to display complex ads difficult to identify. Of course, this app has different and unpredictable ways to display ads.

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17 Google Play Store Android Apps Causing Battery Drainage With Ads

Software that drains your phone’s battery –
Bitdefender has so far managed to find four of these apps that use the same method to display ads. These apps are:

Android apps draining your phone battery by Bitdefender
Android apps draining your phone battery by Bitdefender
  1. Car Racing 2019
  2. 4K Wallpaper (Background 4K Full HD)
  3. Backgrounds 4K HD
  4. QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Pro
  5. File Manager Pro – Manager SD Card/Explorer
  6. VMOWO City: Speed Racing 3D
  7. Barcode Scanner
  8. Screen Stream Mirroring
  9. QR Code – Scan & Read a Barcode
  10. Period Tracker – Cycle Ovulation Women’s
  11. QR & Barcode Scan Reader
  12. Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds HD
  13. Transfer Data Smart
  14. Explorer File Manager
  15. Today Weather Radar
  16. Mobnet.io: Big Fish Frenzy
  17. Clock LED