How To Withdraw From Payoneer Account To Your Local Bank Account Free

Payoneer which is an online and offline banking platform,
has a “Withdraw to Bank” Service that enables registered
users/customers to get their fund in payoneer US Dollars, or Euro etc
transferred to their personal local Bank account having the currency converted
to match the country’s currency.

In this post, you will learn how to set up your country’s
local bank account in US payoneer account for fund/money wire transfer. The
essence of this post is to let you withdraw your payoneer fund in your respective
countries, having the received money from big companies to your payoneer
account, withdrawn from your local bank without any stress.

In order for you to enjoy this service as a payoneer account
holder, you are required to provide some essential details just to have your
local bank connected to payoneer account. So the basic requirements to get your
account connected are as follows: your local bank account name, your bank
account number, sometimes the swift code of your local bank, the branch name
with country in which the bank is located. Should in case your local bank is
owned and used by you but it is not in your name, then have it that you will be
requested to provide supporting account ownership documentation. You can get
that from your local bank on the desk of customer care service.

How to Add My Local
Bank Account or My Country’s Bank to USA Payoneer Account for Free of Charge
Now add your bank account to payoneer by following below

1. Create a payoneer account by clicking here and stand a chance
to get a free $25 from the company.
2. After creation, log in or sign in to the Online Account
3. Now from the menu of the account, click the option with “Withdraw”
followed by “To Bank Account”.
4. Should in case, it’s your first time of withdrawing fund,
then click on “Add Bank Account” and ensure to follow the on-screen
guides meticulously.

How to Withdraw From
US Payoneer Account To Any Local Bank Account
Payoneer will have to review your personal local bank
account you added to their platform from above. So once it’s approved, you are
now eligible to withdraw from your payoneer account down to your local branch
bank.  Below is how to go about that.
1. After successful log in to your Payoneer Online Account.
2. Just from the menu, locate and click on “Withdraw” followed
by “To Bank Account”.
3. From this stage, select/choose the bank account number
you wish to transfer the funds to.
4. Now enter all the required details for the fund transfer
and then click on “Continue”.
5. Next is to enter the details in the Security Confirmation
page and finally, click on submit button for the withdrawal request.

“payoneer withdraw to Bank Service” has no recurring monthly or
annual fee; Although, as you may have it, the transfer fee may vary due to some
selected countries and currency been used. For more information regarding to
relevant fees for your country and currency, then do well to contact payoneer
customer care either by live chat, contact form or through Email messaging
through their official site

Actually, this service is working for some countries that
are selected by Payoneer for now. And some countries are yet to join the
Eligiblity list. Click here to see the list of available countries for withdraw
bank service.
Nigeria is now eligible for withrawal service.

Ensure to share this post and Let us know if this service is
available for your country via below comment box.Thanks. 

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