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32 Best Online Free Live Sports Streaming Sites

Everyone has a unique type of sport that really catches their fancy and for which they can do almost anything to either watch or partake in. Most people like me tend to have found passion in field games like football and I really get restless most times until I am up-to-date on football match fixtures, actual matches and the likes of them.

Most times, I usually don’t get the time and chance to watch some of my favorite clubs play because of how busy I am and the nature of my work and I tend to get a lot of complains from friends too for this same issue. So having considered all these, I just had to look for a solution. Had to find a way by which I would be able to watch my favorite clubs play on their normal weekly basis. I discovered that I could do this online which is so cool and totally free.

In any case that you don’t know, online multimedia streaming can help you watch all manner of sports on the go (live) just for free. But the catch here is that your internet connection must be very strong in order to avoid lapses and for you to be updated at every point of the game.

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In this article, I will expose you guys to great free online sport streaming sites and free online movies website where you can be able to watch live sports for free. And as you might have already guessed, you will need either your mobile device (Android, iOS or Tablet) or your Computer (PC or mac) to be able to watch any sport your heart so desires, all for free online.


I will present to you 32 top websites that you can use for sports streaming, but mind you, there are so many websites which you can really count on to accomplish this feat.

Top sports streaming Websites

Here’s a look at them:


(1) StreamWoop.Net

This site gives you the privilege of watching different sports matches (such as Soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, cricket, racing, boxing, golf, etc) online for free. This site has a very good user interface and it allows you to look up sports matches that you so much love by the use of a search box usually found at the top of the website.

(2) Gofirstrow.eu

(3) AllSPort-Live.Net

(4) Stream2watch.org

This is equally a very big streaming site and it is similar to StreamWoop in that it lets you watch all the popular events just for free. This site’s homepage provides you with the luxury of going through the list of every single live sport match and you can do this by simply looking up the name of the sports, the details of the desired team, and even the time when the sporting event will begin.

As mentioned earlier, the site provides you with the ability of streaming any live sporting event that you like. All you are required to do is to select the “watch now HD” and then streaming of the sporting event you prefer will begin to your heart’s delight all for free.

A thing about this site though is that you will be made to be seeing pop ads which sometimes can be sort of annoying but the upside of this website is that it provides you with relevant sport stuff that is probably the reason there are still various mirrors which has been provided just in case the particular one you are using is not functional at the moment.

(5) Fubo.tv

(6) livesoccertv. com

(7) Laola1.tv

This site provides live feeds of crucial sports such as football, table tennis, ice hockey and many more. It grants you the privilege of looking up the highlight of any sporting event which you choose, with a small bar that is found on the site which displays the number of Live sporting events.

Here, it is permissible for you to view live feeds plus video online all for free with ease. A merit of this particular website is that it is highly modernized and it equally comes with one of the best user interface of which you can be able to easily and freely look up the latest video clips because of the manner in which they have been organised according to different events.

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(8) foxsportsasia.com

(9) Sportlemon.net


(10) FromHOT.com

Under truly among the best, this site lets you watch leading sports events such as football, golf, baseball, cycling, basketball, etc. While here, you have the luxury of quickly checking out any available sport of your choice which is streaming live on the homepage.

This site is characterized by time zone and it helps you as a user to get a live feed of any match at that particular instance in time all for free. The site equally has a live chat widget that enables you to communicate on the go with people who have the same sporting interest as you do.

(11) Yahoo Sports 

(12) CBS Sports 

VIPLeague Sports

(13) VIPLeague.mobi

This particular site allow you check scheduled events in a very easy manner. You can stream many sporting events such as cricket, football, hockey and so on. This site was designed for everyone as the language used her is not just English but other language options like French, Deutsh, Espanol and many others exist.

The site equally made available some other features such as users being able to change the site’s theme and time zone. Recently, this site was blocked in countries like India, but all the same, live streaming can still be done with your VPN.

(14) Stream2u.tv

(15) Footywire.com

ESPN Player(16) ESPNPlayer.COM

This is a live streaming website (which is free) that was brought to you by ESPN channel which happens to be one of the topmost sports channel. One thing to note here however is that this site is only designed to showcase sporting events in USA. So if you happen to be reading this and you don’t really fancy sports made in USA, then you might want to go in search for another online streaming site that you might like because you won’t find anything that you like here. But on the other hand, you might still want to hang around if you wish to learn one or two about sports in USA.

ESPN as mentioned earlier, is one of the topmost channel in the world of sports and you can watch sporting events and ESPN programs online with their site for free on the go. A remarkable point about this particular site is that it has its own official IOS and Android application for you to install and become able to stream as much as you require all for free.

(17) BatmanStream.com

(18) bleacherreport. com

Hotstar Sports

(19) Hotstar Sports

This is an online streaming site that is majorly meant for Kabaddi or cricket sports. The website is owned by an Indian Star. If you happen to be an Indian who is searching for a website to watch and follow news and events in the world of cricket sports, then your search is over because this site will provide you with all you need.

The website gives its users the privilege of streaming live sports without even requiring them to sign up or to pay anything. It is built on the modern day user interface and it has lots and lots of free contents therein.

This particular website is well known and very famous among many Asian countries and its users can watch various things like sports, movies and TV shows all for free.

(20) si.com

(21) myfeed2all.eu

CricFree watch live match

(22) CricFree.SC

This is one of the greatest sites when making reference to sites that stream topmost sporting events such as baseball, football, tennis, boxing, golf, rugby, and many others. On this particular site, you can get various live match scheduling and there is also a chat box area provided for the interaction of users who tend to have similar interests.

A downside about this website is that it has been blocked in many countries. So if you happen to be a visitor on this site, you might need to find out first if your country was blocked or not. If it wasn’t, then you are free to stream else you might need to change your VPN. If you cannot change it yourself.


(24) streamshunter.tv

(25) watchsportonline.cc

Sony Live Sports

(26) SonyLivSports

This is another website where you can find the most recent happenings in the world of sports like baseball, cricket, football, tennis, basketball and a whole lot of others. On this site, users have the luxury of watching video updates about their favorite teams and they also enjoy such things as Live score card, graphs and commentary.

As a sports online video streamer, this is one of the websites that you should be visiting and just so you know, the latest updates are made available to you on your iOS or Android phone through their application.

(27) Viobox.me

(28) Redstream.tv

live TV streaming - BOSSCAST


With very close similarities which some of the other sites mentioned above, bosscast provides its users with free sports streaming of different kinds of sports, and it is also characterized by a time zone which you can choose from after launching the site.

Popular sports such as football, tennis, basketball, and many others can be found here. This site has the live chat option which enables users to communicate with other users that have similar interests with them. You can watch live TV just by searching for the particular channel you need you need from their live TV streaming just as you would on BBC. ten sports live youtube.

(30) JustFirstrowSports.com

31) Mamahd.tv

(32) Ten sports live

Note that you might not be able to gain access to this website because of country or ISP restrictions. In any case, if you ever encounter any form of difficulty in opening/accessing any of the websites, then you are just left with the option of using your VPN to change your IP address, because It will really help you in your online video streaming quest.


With all above, I believe I have done justice to the free 32 Top online sports streaming websites for watching live matches with or without VPN on Android, iOS iPhones, iPad, iPod, Mac and Desktop PC Window computer Devices, in whichever country you reside, whether in United kingdom, United States USA, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

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