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FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 Apk Data Obb Android Download

I believe it will interest you to know that you can now download the latest version of FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 Apk Obb Data for your Android smart devices. It comes with arguably the best graphics you can ever imagine, as well as new kits and full players’ transfers.

This FTS 2021 Mod FIFA 21 Apk Obb Data share some similarities with the full version of First Touch Soccer 2021 Apk Game for Android smart devices based on the Emblems, FIFA Logo and the background picture that quite awesome to behold.

Features of FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 Game

Below are some highlights about the features of this game that you would be experiencing while playing the game on your android mobile device. The game its self is loaded with interesting features that gives you those best feelings while catching fun. Came with lots of improvement and updated settings. Below are some of the features we could list in this article.

FTS 2021 Mod FIFA 21 Features Offline Mode 

FTS 21 Mod FIFA game functions quite well on offline mode and it also supports majority of Android devices starting from version 4.1 and above. Of course it also has the manager mode.

Features Manager Mode 

In the manager mode, you will be able to start with your own customized football team, you will be able to win most of your matches and also qualify for different stages and get to the finals when you have a high tendency of winning a trophy.

Ability to Change Game Language 

The in-game language can also be changed if you don’t like the default language. You can get it changed by going to settings where you can choose or select any language of your choice from the pool of languages available.

Updated Football Player Transfers

It’s also worthy for you to take note of the fact that players in FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 have been duly transferred to their respective clubs, just like how it is been done in the real world of football. So this implies that list of players in virtually all the clubs are up to date as it is in the real world of football.

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Improved Game Graphics

The unique faces of each player looks even more realistic and easy to recognize in this game, and the skills they exhibit, just like in real life, is a delight to behold. They can skillfully move around with the ball with awesome pace and also pass the ball accurately till they score a goal. This is really mind-blowing.

Updated Game background music

Once you open the FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 game for your Android smart device, you be hearing an interesting background music that will be entertaining you as you keep navigating or hovering around the options available to select or choose your favorite team.

Improved Sports commentary During Live Gameplay

The sound of the commentary during the course of the football match is quite fantastic and entertaining. The commentary sound is so clear that you can vividly hear the commentators as do the football commentary about how players are performing as the match goes on.

Upgraded Game Levels for Stages

Depending on how good you are in playing the soccer game, there is a place in the settings where you can choose different level of difficulty, it can be either “Easy”, “Normal” or “High” which is the most challenging and difficult level. In this High level of difficulty, you will to encounter strong opponents that you can’t win easily.

Responsive Game play buttons

Another interesting feature of this FTS Mod FIFA 21 Apk is the Game play button, they are very responsive and don’t hang unnecessarily when you are trying to control your players round the football pitch, and this gives you, as the player, an amazing game play experience.

Newly Updated Football Sports Stadium

They grasses on the pitch in the stadium are neatly modified as they look so real with quality and enticing graphics that enables you to see the ball on the pitch clearly without hitches.

FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 Apk Game Download
FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 Apk Game Download

How to Download FTS 2021 Mod FIFA 21 Offline Mode (Apk Obb Data)

Here, I have already provide the link for you to be able to download the latest edition of First Touch Soccer 2021 Mod of FIFA, files required are Apk Obb Data below. You have to note that all the three files below are required to install FTS 21 Mod FIFA on your Android smart device.

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How to install FTS 21 Apk Mod FIFA Obb Data Game files

Kindly follow the steps below to get FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 Apk Obb Data Files installed in your device. So If you have gotten to this section, I would advise you to meticulously read the procedures below

  1. Download and install Zarchiver App and then open
  2. From Zarchiver, Look for the Obb FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 Zip file and endeavor to click on it.
  3. Immediately, an Option Menu will display, just click on Extract and…
  4. Now go ahead and click on Device Memory from the top of Zarchiver App display Interface.
  5. Click and open the Android Folder when you are in the location of  Phone\Device Memory.
  6. Now Click the Obb Folder.
  7. Next thing to do, is to Click on the Extract Icon inside the Zarchiver app, Note, the icon is the image that looks like an arrow pointing downwards. After clicking on the icon, the game files will be extracted and processed successfully.
  8. In other to carryout Extraction for the Game Data File, just as illustrated from step 5 above, follow the steps and click on the FTS 21 Mod FIFA Data file which is in zip format and navigate to the Android folder, from there click the Data Folder and Extract the file by clicking the Arrow Extraction icon.
  9. Finally, go ahead and Install the APK of FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 you downloaded from above and then launch the game to start playing in full.

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