How to Become A Wealth Creator Geek Via Online Fiverr Freelancing

Do you know you can actually make extra money right from the comfort of your house (in any Country) or office without going about searching for a job? If you are still an undergraduate student, NYSC Corps member, working class lady or gentle guy, working at governmental industries or factories, Banker or an individual still looking forward to job opportunities etc. You can actually make an extra money no matter the profession you are already into and live big. Online get rich tips are easy to implement only if you can understand the basic and principals involved, and as well as, to ensure being committed or an expert in the area you are focused or specialized in.

Freelancing is one of the most concentrated online lucrative business that pays on daily basis, if you really know what you are doing in the field you opted in. Now, introducing "Fiverr" the market platform that create such Business environment for entrepreneurs like you and me. In case you are coming across it for the first time or have been hearing about it but don't know what it entails. As most of us has been asking "how does Fiverr work". Just relax and read on below for full details regarding to Fiverr review and its alternatives.

Fiverr is simply the world's largest freelance service marketplace for upcoming and older experienced entrepreneurs, for quick legit money making depending on how professional you are in your field of concentration and the type of strategy you execute in making sales and attracting customers to your product brands. The services rendered in Fiverr market forum starts with a minimum of $5 dollar to any amount or digit you can think of.

online wealth creation through freelancing business
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Fiverr community, gives you the opportunity to place your profession when you register or sign up an account with them, thereby getting people to require for your service regarding to that which they needed at that moment. Fiverr has fast payment platforms in which those requiring your service will pay you with. The banking platform available to make payment to anyone that renders a service to you or ordered your services can be through Online PayPal banking, Payoneer, via your local bank or international MasterCard, VerveCard, Visa, Bitcoin etc. Fiverr has an Android app (get it from Google Play Store) and iOS app (get from Apple app Store), in which you can login to the website if you don't have PC to access the page.

Fiverr is categorized into so many different sections depending on the service you can be able to deliver to customers in need. The Business sections are as follows:
  • Writing and Translation
  • Graphics and Design (eg Logo Design)
  • Video and Animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Music and Audio
  • Programming (Web Developing) and Technology
  • Business Deals (Build Your Brands)
  • Fun and Lifestyle
  • Promoting your business online

>> Graphics And Design:
In this section Fiverr offers you the opportunity to market your graphics material and designs. So if you are good in graphics and designs and you are still wondering if you can make money out of it. Yes, you can, as a matter of fact you can place any amount starting from $5 and above, and people get to hire you to work for them. Under graphics and designs, there are different categories in line to designs, so you can be good in logo designs, Business Cards and Stationery designs. Other sub sections include:
  • Book Covers and Packaging designs,
  • Presentation Design
  • Photoshop Editing
  • Social Media Design
  • Web and Mobile Designs
  • Banner Ads designs
  • Cartoons and Caricatures designs
  • 3D & 2D Models
  • T-Shirts designs
  • Invitations
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Infographics designs
  • Vector Tracing and many other designs
So if you are good in any of these mentioned above, then have it that you have gotten a nice job that can pay you very well. So these are they job opportunities waiting for you, just grab it now and become reasonable to yourself.

>> Digital Marketing services:
Are you good in digital marketing or are you about learning what it entails, whichever one you are about doing. I want to let you know, you can actually earn more from digital marketing on fiverr, so if you are running the services just on your personal website alone, then there is need of you extending it to reach the world and earn yourself alarming good digits. There are many different sub sections, so choose one or two that you are very good at and render an expert service to those in need of it. Below is the list of sub categories you can utilize while on fiverr digital marketing.
  •  Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Traffic to your site
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Local Listings
  • Domain Research for websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Search and Display Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Music Promotion
  • And many Other you can think of.
These are job opportunities that can earn you big money. if you are not good in any, just look for one to teach on one you like best so you can trade on it. Google is there for you to learn anything you want, just get there and make some research and perfect your skills.

