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Check Out 2018 iPhone Devices to Feature Upgraded Antenna Design for Boosting of LTE Transmission Speeds

Apple company upcoming 2018 iPhone devices has been pronounced to feature an upgraded liquid crystal polymer (LCP) antenna modules, which makes the mobile device to have faster LTE transmission speeds. This upcoming new feature for 2018 iPhones was announced by KGI Security analyst called Ming-Chi Kuo, and was sent to investors through the medium of note. 

The security analyst which is known by Kuo said via the note, that new iPhone models will use or feature at least two LCP LTE antenna modules, which is much more like the current trending iPhone X, although coming with extra improvements that will support a 4×4 MIMO standards. See below write up directly from Apple company to investors;
New 2018 iPhone Devices

Antenna design upgrade a key factor in anticipated boost to LTE transmission speed in new 2H18F iPhone models. As a LTE antenna FPCB material, LCP is superior to PI in properties related to high-frequency, thermal performance and moisture resistance. We predict 2H18 new iPhones will be equipped with two LCP LTE antenna modules same as iPhone X or more, but with higher specs to support 4×4 MIMO standards.

For those actually following up tech news on iPhone smartphones, you might have come across what Kuo said last week, well he said Apple is expected to feature on their next-generation iOS devices, an Intel XMM 7560 & Qualcomm Snapdragon X20 modems, which will enable a faster LTE transmission speeds. And both of the chips support the aforementioned 4×4 MIMO technology, compared to current iPhone models using 2×2 MIMO. 

This 4×4 MIMO, also known as Multiple-Input Multiple-Output in full, has what it takes to significantly improve iPhone devices LTE transmission speeds. And it is done by having the number of data paths which is between a cellular tower and an iOS device increased to four. 

Also, in previous notes by Kuo, he said Apple Company is working on a total of 3 iPhones for the coming year 2018, including a 5.8-inch OLED model that is similar to the trending or current iPhone X, a new 6.1-inch LCD model, and a 6.5-inch OLED model that can be thought of as a sort of “new iPhone X Plus device,” The 3 iPhones will be embedded with edge-to-edge iPhone X-style displays and Face ID support features, as said by Kuo, the security analyst of Apple company. 

According to kuo, he believes that Apple will ship not less than 100 to 120 million iPhone units just in the second half of the year 2018.

As it stance, these iPhones may likely come with lower point price for purchase and also may likely come with higher price. For now, let’s keep watching what their prices will be like in different geographical areas (countries) once they are being rolled out to the public in 2018.