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Wealth Creation: The misconception of money

I have watched a lot of persons say things like, I need a new job, I need more multiple stream of income, I need to diversify. All of those is an attempt to accumulate more money in their account under the misconception that having more money will solve their financial problems.  It hurts to know that more puzzle slots of persons don’t understand that it’s simply how they labor to make a lot of money and still, at the current moment, there cannot be anything to account for the whole money accumulated. Well gentlemen and ladies, no matter how much you make, irrespective the financial quadrant you feel in, if you don’t understand and manipulate the law of Parkinson to your favor, believe me, you will never be rich

I have never seen one rich man in my entire life who loves expenses. Expenses that is mostly unreasonable and surpasses the income. But everywhere I see proud poor people who are running their financial life on deficit. They could be salary earners, but they usually have a way of collecting their salaries before the month is ended.  

Some who manage to make it you wait for the due time end up collecting it and finishing it with 2weeks of payment. The reason is quiet simple, they never understood the law of Parkinson.… 

If the reason why you want to generate a cash flow is so you can have enough money to meet up with your expenses. Then you realize doing something wrong!! 

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The very day you begin to understand and see money in this light. A lot of things will change around your life. And money will be attracted to you more quickly. I learnt this several years ago and it helped me. I learnt that money is like a servant, if you hold it to tight, any day he gets the opportunity to leave, he lives and never return again but if you treat him well by realizing it every now and then, it will always come back with his friends too, but my questions becomes why did they fail just when it was your turn, where they not other person who also did the same business?

No you want to blame the demons and fraudsters?? This my friend is an eternal principle, it’s either you get it or you don’t. The reason, it crashed was because you withheld the money longer than necessary.

Even so you never had the right purpose for which you intended for the money. The very day you begin to understand and see money in this light. A lot of things will change around your life. And money will be attracted to you more quickly.

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