>> Writing and Translation:
Earn money online through writing articles. I have written great strategies below that will get you cash out reasonable amount of money when you perfect your skills. Below is the list of writing categories you can opt in as an entrepreneur. They are as follows:
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Translation
  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Transcription
  • Legal Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Business Copywriting
  • Research and Summaries
  • And many other company articles.
Develop freelance writing skills
10 Expert Strategies on How to Make It Big as a Freelance Writer in USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria & India.

Note: The strategies are not limited to the above mentioned countries alone, but to every other country too. Now, to make difference being a successful freelance writer, below are things you shouldn't neglect doing.

complementary service in freelancing business
=>1. Render Complementary Services to Customers:
As a new freelancer, you need to make your self-known to prospects interested in your service. Make friends to other skilled freelance writers who are older or new to the system. Do your best to render a good service to them, thereby creating a good impression for yourself for future recommendation. Be standard and unique to your early service or write up, as this propels your clients to rate you higher based on worth. Make everything professional and see your clients keep coming back for your service.

freelancing with family and friends

=>2. Ensure to Connect or Make known Your Business To Family & Friends
As a new line of business, you got to reach out to so many people including your family and friends. Let them know about your freelancing business, as someone might need a service of freelance writing, may be their friends or partners at working place. And since you have already make known your skills to them, then you are the first that comes to their mind; and they immediately recommend the person requiring the business to you, thereby giving them your Business phone number. That’s how it works based on experience, so don’t neglect doing that because the work or service you are into is a confirmed legitimate business and not the one that involves scamming people. And this is another greet step of marketing your business.

create blog-website for freelance writing

=>3. Create a Website or Blog of your Own
Make your freelance writing professional and accessible to customers worldwide. Yes, you may not know how to create a website or blog, you can hire people that specialize in that area to do the job for you (you can hire us to get it done for you). Having a website where you showcase your writing samples gives you more positive review and attracts more customers who are not able to reach you through Fiverr. Some freelance writers make their self not known (anonymous freelancer) to people forgetting that personality profile has this power of first selling point when you talk of any employee in any organization. What am saying in essence is that you should make your self-known to people on your website, because it creates more room for gaining customer’s trust. Also to make everything more interesting, talk about stories that led you being a good freelancer, not forgetting to highlight your strength and potentials. Also you can link your Fiverr profile to your website, for easy access.

operate network freelance

=>4. Become a Networking Freelancer
Creating a connection online isn’t enough, develop the idea of becoming a networking freelancer. Make connections by meeting people in your locality. Make known your new profession to them, explaining in details what freelance writing is all about. As this can be a good start of becoming popular in what you do. When these people get to know you are doing this kind of job, they get to refer others in need of the services you render. The strategy is very simple, just like those into blogging or News website business; the more traffic they get on their website, the more earnings and opportunities of advert placements. So they ensure to promote their website on both online and offline. And so is to freelance writers, the more people get to know your business, the more potential customers you get, and the more reasonable alert you get on your Bank account. Don’t forget, reach these people with business cards having your full name, phone contact and address written boldly on it.

Freelance Email Marketing Business
=>5. Utilize Email Messaging
Email marketing can as well go a long way for a starter in freelancing. Reach out to your audience and people out there through e-mail letters, use that to introduce yourself, letting them know how proficient you are in your field. During the time of doing this, you need to study what these people are interested in and ensure to write to them politely, probably in good and clear lay man language very understandable. Keep in contact with them, familiarize with them in communication, try to find out what they are not doing well and tell them you can help out to make them attend that greater height they have always wished to reach. Sometimes, it might be that, they are not updating their website regularly, then you tell them the need why they should update regularly, that you are here to help them update their website with original and friendly SEO articles. Tell them, you can update their brochure if it’s less informative. There are so many things you can think of doing for the customer depending on what the person is interested in at that moment.

