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Online Remita Payments: Transactional Uses, Pay & Receive Funds (Money)

Online Banking Platform through Remita is an interesting and a well to do payment gateway for all your organizational or Business transactions. Are you running a personal business whether Public or private sector? Then remita is one of the best platform you shouldn’t miss to use or implement for any payment transaction you deal on.

This article has been updated to ensure it meets the requirements of those in search of its detailed information for proper guidance to business payment gateways. Below, present you with full details on how to go about this implementation and all required to be taken into consideration.

In a nut shell, Remita is simply an e-Payment and e-Collection solutions, on a single multi-bank platform, that enables registered customers to make payment for their Accounts in all banks just on a single platform.
With Remita, you can receive fund (Money) using your Debit/Credit Cards whether Mastercard, Visa, Vervecard etc from all Bank branches Nationwide. This service also enables customers to Automate their Payroll and deliver Payslips to all Staff, so smooth and easily.

Here are the list of channels that customers and service providers can easily pay you with using Remita platform, they include:

  • From all Bank Branches in Nigeria
  • Debit/Credit cards (Verve, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay),
  • Direct Debit,
  • Online Banking site,
  • POS,
  • Remita profile,
  • Micro Finance Banks, and
  • Digital Wallets etc.

As you may know, Remita is a legit and trusted service for all because, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has authorized the platform for payment and collection of funds (money). And this authorization was given right from the desk of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN).

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This service is already in use by almost 22 commercial banks and over 400 micro finance banks around the country. And that implies smooth and easy transactions, as the use of Remita e-Payment module, ensures to deliver your vital payment transaction to your accounts in any Microfinance Bank, Commercial Bank, Primary Mortgage Institution or Digital Wallet.
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Benefits of Using Remita Banking Module

1. Payment of School Fees:

As it stands now, various institutions like Jamb, NYSC, Universities, their students pay almost all their fees such as school fees using Remita through their credit/debit cards.

2. Pay a Remita Customer/Biller

Online Payment can be done through Remita by you as a biller or your customer. The online service makes transactions so easy for both parties. So you can use Remita as alternative to PayPal, Flutter wave, Paystack, Payoneer etc.

3. Payment of Salaries:

You can use the Remita platform to pay Federal and State Government Agencies. For pensioners, it is used to pay them and as well as, for submission of Schedules to PFAs. Even in private sectors, used as payment platform.

4. Send Money to Family and Friends

With online Remita, you can send money as gift to your loved ones, friends and well wishers etc during celebration of Birthday, Wedding, Launching dedication etc.

5. Used to pay FIRS Taxes in the country

This payment gateway can also be used for tax payment by citizens of any country (Nigeria). It makes tax payment so easy for individuals.

6. Pay Vendors and Suppliers

Going to bank to stand and wait for your turn to reach in order to be attained to is time consuming, Remita can save you such time wastage of going to deposit money to bank account. Pay your vendors and suppliers through online Remita payment gateway.

7. You can Make payment for an Electronic Invoice and as well, resend receipt and others etc. There is more to use Remita for when it comes to business and online transactions.

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Reasons to Use Remita Banking Module

  • The service is actually beyond Online Banking.
  • You can make your payment from multiple bank accounts and across
    multiple banks, just in the same transaction
  • Here you don’t worry about Multiple tokens, that means, no multiple tokens for your transactions.
  • Here, you just only need to sign into a SINGLE platform to enjoy/access all your bank account at once.
  • You get a detailed and comprehensive transaction reports or information.
  • You are able to Process over 15 Trillion naira on the platform to-date, amazing right?
  • Ability to Make payments to all Commercial Banks, Micro finance Banks and Digital Wallets.
  • You are also able to View your balances for all your multiple bank accounts just on a SINGLE screen.
  • You get the service of Role Based system access and Amount-Based Security.
  • Also get to Define online payment review and approval workflow to suit.
  • You are able to alternate between the profile of your companies, Associations, Subsidiaries, and your personal account etc, using just one platform.

For full Remita Pricing offers or details and mobile app download for Android and iOS application for the platform, and other essential products and services, then visit their website at www.remita.net . From there, sign up or register with credentials so as to access and enjoy every of the company’s services. Some are free while some are paid.

And that’s all regarding to the uses of Remita. Their website Customer care will enlighten you more on it’s integration, the reference (RRR) code, status of payments and how to do payment confirmation, without issues or errors of any kind.

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