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How to Use iPhone iOS Device As Hotspot on Windows PC

Is all about our logs, as how we run experiment on any device that our readers complain of. Using Hotpsot on mobile phone like iPhone is one of  the critical most people face. You hear me saying critical yes of course because not everybody might know how to personalize their iPhone USB tethering hotspot.

But let me tell you one of the best hotspot you should use anytime you dream to connect online with mobile phone or iOS platform. iPhone is one of them, it give the fastest in browsing speed just like when you enable your 2g, 3g to 4g network.

Today on Logs, I am going to share with you all about how to connect your iPhone or use your iPhone as a personal Hotspot. This should’t sound odd but let’s prove the fact about iPhone and its features which most of us might not know about. Techbmc will be showing you about tricks in order to make this simple tip work effectively for your device and that of your friend’s mobile phone.

Since I started using mine as a way of connecting online, haven’t experience any issue regardless of how hotpot can suck up your phone battery energy. Yeah, all I am saying is that there are many things to gain while using iPhone Hotspot as a way of connecting your device online.

Set Up iPhone Wi-Fi Hotspots
Set Up iPhone Wi-Fi Hotspots

How to use iPhone as hotspot on windows PC

Note that using Hotpot to connect online is now the popular way of getting done online, so I also advise that if you are using Hotspot, make sure you are at the saver place to avoid hackers and make sure your browsing area is not over crowded with people which will lead to a slow down of your network or poor in browsing speed.

Below is a comprehensive method and steps on how you can use iPhone Hotspot and make sure you follow up without missing any single tip.

Simple Method To Setup iPhone Hotspot

First of all, ensure your IPhone device is already on a data plan subscription, and the data plan being such that can be shared via personal hot-spot connection. if all that are intact, then continue with the below settings.

As you all know, how Hotpot works or function on Android devices, that’s how it also works on iOS iPhone devices too. But all you need do, is to compare the time you are using the Android Hotspot and iPhone Hotspot. Using your iPhone personal Hotspot, gives you more access of connecting it to laptops mac iOs and other shareable devices even on Android phones.

While connected to your iPhone as a Personal hotspot over USB, you will use data faster. Make sure you pay attention to your data usage so you don’t end up with an overage fee at the end of the month. If you use auto backup software or upload photos to iCloud, you may want to turn those features off while using a hotspot or you could end up with a big bill.

How to Use Your iPhone as a Personal Hotspot, Live

Tap on your iPhone Hotspot just navigate to settings and you will see the Personal Hotspot and tap it to make Changes if this is the first time you are making use of the iPhone Hotspot internet connection. As how Android users always do their set up, that is setting of Wi-Fi hotspot password or login code, just do same by changing default password to your own personal pin via the iPhone Personal Hotspot settings.

Note: The password will affect other associated Hotspot options like the USB personal hotspot.

Using your Personal hotspot on Windows OS

Using this method on your Windows operating System, there’s another option you will need to take. You must make sure that the iTunes is currently installed in the Windows PC. so if you really want to connect your iPhone to Windows OS, it is mandatory that iTunes must be installed just like when you are transferring Music to your iPhone, you have to install iTunes for that, even installing Security Apps For iOS online may be from Windows to iPhone. you must install iTunes.

And the reason why iTunes must be installed to Windows devices is because it will easily recognize any iOS any time you plug in iPhone or any other.

Now ones you have enabled the personal iPhone hotspot from your iOS device, just connect the iPhone to Windows if only you have installed iTunes else, it won’t recognize it as I said. Once you connect the iPhone on your Windows through USB cord, it will pop up Auto-play and also install the iPhone drivers.

Now after the above explanation, the next pop up should be a place you will select your Network type enlisting with Home Network, Work Network and also Public Network. You should read up the respective network to understand how the three Network methods works although I suggest you should use the Public Network to connect your iPhone.

Please note that if you connect your devices to the same windows you used,  may be, you used it today and will like to use it tomorrow as hotspots, I suggest that you should select the Home Network and tick the box by the below left hand side so that the pop up won’t pop itself again. After all these, you will be able to see the network indicator in the bottom right and will appear as connected.

That’s all on how you can hotspot on your windows. So with iPhone personal hotspost you can be able to browse faster and use it in doing a lot. Although i use mine to backup unsafe files online which nearly cost vast data.

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