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The Best Console Games Coming in 2022

The year has barely started, and we’ve already got some amazing games hitting the shelves this year. March has barely kicked off and we’ve been treated to the likes of Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, and Wordle.

But we’re always looking for the next best thing. Maybe you’ve had enough of Elden Ring, already completed Horizon Forbidden West or …well, chances are you’re still playing Wordle, but you’ve got room for more.

Well, you’re in luck. There are loads of games hitting the market in 2022 that will have us all waving our credit cards yelling “Shut up and take my money!” We’re breaking down the best ones to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Read on to find out what we think are the most promising picks for console gaming in 2022.


Bethesda has made a habit of resting on their laurels. They had two great franchises, Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and they just kept re-releasing sequel after sequel, remaster after remaster, reworking after reworking. But all that will be overcome by November 2022, when they finally release Starfield.

Let’s face it, the fact that this is something new from Bethesda is the main selling point. We might love the Elder Scrolls and Fallout, but there is a desire there for a new adventure.

And that is exactly what Bethesda is delivering. Starfield promises to be everything you love about the other two properties, but in space. You will gain the ability to be whatever type of person you wish in your protagonist: a nobleman, someone out for themselves, or an agent of chaos. You’ll be able to interact with NPCs to create branching narratives, something players of the awful Fallout 76 launch were most disappointed by. And you’ll have the chance to explore a map where you can carve your own path, through the galaxy, no less.

On the Settled Systems in 2022, there is a war brewing between the United Colonie and The Freestar collective. That is a recipe for siding with factions, much like a couple of other famous franchises I’ve mentioned. You will come across spacers, pirates, mercenaries, greedy government officials and more as you work your way around the galaxy and through this space-age narrative. Maybe you’ll learn crypto in the game

Who wins? Well, we’ll see what effect your choices have.

That might sound like more of the same, but it’s more of the stuff we love. Bethesda had their moment to shake up their formula, and the response was a resounding “It ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Whereas Starfield looks like a chance for Bethesda to do what Bethesda does best, with a wondrous new landscape to keep us enthralled.

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A Quiet Place

There isn’t much detail on what is to come of this gaming adaptation of the famed horror movie by The Office’s own Jim Halpert, but we do know it’s scheduled to be released this year. Whether they will stick to that deadline or not, we will have to see.

This adaptation is surprisingly promising, however. If you don’t know, the premise of A Quiet Place is that a family made up of John Krasinski, a heavily pregnant (in character) Emily Blunt, deaf (in reality and character) Millicent Simmonds as their daughter and her brother Noah Jupe have to survive a post-apocalypse filled with monsters who hunt with super-hearing.

If that’s not a stealth game in the making, I don’t know what is. You could easily imagine some of the gameplay that made the Batman games so good, mixed with the setting of The Last of Us – and hopefully the emotional narrative to complete it.

A Quiet Place was good enough to justify an equally stellar sequel, and, let’s face it, probably a third on the way, so this game has some good ratings to match.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Throughout the superior story of Frodo and Samwise and their journey to the ring, a lot of other creatures in Middle Earth had a few things going on. The most famous and interesting of these stories was undoubtedly Gollum’s. He is the string woven throughout The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books; his story cruelly summed up rather than revealed in depth.

So, you can imagine fans’ excitement when it was announced that Gollum will be getting his own game. Not only will the narrative offer the tortured soul that is Smeagle, but the gameplay looks interesting too.

We can expect some inspiration to be taken from the Middle Earth: Shadow of the Colossus game, since that was the Lord of the Rings’ most successful endeavour into console gaming, but rather than a protagonist that is strong and noble, we’ve got Gollum, who is sneaky and cunning, athletic and agile.

You can imagine a good deal of stealth is involved in the many parts of Gollum’s quest to get the ring, as well as some creative ways of passing or killing enemies, like some gory puzzles.

But the split personality is where things get interesting. Who will win between Smeagle and Gollum? Who will take control? That’s up to you.