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How To Activate Verve Card For Online Transactions

This is an updated measure to activate your verve card, for any online payment and business transactions in Nigeria and abroad. This guide has been updated with new information in order to ascertain to a friendly user experience for customers and solution seekers on the internet. Read through to get the simplified steps.

So have you been hooked up trying to pay or complete any transaction online? May be you are buying something from an online store like Jumia, konga, Amazon etc Or probably registering domain for your site by trying to make the payment using your Verve card, and it returns an error message saying “your payment transaction failed! “

Yes! A lot of people have been disappointed due to the fact that they were unable to get a successful it completed transactions, as incomplete transaction, seems to become all they could notice via the system. Trust me, this can be frustrating especially if you don’t have a MasterCard that will serve as an alternative for such purpose.

Currently, Banks in Nigeria updated their system of transaction that uses any Automated Machine Cards (ATM) while some are already in the system before others joined suit. So in essence, before one can make or perform any online transaction using any bank card, that person has to activate the card for online transaction first, and also needs to register for an OTP which stands for (One Time Password). The OTP codes serves as a second verification process whenever one is trying to initiate any online transaction with his/her bank account card. So, this post is crafted out to show you how to go about that, continue reading…

yourvervecard payment status
yourvervecard payment activation

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How To Activate Your Verve Card For Online Transaction

=> First of all, visit any ATM that accepts/supports Verve Card.
=> Slot in your Bank debit card and then enter your 4 digit pin in order to login.
=> From the options displayed, choose quickteller >> Pay bills >> Others.
=> Enter this number correctly 322222 as the biller code.
=> Enter your phone number which serves as the customer reference number.
=>Next, after inputting your number above, select “Pay Amount Due” from the ATM screen to accept the transaction fee.

=> Bravo! That’s all for that. Now you should get a message as in form of notification for the successful transaction made and also an SMS alert should be sent to your phone number.

So having done with the process provided above with a successful reply, you can now be able to use your Verve ATM card to perform any online transaction without any restriction.

Vervecard Security

Endeavor to secure your verve card details. Should in case, you experience issues/problem during the activation process or application, may be you provided wrong info for login, and the online system couldn’t sign into your account again. Then you just have to reach out the Customer care for Support and help.

Also, some guys usually send out scamming sms just to extract information from card owners. Don’t give out your details to anybody. You can always check the status of your card by reaching out to the bank that issued you the verve.

New update to enlighten you on how to credit or deposit with your verve Mastercard, what CPM, pin, cvv2, interswitch, and reservation number are all about with are just on next page. Stay glued and share this post.