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Hide My IP With 90 Best Free USA Proxy & Proxy Server List 2017 – 2018

Do you wish to appear anonymous online or make change of your online location while surfing the internet or while streaming YouTube videos or any channel videos with many other things you are rightly doing that requires hiding your IP address online? Then the below latest 90 free USA Proxy and Proxy Servers 2017 to 2018 can serve a better purpose for your need. In case you are still confuse to what free proxy ip list is all about, or how to make use of it on your PC and Mobile browsers? if yes, then navigate to our previous Updated post on 2017 Free Proxy Sites and Proxy Servers with IP Address and Port, as detailed guide, tips and meaning of PROXY are clearly explained to a lay man understanding.  

For brief explanation to remind some persons what “PROXY” is all about. It is regarded as another computer that simply act as intermediary through which most internet requests are processed. So that is to say, if you are connecting to the internet via any of the listed servers, your computer device or mobile phone gadgets sends requests to the available proxy server which then get your request processed and immediately return the answer to what you are searching for. The uses of proxy servers are many but am going to limit it to what the title of the post talks about. So proxy servers can be used to “hide your IP address“, make change of your online location as aforementioned above. This actually reveals the trick of using the web address of United States of America while in Nigeria or any other country. Which implies, USA iP address or any other country’s location address can be used while in another destination. 

Having taken note of the above, below is the latest list of working proxies and proxy servers currently active and working for hiding your real IP address or real location and as well as to appear anonymous online. Before the listing, for those of us that uses free browsing through most VPN apps like Psiphon, Tweakware, stark VPN, latest UCMini Handler Ui apk, simple server etc. this is the principle involved, as proxy servers are tweaked to confuse Internet Service Providers (IPS), that is telecommunication networks thereby making free browsing available from new browsing cheats gotten out of the tweaking settings. 
Top Best Free USA Proxy & Proxy Server List 2018 - techbmc

Proxy servers are supported on all web browsers such as Firefox, opera, chrome, safari and many other browsers. You can check your browser settings menu for proxy option in case you wish to locate it but don’t know how to. Now when you set a proxy in browser, the proxy will go ahead and fetch web pages for the current browser you are using to do that. Once it fetches the pages, the website in talk will now regard the ip of proxy as your main address. Meaning it cannot trace your real iP. Also, you can make use of Elite Proxy Switcher to set the proxy for your browsers if you so wish. 

Proxy servers are of three categories with different functionalities. They are as follows:
>>Level 1 – Elite Proxy / Highly Anonymous Proxy: From this type of proxy, the web server won’t be able to detect whether you are using a proxy. 
>>Level 2 – Anonymous Proxy: This type of proxy will let the web server know you are actually using a proxy but won’t let it know your real IP. 
>>Level 3 – Transparent Proxy: Here, the web server will also know you are using a proxy address but won’t know your real IP. Similar to level 2 type of proxy. 


Proxy Servers | Port – 1080 – 6969 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 3128 – 80 -1080 – 1080 – 1080 – 1080 – 1080 – 1080 – 1080 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 1080 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 80 – 3128 – 3128 – 3128 – 8080 – 8080 – 8080 – 8080  8181 – 8181 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 8080 – 3128 – 3128 – 80 – 3128 – 443 – 8799 – 3128 – 80 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 6969 – 3128 – 3128 US – 3128 – 8080 – 3128 – 3128 – 8080 – 9001 – 9001 – 8081 – 3128 – 3128 8080 – 80 – 8080 – 80 – 87 – 8080 – 3128 – 8080 – 8080  80 – 3128 – 8181 – 3128 – 3128 2 – 1320 – 8118 – 80

That’s all for the Proxy iP servers and port for USA location and can be used for free VPN Unlimited browsing on MTN, 9Mobile, GLo, Airtel and several other telecom networks. Some also be used to unblock websites etc. Feel free to comment and share this post to friends in need of it. Thanks.

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