 Are you already asking yourself this question “how can I target the right audience via Email?” Do I need to start collecting people’s mail address one after the other? You got no worries when it comes to that, remember in (step 3) above, I mentioned website/blog creation, how you can use it to reach out or target people surfing or browsing the internet worldwide. Now this makes the whole thing simple for you, in your blog/website, provide a form widget for free Email Subscription, where people get to subscribe to your blog feed so as to receive your latest post on their mail inbox. You should make available the email subscription box, because anyone that subscribe is really interested in your service, since your blog niche is all about freelance writing. And this is the sure way of targeting the main prospects interested in what you do. When people get to subscribe, just login to your feedBurner account and get their mails for direct messaging.

freelancing query letters

=>6. Write Query Letters
Getting to write a purposeful query letter can land you in a life time job opportunity as a new freelancer. In this step, I will advise you to make research regarding to finding out what your target market is really interested in and some write ups they have written not long ago. Now, carefully go through their work and suggest better ideal ideas to any of their publication that requires your review. Ensure to craft out meaningful and catchy headlines with subheadings, making sure to retain their publishing style while writing. As a new person in the field who is yet to be an established writer, ensure to quote from good respected and valued source. When you get to adopt their style of writing, frankly speaking, the editor of the page can envisage your write ups as part of their pages. Leave them to decide on how many words they want from the work, also say little about yourself and don’t assume you are the editor. These are very important tips you shouldn’t neglect as a newbie to the field. Just become the best you can by following the principals involved in this wealth creation tips.  

freelancing using phone calls & internet calls

=>7. Making Phone or Internet Calls
Reaching your clients through email messaging isn’t enough to become successful in freelance writing, should in case you want to make it big. Put more efforts to getting in touch with your clients via phone calls or internet calls worldwide, that is now accessible through social media networks for example; WhatsApp calls, skype calls, Facebook calls, Telegram calls even through Twitter and Instagram etc. Communication through phone calls and all these social media platforms, get you and your clients quick to business agreement. As the both of you come into conclusion reaching the deal for your service to him or her. So that means, you can reach your customers globally through these mediums of communication.

Freelance connection using social media networks

=>8. Utilize Social Media Groups And Profile Pages
You can get your clients together via social media platforms. Create groups and pages with meaningful headings as their names. In there, educate people on what freelancing is all about, tell them the services you can offer and give samples by linking your web pages to the groups and pages. Although, this type is time consuming, because you really need to be active and functioning whenever questions are being asked there. Since its brings more clients to you, then it is worth trying.

Best freelance Job Boards

=>9. Hook Around With Best Job Boards
Yes, don’t get yourself robbed and duped from your intellectual property, keep off from mass boards. As a newbie to the field, bidding on Fiverr, and its alternatives like Elance or Upwork, will actually give more digits to your bank alert. But that’s only when you know what you are doing, if you can deliver qualitatively. If not, hang around by reaching out clientele on markets like job boards, reach out ProBlogger, and as well as There are various services for newly joined and experienced freelancers in freelance Writers Den, Gorkana alerts. The secrets behind freelancing is getting in to a community where few freelancers ply their trade. Now, search and get such site platforms to bid on for your services. As they give you a competitive edge in bidding.
Freelance partners
=>10. Mentor-ship/Partners
You shouldn’t work alone as a newbie to the field, get yourself a mentor already experienced in the field, that will direct you in some certain things which you may not know of in the business. Be loyal to your mentor so as to get the best from him or her. Yes, you can do the writing alone, but it’s not so with the marketing; as you need to get other expert freelance writer, make them your partner so as to get some secrets that are making them successful in the field. As you are making partners, let it not be limited to your own field or niche alone, ensure to make from other niche too. By sole doing this, you will be exposed to so many skills from these partners you made your friends. Now, when you combine these different skills and tactics gotten from your partners in writing, yours will be exceptional and tending to become the best among theirs. Also, having partners and a mentor gives you the opportunity to get more jobs, as they refer some people to you when they see you have a different material and standard skills in writing and handling the type of project the customers are in need of. That’s how it works.

In conclusion, haven seen these 10 strategies for freelance marketing plan, and doing your best in applying all, then you are very close in becoming the richest freelance writer globally. Just keep analyzing and experimenting, in making more research on how to improve yourself to a great standard, then the sky will be your limit. Remember the saying “Practice makes perfect” and keep to it.

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