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Twin Sisters score Japan’s hottest IPO by Creating Mobile Games for Women

Out of the growing list of things that make Coly Inc, an unusual company, making a debut in the Japanese market should be among the top. Coly Inc is the brainchild of twin sister Mizuki and Ana Nakajima, who took their seven-year-old gaming franchise public last Friday and doubled the stock. This was japan’s strongest market debut this year, with each sister’s stake (33.75%) hitting 15.2 billion yen by Tuesday evening.

The success of the 32-year-old executives stood both in the global gaming market and the Japanese business scene. This company focuses wholly on women, with a significant population in the company being female (totaling 200 employees). That number is equivalent to three-quarters of the total population in the company. Even better, they’ve scored two heats with a serial story that has kept the fans, mostly women coming back for the next plot twist.

Coly Inc is planning to concentrate on a genre known as Otome, which is the Japanese word for “maiden.” The genre doesn’t have any winners per se, with the thrill coming from the players following the story and getting attached to their favorite characters. Coly games fans are fond of their high-quality graphics, scripts, and music. The fantasy worlds created by the company are also very entertaining, fans can enjoy a similar gaming experience with the Pokerstars Bonus Code that lets you have fun on games you can win, a good opportunity for everyone who wants to explore their new online casino platform.

When playing Coly Inc’s titles like ‘Stand My Hero,’ the player must assemble a team of attractive drug enforcement officers. However, in “Promise of Wizards,” you’ll go on a quest to save your world using magic and help from handsome men. These games are free to install and don’t need any special skills. However, players can pay money to unveil additional entertaining storylines.

According to Coly, Otome is currently worth about 80 billion yen. That translates to 6% of the 1.3 trillion yen market for smartphone games in Japan. The only challenge is that more gaming fans stick with titles for a long time, according to industry analyst Serkan Toto of Kantan games. After one of the celebrity announcement engagements in Coly, one of the fans said she got hooked up on coly games. She did not disclose her name since she feared people’s mockery because of her love for the fictional characters. 

Most of the Japanese females are hooked up to the in-game characters by the name “Yemejoshi.” Another significant segment of the Otome audience is called “fujoshi,” players who prefer stories of male friendships, romances, and rivalries. After its IPO filing, Coly was reminded that handling such a passionate gaming community can be tricky. The corporation referred to its “yumejoshi” and “fujoshi” fans in the investor’s prospects. That did not turn out well with the fans, and Coly had to apologize for the same. Coly declined to respond to the story’s complaints or make the executives available for the interview citing consideration to users.

The profile of the twins, who are the executives of the company, is relatively low. Before they started the company, neither had the technical knowledge. Mizuki worked for Morgan Stanley MUFG co. in the investment unit, and Anna spent a stint at Japan’s Sankei newspaper.