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The Best Android Apps for Sports Enthusiasts

There are over 2400 MLB games every year, over 250 NFL games played in 17 weeks, and around 1230 NBA & NHL matches every season. Add the number to college games, NASCAR, countless soccer leagues, tennis and MMA, and it becomes almost impossible to track of it all. Additionally, it can be frustrating trying to balance your job, social obligations, and family with your love for sports. Fortunately, you can seek the help of these android sports apps to stay on top of things:

1. Team Stream

The official app for famed sports news website, The Bleacher Report, brings you an extensive collection of content from their site. Besides news, schedules, scores, and stats, the app also gives you live games, interview streams, and real-time news. On top of it all, you can synchronize with your fantasy league to get information and stats on your players. Moreover, Team Stream ensures that you keep track of the league rankings without sifting through SportsCenter reruns.


Dedicated to provide their users don’t miss any sports updates, ESPN remains the most comprehensive sports app on the web. You may not like them, but its undeniable that they have an excellent collection of games with an extensive coverage and features. The app has everything from sports scores in various leagues to a fantasy sports platform. However, the app’s streaming service costs around $5 a month, though the news and scores are free.

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3. Betway

Sports betting is becoming a popular trend among sports enthusiasts, with thousands of punters placing bets worth millions of dollars daily. With over 15,000 wagering markets, Betway allows you to bet on both in-play and pre-match offers. The app is user-friendly, and it delivers all types of games, including tennis, football, cricket, rugby, and basketball, to mention a few.

While the original Betway app was far from being perfect, the operator has improved the platform significantly to encourage punters to continue placing wagers. In fact, most punters today prefer to betting on the Betway app instead of their website.

4. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

If you’re a fan of fantasy basketball, hockey, baseball, or football, Yahoo Fantasy Sports is the best for you. It helps the users manage their fantasy team using a single app, also giving you the ability to trade or draft players. Besides participating in your league, this application also offers daily and weekly leagues. Additionally, you get expert analysis and updated stats that ensure you’re one step ahead of everyone in your league, no matter where you live.

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5. TheScore

TheScore gives you the equivalent of its name and much more. The app boasts of exceptional sports news coverage and stats, keeping you updated on virtually every professional sports league in the world. You can build a personalized feed to get information on your favorite teams or players in real-time, ensuring that you only see the news you care about. Even better, the app will alert you on buzzer-beating shots, key plays, miraculous comebacks, and more.

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