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Different Ways to Earn Crypto Online

While people had to go to offices and other brick-and-mortar workplaces to earn money in the past, it is possible nowadays to earn from the comfort of their home using their computers or mobile phones and other devices. What’s more is that with the coming and popularization of digital currencies, earning online is easier than ever.

For instance, you could earn crypto assets such as bitcoin and others by trading them online, completing tasks like surveys and freelance writing, and several other ways.

How You Can Earn Crypto Online

Below are some of the possible opportunities through which you can earn crypto online by optimizing the digital currencies’ features and solutions:


You can make money online by mining cryptocurrencies from your home using a dedicated computer or a mining rig. However, you have to invest in the process because mining requires leveraging GPUs, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) devices, and CPUs.

Some coins could be mined with your computer if you have adequate personal computer cores to set aside for that. When you choose to invest in high-end PCs and hardware, you may take some months to break even because the earnings from mining may trickle in small amounts at times.

Since mining individually or as a hobby is not as lucrative as it was some time ago, you may have to join pools for it to make economic sense. While you may feel the pinch in investing in the costly hardware, the good thing is that if you drop out of mining, you can utilize the hardware for gaming.

Buy and Hold

When considering safety, to buy and hold is the least risky way to make money with crypto. It does not require you to be good at analyzing charts and doing complex calculations. All you need to do is buy some amount of a particular coin, as much as you are comfortable investing in, and hold it for one year. It would be best if you chose a promising coin so that it will have gone up in value from the price you paid for it in a year. So, when you liquidate it, you will make some profit.

However, you must be careful and responsible not to buy a coin because it was shipped to you. You have to research the coin by checking online resources like following the coin on social media and looking up its whitepaper, roadmap, etc. You can also earn cypto from this method in interest when you deposit the coins in an interest-earning wallet.

Day Trading

There are avid crypto traders who deal in buying coins at low prices and then selling at high prices, and vice-versa. This is the most common and even lucrative way of making money with crypto, but it is also the easiest and fastest way to lose your money.

You have to be a pro to make money with this method by learning from those in the field and using the various resources. The good news is that you can learn pretty fast and start making some decent money, but you also need to be prepared for some losses at times.


Airdrops refer to instances where cryptocurrency developers issue their coins to the community at no cost or in exchange for performing simple tasks like signing up for an initial coin offer (ICO) or downloading their app or software and others. Many companies will try airdrops when they bring new coins to the market or release a new batch, which they want to get momentum. You can take advantage of airdrops to get some digital currencies that you can liquidate later. It would help to sign up on some sites to know when airdrops are happening.

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Besides the above ways of earning crypto online, you can also get these assets by doing tasks online like affiliate marketing and getting paid in them, and several other ways. You only need to have a device and internet connectivity and you can get some cash in the form of crypto