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Just days before the end of 2019, besides the fact that we Christians all over the world are busy preparing for the Christmas celebration and decorating our homes, these days is also a good opportunity to look at the year that passed.
Different rituals and festivals have selected the best films, music and artworks of this year, and as a Techbmc team, we took the opportunity to select the best games of the year you could play along as you celebrate Christmas. 
Choosing the best games of the year 2019 was harder than we had expected. Red Dead Redemption 2, which has been hanging for us for a few months on our own, was released this year, which will be enjoying this April as much as the 13-day holiday of the previous month, and the Fourth Edition of Forza Once again he proved himself the best motor racing game.

Independent games this year have had something to say about the past and perhaps even more. Colette, Into the Breach, and Return of Obra Dinn are the best titles of the year that will keep you well away from the busy and busy atmosphere of the game.

In this series, we list the top games of the year in a special order for you, of course mobile games and virtual reality are not represented on this list. But this year, as well as last year, we decide to share with you the best of the year and get better acquainted with your taste. So, write the best games of the year in the comments section and participate in the end poll to share with you.

Best Video Games

1. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

  • Publisher: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Manufacturer: Versus Evil
  • Platform: PC
Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire
Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire

To understand the importance of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, it’s enough to know that the Kickstarter campaign only hit $ 1.1 million in just 24 hours. Of course this was not the end, and the game eventually managed to attract nearly $ 4 million to build Abhisydin’s studio as the creator of the Fallout series, one of the best games this year.

The Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire can be easily dubbed “The Best Of The Year”. Like the titles of this style, the information of the environments, the details of the characters and ultimately the breadth of the story are the first words in this game. All dialogues are carefully written and if you can get used to a fairly dry gameplay system, there are plenty of things in the game that can keep you entertained for a long time.

The game environment is filled with various items for acquisition and various venues to figure out until your 70-hour adventure in the world of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, which is beautifully designed, do not get tired.

The value of the repeat-ability of Pillars of Eternity II is high, and because of the player’s openness in making characters and choices within the game, it’s possible to experience different and new things in the next round.

2. Dead Cells

  • Publisher: Motion Twin
  • Manufacturer: Motion Twin
  • Platform: Nintendo Swift, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Pc
Dead Cells
Dead Cells

Dead Cells can be considered one of the most magical games this year. A title that did not attract the attention of a large number of video game enthusiasts, not because of its extraordinary graphics or strange story but because of its innovation in gaming. Perhaps the easiest way to describe Dead Cells is to have a 2-D Soldset.

Struggling hard and breathtaking games are designed and you will definitely lose your life for multiple occasions. Of course, killing is not the main character of the end of the game, and in case of his death at any stage of the game, you have to start the Dead Cells from the elementary stage.

At this moment, the magic of the makers of this title occurs. When experiencing the first stage, you will encounter a different map of the primary school, and even the strength and strength of the enemies will change noticeably. All of these, along with a lot of interesting items and stories about the strange storyline, make it hard to say that the title is on the list of the top 10 games of our year.

Dead Cells is a fantastic game for all fans of video games. If you think the pixel graphics of this game are yours, it’s hard to make a mistake. Incidentally, along with strange music, this graphic is not nearly as fashionable as the gamer, and you do not feel any gaps in the graphics and music section as a gamer.

3. Frost Punk

  • Publisher: 11bit studios
  • Manufacturer: 11 bit studios
  • Platform: PC
Frost Punk
Frost Punk

The game of managing a city is expected to provide the story even with the lowest level of expectations to do and basically this category of games to make the game made attractive and engaging for her, you know . Frostpunk of this rule exception is not, but the image of the innocent like this Play the decisions and actions you make will be to replace empty a story filled with bolts and bending filled up and the mind itself you are to story telling and predict the future, and in that place .

Frastpank tells of trying a ruler to live up to the people themselves in the blizzards and cold is that as soon beyond the reach of any living creature in it from between the boards . The only happy people heat source heat is that at the center of the shot and lit And it hopes alive survive the blizzard of the hearts alive to keep you there .

Decisions that before on you’re going to be quite positive or negative are not . In fact, it is you who will have to balance out the selection of the set not to prevent the outbreak of revolution or death of your people know . Sending children to the workshop of the mines for work Perhaps in advancing the strategy of your work is, but may not cause death, it would be, and blinded by the hope to the hearts of people off work .

Frastpank set of the chosen ones is that in the seemingly simple to circumstances surprising that in the other. Frastpank Illustrator society that is where to keep it, you have to account to step up, because the decisions of the game is so elegant and sophisticated design is. There is little the wrong in establishing balance may not lead to a disastrous result, and not only you have to get a blizzard on the bed strength up there, but more rapid than from the seat of power stripped out .

