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PES 2019 Game Best Defenders

Recognizing players and their capabilities is crucial to achieving victory in sports, especially football, and titles such as the 2019 PES or FIFA 19.

In fact, based on the same understanding, you can understand the weaknesses of the competing combination and change your composition accordingly. This year’s PES 2019 is one step closer to reality than its past years.
Accordingly, you need to have a more serious look at your players and try to combine your lines with the best players to cover their weak points. Having a solid defensive line can be a salvation, and in many cases, it’s easy to keep the outcome of the game in your favor.
In this article, which is part of the PES 2019 series of articles , we are going to briefly outline the 10 top defending champions of PES 2019.

Best defenders of PES 2019 Console Game 

10- Thiago Silva

Although Thiago Silva’s score fell from 88 to 87, he still remains one of the best defenders of PES 2019.

This 34-year-old Brazilian defender is now facing the Parisian-German team. Looking at the Silva figures, we find that the player’s score is very good, and that’s why the player will have a huge impact on the corners.

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The player’s score is also over 80. This feature makes Silva a good start for the attacks and can correctly send the ball from its own land to the rival’s half-way.

9- Samuel Umtiti

Samuel O’Matty has been at the top of the pitch and has been able to make a lot of success with the French and Barcelona national teams.

That’s why at PES 2019 we saw his 3-point increase in strength so that the 25-year-old defender would be a member of the group’s top defending champions. The high potential of Umatitia makes it one of the best players you can get at Master League.

Like Tiago Silva, Umatity has high figures for jumping and jumping, and so can count on airships well on his defenses.

8. Diego Godin

Godin made an extraordinary season with Atletico Madrid and his admirable performance in the 2018 World Cup with the Uruguayan national team helped him keep his mark on PES 2019.

The 32-year-old defends the air and the ground well and is therefore one of the best PES 2019 defenses. Goodin’s prominent feature can be seen in the fight, tired battle, and high spirits.

7- Giorgio Chiellini

In previous versions of PES, Chihlina’s score was usually more than 90. But with that leg up, the Italian veteran defender lost some of his power at PES 2019.

Kinehlini has a score of 87 in this version of the game and has fallen to a PES 2018 rating. Chihlini is fantastic in battles, and in the final minutes of the game can go forward, but can open the opponent’s goal.

6. Virgil Van Dijk

No one would have thought that Liverpool’s expensive purchase for the defense line would shake off all critics. But Fantastic Dyke’s performance last season in the island’s league ended, and now Fan Dyke is one of the best defenders of the PES 2019.

The 27-year-old Dutch defender has a much higher score than the previous version. The high power of the ball, the precision of the pass and the ability to participate in the attacks, especially the corner time, is another feature of the Dyke fan.

5- Jorge Booing

Jerome Boateng has also been able to maintain his PES 2019 rating and continue his impressive career in the German Bundesliga.

Although the German national team did not perform well in the 2018 World Cup, and Boateng and his associates came out of the two ranies much earlier than they thought it was, the player was very successful in Bayern Munich, and the main reason for his continuation is the same.

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The 30-year-old defender has a very tricky combat capability and heavily covers the ground and air in the defensive line. The player’s score of +80 is another reason to prove that Boateng is a six-point defender and very effective.

4. Marcelo

Many critics of the football world believe Marcelo is the best left-wing defender of the world. With a score of 88, the player could also confirm the accuracy of the claim, marking Marcelo with that title.

Perhaps Marcelo’s high-pitched strength should not be high, and this is a weak point for defenders, but Marcelo’s other qualities make it a must-have player.

Marcelo has a power of +80, and other features such as the power of dribbling and participating in the attack will make the Brazilian defender very successful in defensive or offensive affairs.

3. Gerard Pique

Gerard Piqué advanced to PES 2018 and earned a point to gain 88 points in PES 2019.

The 31-year-old Spanish spokesman has hit very well on the pass and control of the ball and can well play the role of a defensive midfielder by pulling back the opponent’s players and pushing the ball back.

Pikke’s head and jump are 88 and Piqué is one of the most influential players in air balloons. The 88th player’s power in the battles has also made him one of the top defenders of the PES 2019 in the Barcelona team.

2. Mats Hummels

Hummels has taken a step forward in advancing and upgrading to PES 2019 with a score of 89.

The 30-year-old German defender has impressive defensive qualities and can well be described as a solid barrier against rival raids.

The high power of the pass makes it possible for you to plan your attacks from your line of defense and roll the ball from your halfway through a long pass to the half-opponent. Another great feature of Hummels is the high power of his head.

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1- Sergio Ramos

Like Hummels, Sergio Ramos scored 89 points.

The 32-year-old Spanish spokesman, in addition to a very powerful defensive ability, also has the ability to finish and pass on the offensive, so that he can perfectly play the final minutes as an extra striker for your team.

Ramos’s high point in the derby and jumping section makes the player, in addition to defensive defenses in the offensive, also performs very well, and maybe, in the final minutes of the game, Ramos Tim and practice the result of a scoring goal To your advantage.