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Web Version of Instagram updated with Directory

Finally, Instagram is trying to add directories to its web version.

Instagram, being one of the most popular social networks, has undergone a lot of changes in recent days, including the addition of new effects in the boomerang section. In addition to this change, Instagram has also made changes for users of its web version.

It looks like the directory will soon be added to the web version of Instagram on the Chrome browser.
Until today, this feature was heavily featured on the Instagram version of Instagram and influencers, business executives on Instagram, and more were bothered by this shortage, and now they are no doubt happy about it because they can easily Respond to their private messages via the web as well.

Of course, adding directories to the web version of Instagram is currently in the testing phase and is only active for some users.

That’s a decision that wasn’t too far-fetched because Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had announced last year that Direct and Store were growing sharply. So it’s not strange to deal with these parts. On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he intends to merge the three apps Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram so that users don’t have to switch between them to send a message. Although no explanation has been provided at this time, it seems that the Facebook parent company is implementing this idea.