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What is SEO and Google Algorithm?

What is SEO and what does it contain? Take this tutorial with you.

We will first introduce SEO and its types, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, from the words Search Engine Optimization, so-called SEO, one of the ways that you can increase sales and Visiting the site will help.

What are the benefits of SEO?

With the help of SEO you will find more in Google search engine. This means that more users are coming to your site and that you can expose your product or service to more people and ultimately lead to increased sales.

Note: SEO should be a constant process, which means that you must constantly generate content for your site and be careful about the site’s technical issues.

SEO is divided into two parts:

1. On-page seo:

Internal SEO consists of two parts: technical SEO and content SEO.

A) Technical:

SEO Tech deals with all the technical aspects of the site including:

  • URL structure
  • Check out the important meta tags that should be included on the site, including h1, ALT tags, and more.
  • Speed of site loading
  • UI / UX site
  • 400 and 500 series error check
  • Check the map site and check the redirects of 301 and 302

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B) Content SEO:

Content SEO deals with all the things that are effective in optimizing site content including:

  • Determine the content strategy according to competitors
  • Review the keywords of each content
  • Check site content according to the content SEO rules
  • Suitable for publishing and uploading content on the site
  • Observe the internal links
  • Improved site photos

2. Off-page seo:

Any off-site action that improves search and visibility is called external SEO, including what can be done including:

  • Ad Reportage
  • External links
  • Link Exchange
  • Activities on social networks
  • Activities in forums
  • Post valuable comments on other sites

Types of SEO

White hat

The white hat SEO method is done in accordance with Google’s rules and regulations, and the SEO website will continue to grow more slowly but legally.

Gray hat

Gray hat SEO is actually the use of methods that Google will be penalized for if it finds out, but if done correctly, it will not only drive faster website growth but also reduce costs.

Black hat

This is one of the methods that will take the site to Google Cemetery after a sudden growth to an unknown date, such as link buying, copy content and more.

SEO algorithms

As technology advances, Google improves its algorithms along with technology so that it can stand up to fraud and inappropriate methods such as black hats. In this article we will briefly review Google’s algorithms:

 Neural Matching Algorithm

The algorithm is based on artificial intelligence and is used to create a connection between words and concepts to better understand what the user is looking for.

Google Fred’s algorithm

How this algorithm works is not well understood, but it is generally sensitive to sites with high advertising or external links. According to some experts, the algorithm monitors content that is not intended for the user and is of poor quality.

Possum Algorithm

Lists user-related results by geolocation.

Google’s RankBrain Algorithm

Rankin’s algorithm focuses on how easy the user is to use the site, its UX, its content and variety, the number of backlinks, and more.

Mobilegeddon Updates Mobile Algorithm

This algorithm focuses on site responsiveness and ease of use when using mobile.

Pigeon Algorithm (Google Pigeon)

With this algorithm, the link between Google Map and search has been increased.

HummingBird Chicken Algorithm

The Hummingbird algorithm, given the synonyms of the words in the shortest possible time, brings up a list of things that are closest to the searched word. It also penalizes sites that have used inappropriate keywords with irrelevant content.

 Google’s Penguin Algorithm

The purpose of this algorithm is to identify sites that have received a lot of backlinks in a short period of time.

Google sandbox

The purpose of this algorithm is to monitor newly launched sites in order to get them to their original position according to their performance.

Page Layout Algorithm

The purpose of this algorithm is to find sites that have annoying ads like pop-ups, flash ads, and more.

Zebra Algorithm (Zebra Update)

This algorithm identifies sites that are unsafe or do not have SSL certification.

Pirate algorithm

The algorithm is implemented to reduce the infringement of copyright law and the content of the algorithm.

Google Panda Algorithm

Identify sites that have inappropriate content.

Payday Leon algorithm

This algorithm is to prevent the growth of sites that have immoral content.

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