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How to Clean Video Game Console Devices to be Dirt-Free

Has it ever crossed your mind that electronics gets so dirty within some space of time if not properly maintained? Yes they do, and today guide will point at ways to keep your PlayStation (PS4, PS5), Nintendo, or Xbox game console dirt free and clean. So if you wish to have your video game console devices run smoothly and effectively, with good performance then continue below.

Game industries keep skyrocketing especially, when it has to do with growth in creativity and innovations, as so many sophisticated technology tools like Artificial intelligence, have been deployed for easy game development. And the more new game technologies are discovered, the more gamers gets clued to their gaming devices or platforms. And because of the attractive nature of these games developed, an average gamer tends to spend hours per day playing video games.

The more you enjoy your favorite video games with your friends, the more the console devices gets so busy and as such, gathers dirt or dust at that position you kept it. Most a times, the console Devices are kept close to other tech gadgets like Television TV, Sound systems etc. And having them jam-packed with little or no space, for external air, gives room for dust to pile up on the console.

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Why you need to Clean your Gaming Console

Have you ever asked yourself, what happens to Dirty Console when you left it for weeks without cleaning? Below are reasons why you ought to keep your console in good state.

  1. Leaving your console dirty can lead to poor gaming performance,
  2. Too much of dust if not cleaned can have the console air intake grilles and that of the interior fans, clogged and overheated, thereby leading to bad system performance.
  3. Dirty substance in console panel can damage the interior system and shorten the life span of the gaming device.
  4. Gaming controllers or game pads if not properly cleaned, can lead to button malfunctions.

Tips to Externally Clean a Game Console

We have outlined tips and tricks you can apply to clean your game console device, in other for it to keep performing greatly with a long healthy life span. Before the tips, it may interest you to know that console devices have about 3 main parts namely; LENS, VENTS and CASING. And wiping dirt from console should be mainly focused on these parts. So to externally wipe dust from your gaming device, simply follow the tips below:

  • Endeavor to dust or wipe dirt from the Console screen every week
  • Get a dust cover or dry towel to cover the console. Always Turn off the sleep mode in other to avoid system overheat.
  • You can use lint-free cloth coupled with bleach-free cleaning solution to clean the gaming console. While doing this, ensure you don’t clean any solution around openings.
  • For the gaming accessories and game controllers, use any antibacterial wipes to clean them gently. Make sure you gently wipe the button areas and that of cable.
  • You can use Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol to properly clean the console controllers and its cables.

If you followed the above tips for external wipe of game consoles then, below is the next step, which is opening the device to clean the internal components.

How to Clean a Game Console internal Components

Before you proceed to the steps for Cleansing a Gaming System Internally, you are advice to take your gaming device to technicians who are experienced and expert in this field, probably engineers or gadget repairers. This is to avoid you damaging any of the console components.

But if you think you can do it then, it is at your own risk, in case if you damage anything.

Meanwhile, you can be happy that you have cleaned the external surface of the console device. But trust me; you will scream on getting to see how dirty or dusty your console has accumulated internally within a period of time it is on usage. This doesn’t pertain to gaming devices alone, you also get to see such on other tech gadget devices like laptops, PC, Desktops, Radios, TV, standing fan, even smart phones etc.

clean internal component of game console
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Tools needed to clean internal components of game consoles

  • You need a Screwdriver
  • Get a Compressed Air
  • You sure need Water and Soap
  • Q-Tips
  • Vacuum

When you have all these items mentioned above ready then, proceed to follow the instruction or guide stipulated below:

  1. First of all, ensure to unplug the device’s cable from power source or electricity.
  2. Before you proceed to lose the screws, note that console manufacturers will void or terminate the console warranty if it gets dissembled. So if you are not on warranty, you can proceed to lose the screws holding the plastic covering of the device with a screwdriver tool.
  3. Soak the plastic components you just removed in soapy water. NOTE: Don’t soak any plastic cover if it has electrical mechanisms.
  4. Now on mother board level, gently use the compressed air to blow out the dust surrounding the components. Endeavor to be cautious of the fan.
  5. With the Q-tip, gently move to the fan area and remove the accumulated dust.
  6. It is time to remove the plastic components you dipped into soapy water and then place it where it will dry.
  7. Next in line is to vacuum your workspace to remove any form of dust or dirt that came out of the console.
  8. Check if all the components are dry, and then couple or reassemble your console device back.


Should in case you are finding it difficult to do this yourself then going to a CPR technician shop or store around your location is the best. Note; look out for best video game console repair service center, and not just any random person. They might charge you for the service or do it for free. So having expert technicians clean your PS5, PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch devices from dust, will give your console device a new breathing air for good and long lasting performance.

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