Frastpank that to a sequence of spiritual on the play known 11bit studios  of This War of Mine , and experience the joy of the game prior to full up and playing deep more and larger than the account that comes .

In the end, have said Frastpank experience is very good for people is that you want the style of strategy and management of the city to the Subject different experience of that and to be cut this category enjoy a lot of this game will win .

Details of these exceptionally high, the choice of a variety of artistic and technically strong , and innovation in multiple game would have been up to this as an experience unique to the individual and the value is . Of course, no guide is perfect for new jobs and the lack of content in the game in some of the parts of the original may cause the Some of these measures have the experience Frastpank fun not to.

4. Shadow of the Colossus

  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Manufacturer: Team ICO (Remict by Bluepoint Games)
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
Shadow of the Colossus
Shadow of the Colossus

The Shadow of the Colossus is one of the unforgettable classics, which, incidentally, goes on as much as it passes through, it’s more about the greatness of Fomito O’eda’s performance, such as the Beethoven symphonies and the Da Vinci masterpieces. Sony made a decisive move on this year’s Playstation 4 release, and the Bluepoint studio, which previously featured Remaster Anchorard Collection, performed beautifully in its duties.

The shadow of the colossus is made with an indescribable love and acceptance when we say nothing is as magnificent as the struggle with gigantic clowns at 4K resolution and the graphics of the eighth generation. Of course, bluffing tasks were not limited to graphic improvements, and some of the problems that had emerged in the first Shadow of the Colossus due to hardware constraints were also fixed to get the ultimate experience possible. In terms of the magnitude of the Shadow of the Colossus, it’s just that the title that was released in 2005 is still among the top 10 games of 2018.

The combination of action elements, platform and puzzles are strangely implemented together, and the addition of epic music to the extraordinary art of clowns makes it difficult to ignore any of the clues.

This elaborate mix of attention and detail to the thriller has made the player really be in the hero’s body and experience his feelings about the events of the game; the extraordinary soundtrack has caused the epic times of the struggles to multiply, and because of the openness of the hand The player is created by his cinematic scenes, not by making the creators of the player to do successive and specific tasks.

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man

  • Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Manufacturer: Insomniac Games
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
Marvel's Spider-Man
Marvel’s Spider-Man

No matter how hard Marvel is in the world of cinema, he is poor in the world of games and has not brought products to the market. Have you heard this sentence over and over again, right? Well, yes, when the latest version of Insomniac Games was released, it also lost its credibility. Marvel’s Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the fun and best games of the year we left behind. Inspired by the Batman Series of Rocket Studios, alongside the infinite Spider-Man’s tact over a lovely New York experience, it hugged players for hours and cracking was hard work.

However, the game Insomniacs introduced the enemies and challenged her hero a little late, and maybe a bit disappointing for those who were looking for the presence of Electro, Rheinho and … from the very beginning of the game, and of course the struggles are also so exquisite. And they were not new that Batman could not be thrown out of mind. Marvel’s Spider-Man may have been the most entertaining game of the year, but it was not the most beautiful or the most complete of 2018. However, do not miss this superb game at all and leave it at the first opportunity for 20-25 hours and drown in the lovely Peter Parker world.

For more than two years we have been waiting for the Spiderman experience, and now with the final release of the title, you can dare say that this long wait is worth it because we face one of the best superhero games in history, and Spider-Man’s fans are also likely to play this game. They will be lost. The game can entertain you for dozens of hours and make your own universe look so hard that it’s really hard to hear. Spiderman has never been so beautifully depicted.

6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Platform: Nintendo Switcher
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo also revealed in 2018 that it could build a good monopoly for its new console, releasing it with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Proven By Authority. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can actually be described as one of the finest feature history ever made. The tournament is so good that you’re having a strange experience with their experience. Apart from this super nickname, the new brothers have a great storyline that you can entertain for hours and free up all the characters in the game.

Gameplay, either in terms of gameplay or in terms of the number of characters, has nothing to do with anything and it can fully captivate fans of freebies. More interestingly, at the moment, its superstar Brother Altimit has the largest cross-play game history, and you can play with Snake, Piccolo, Sonic, and more. The only problem with the game is the minor issues of the wigging system and how to communicate with other players that Nintendo has promised in the near future to fix them. Because of all these positive features and the lack of serious problems, we decided to make Super Smash Bros. To put Ultimate in the fifth place in the list of the best games of the year to maintain the true value of the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is, in every respect, one of the most complete feitings you can find. In the game as a whole, it’s one of the most celebrated fetitions developed in any way you can not imagine. So if you’re a fan of Fighting style and have Nintendo’s switches, then there’s no doubt that the game can catch you in every way.

