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How To Root Tecno Camon C8 & Other Android Marshmallow Phones Using 4 Active Recommended Working Methods

Are you an Android user using an updated/upgraded Tecno Camon C8 device or the previous version of its Android marshmallow? if yes, here comes the easiest and safest Rooting guide on how to root your Tecno camon c8 (android 6.0 marshmallow) for free and guide to root other Android Marshmallow Smart Phones Without PC. 

Rooting gives you the privilege to explore more functions and services while using your Android phones. It removes the few limited access given to users and open majorly all basic functions a phone user could think of using. Rooting is carried out on mobile devices running on Android operating system be it new or old phone. Sometimes different method of rooting takes place when the android devices in talk are running different android OS versions like lollipop, and KitKat etc. Most devices that are running newer android OS, sometimes may prove difficult to root, so meticulously follow my guide below.

All that rooting requires before it gets any phone rooted is the right compatibility tool meant for a particular phone you are rooting at that moment and safest step by step tutorial. Haven taken note of that, below are the four safest and easiest method of getting your Techno Camon C8 and Android Marshmallow Smartphones rooted for free. 

4 ways to Root Tecno Camon C8 Android

Four Different Methods/Ways to Root Tecno Camon C8 Android Marshmallow 

  1. How to Root Tecno Camon C8 with latest KingRoot Application 
  2. How to Root Tecno C8 Android Device Using an Sp flash tool.
  3. Rooting Camon C8 using SuperSU Method. 
  4. How To Root Tecno Carmon C8 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) Using PC/laptops

Before applying the first method or any other methods for rooting your Android device, ensure that your phone is fully charged, don’t root when you are having a low percentage battery. If you are worried and asking yourself how you can unroot your tecno camon c8 after rooting may be due to one reason or the other. Then you have no worries as we’ve got you covered on how to unroot Camon C8 and any other Android phones with a step by step photo screenshot.  

➽ How to Root Tecno Camon C8 Using Latest KingRoot Application 

KingRoot is a powerful top rated Android apk app that gets almost all the Android phones rooted automatically without the use of Personal computers or laptops. The app gets your android devices rooted just with a one click. Below is how to get your C8 and other marshmallow phones rooted for free using kingroot app. 

>>1. You need to download the latest version of KingRoot app from Google PlayStore or from here. 
>>2. Next, install and open/launch the KingRoot App on your Tecno Camon C8 smartphone
Take Note: if there is anything like error message, may be installation blocked, then click the arrow beside for more details and then ensure to click on install. 
>>3. As stated above, ensure to get your phone fully charged (up to 100%) then proceed to rooting process 
>>4. Also, good internet connection is needed, so get your device connected to 4G or 3G network so as to speed the rooting process. 
>>5. After the kingroot app must have completely load its settings after being connected to the network, then click on “Root” and wait for some minutes while the app completely root your phone. 

Congrats! Your Tecno Camon C8 has been rooted successfully. To confirm the success of the rooting whether your device was rooted or not, then download ROOT CHECKER from Google play Store and have that verified.

That’s all for rooting Tecno camon c8 and other Android marshmallow phones with the use of KingRoot Application. 

➽How to Root Tecno Camon C8 Android Device Using an Sp flash tool.

This particular guide for rooting your C8 and other MT67 CHIPSETS device involves an SP Flash Tool and a good working strong signal internet connection. This method is also easy and confirmed working, so follow up the guide below if you choose to go by this second method. 

>>1. First, you need to download SuperSU.zip from here
>>2. Next, is to copy and move the downloaded SuperSU.zip to your phone’s SD card memory  
>>3. Now download the ported TWRP for Tecno Camon C8 here.
>>4. Go ahead and unzip the TWRP zip file.
>>5. Also download SP Flash Tool and flash the recovery image into your Tecno camon C8 through flash tool. (See Guide on how to Use SP Flash Tool here.)
>>6. Next is to boot your c8 into TWRP recovery mode (You can do that by holding your phone volume Up + Power button for 6 seconds)
>>7. Still in TWRP recovery section, select install zip from the SD card (in order to move up or down to choose Supersu.zip file, make use of the phone volume up and down for navigation, and then select the Supersu.zip file right from the root of your SDcard memory)
>>8. Scroll down and click yes where you see install. 
>>9. After step 8 guide and the device is rooted successfully, just go back and reboot the phone and then start enjoying full access your phone’s manufacturer couldn’t give you access. 

That’s all for flashing your tecno c8 using SP flash tool. Now confirm and verify if the device is rooted successfully by downloading root checker from Google play store. 

➽ Rooting Camon C8 using SuperSU installation Method

>>1. Download the zip file of SU here
>>2. Next, copy and move the downloaded file above to SD card
>>3. Now power off or switch off your C8 Android phone
>>4. Boot the phone to recovery, you can do that by holding your phone Volume up + Power button (Note this type of boot to recovery may differ in other phones running same chipset) 
>>5. Use volume up and volume down to navigate and select Recovery mode respectively
>>6. From this step, just navigate and select “Apply update from SD card” (use Volume up and down = navigate while Power button is = Select)
>>7. Now select the zip file you moved from step 2 above to your SD card.
>>8. Immediately after that, the rooting process will take place and automatically your device screen will go back to recovery screen or section. 
>>9.  Scroll to Reboot systems
>> Now after rebooting the phone, the SU will be successfully flashed into your device, and that’s the end of the tutorial for this last method of rooting. 
As usual, check and verify if your device is successfully rooted by downloading ROOT Checker from Google play store android. Ones rooted, the root checker app will notify you when you must have installed it. 

➽ How To Root Tecno Camon C8 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) With PC/laptop

>>1. You need to Download and install VCOM drivers on your PC
>>2. Next, download SuperSU v2.66.zip to your phone 
>>3.  Copy and move SuperSU.zip file you downloaded from above to both phone’s SD card and internal storage
>>4. Also download CWM for your Tecno C8 Marshmallow ported by Team Hovatek from here
>>5. Power off your phone (having the battery of the phone still inside it.)
>>6. Now what to do next is to flash the Clockworkmod recovery.img to the smartphone by using SP Flash Tool. (Click to Learn how to use SP Flash Tool for rooting Phones)
>>7. Next, go ahead and boot the phone into recovery mode by utilizing the phones Volume up button + Power button.
>>8. Note, while in Clockworkmod recovery mode, use the following for navigation and control; so the volume up button is used for scrolling up, while Volume down is used for scrolling down and then Power button is used for selection. 


  • Just scroll down with the volume down button to install zip and then select it.
  • Select zip right from /storage/sdcard1
  • Next, navigate to the section or location where superSU.zip is present and select it using power button.
  • Ensure to select Yes, now install SuperSU to confirm the flashing
  • Just wait few minutes for flashing process to complete.
  • Go back to home screen by using the back option present there and then Click Reboot
  • In case CWM offers to help you and fix a missing Root, Kindly select NO.

>>9. As usual, check and verify the root process whether successful or not with an apk app called ROOT Checker.  

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