7. Forza Horizon 4

  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Manufacturer: Turn 10 and Playground Games
  • Platform: Xbox One, Pc
Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4

Every time the news release of the novel of the series of games of Forza appeared to be afraid of strange there are fans of this game is to learn to be . In fact, the problem of the original, without flaws and unique to the person this game is that causes you to imagine progress version of the new it Becoming the largest most and challenge the most controversial questions in the minds of users is .

Question large that for all fans of the game of racing to create the cause of this is that the open time seeing the success of the new Fvrtza want to be? Is the next game, the Motorsport or Horizon , will be content to newer or better offer is and will continue to track up to progress This series of games is to keep it?

The answer is always ” yes ,” that is . At least in this case would be to dare to say that the studio Playground Games even this permission to the fans of the series played by Horizon to not give up a little the doubt and hesitation about the lack of progress of the game in the heart of the place Day .

It is open both to Fvrtza Horizon 4 takes place and the existence of the Fvrtza Hvayzn 3 any defects and deficiencies not, this part of the game was able to provide the features of the new open both fans of the series Game of Racing and fascinated by his work .

This time to the use of System Change Chapter, water and air dynamic and impact of the transition on the tournament and also add a one- line story is simple but attractive and engaging suppliers studio Playground addition to gaining the consent of the users in accordance with the procedure consistent praise from critics as well as of its own done Is .

Unlike the titles big and full of other such as Need For Speed that continues to get the formula for the success of the struggle can be, the success of ongoing and eye -consuming series Game of Fvrtza Horizon is so high is that this time in the fourth game of the Top of laid off, the pick up and Al-haq that Microsoft needs to have such a monopoly of a defect proud of it . 

If you want a bit of the game made Fvrtza Horizon 4 deal, in the first sentence should say this game has a full- most and best style in the history of the game of car racing arcade is. As you will know the basis of the original game made Horizon of motorsport to inherit reached and physics to improve the Version seventh game similar to the train 10 as well in this as well as placement in which the elements of arcade rich along with the experience of driving with more than the fun part has been .

In total must Forza Horizon 4 to complete the most games of this series and probably the best game for rides generation of Eight called . Achievement of the new bridge Grand Gymz of All comments perfect is , and any defects and flaws will not be in it to find out; only the tip of the attention I give to a draw That, for the time of loading long map of the original and tournaments online was the course with regard to the quality of the Internet and away from large servers to justify that and not be of it to be a point of no recall was .

8. God of War

  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Manufacturer: Santa Monica Studio
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
God of War console
God of War

The new version of Gad-e-Aar after a total ups and downs and fantastic performances was filled with plenty of definitions and praises on the day of the release with positive reviews that were full. The game from the very first moments had blurred everyone so that it would not be possible to leave the controller even for a moment. After a couple of hours, Gad-Ohr’s experience could well be guessed that this is one of the best games of the year, and at all it’s unlikely that he would win the best game of the year.

The new Gadhua has left new standards. The standards that will surely have to be seen for years to be incompletely copied in the costly games of the great studios of this industry. But anyway, any good thing is a series of hints for yourself. God of War was no exception to this, and the more we went in the game, the more mechanical and core gameplay was played again. The same problem ultimately led to the third place for a very good God of War game.

Gad Havr is one of those games that can be used to sculpt single elements for hours, but fortunately Gad Havr is also in another category of games: games that do not require a compliment of the joint and They say everything. New Gad Newbies have matured, the genre has redefined itself, offers fantastic visual effects in front of your eyes that you’ve never seen before, and ends so that you know you have to wait for at least one New triples.

9. Celeste

  • Publisher: Matt Makes Games
  • Manufacturer: Matt Makes Games
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switcher
Celeste console game

Celeste was one of the most beautiful surprises of 2018. Not just because of its challenging gameplay, not just because of its innovative story, not just because of its emotional atmosphere. But for all of this, and showing what the perfection is in video games. Less known in game history, Celeste has been able to incorporate a highly refreshing and innovative platformer gameplay into a story with serious and delicate concepts and, to this extent, pixels on the screen. The beauty of the game is, Celeste is not the two-dimensional platform that first comes to the end in the development of gameplay, and then presents a neat story to fill the holes.

The fictional elements and gameplay are clearly designed to interact with each other and interact skillfully. Every time you think you’re mastered in all the gameplay sections, a completely different and ingenious challenge comes through, and whenever you think you are able to predict a story, a twist Artistically, it will draw a new mentality for you. And all this, along with Celeste’s music, has led to the creation of a package that takes not only seconds of its peak at the peak of fun, but also takes you into an emotional roller coaster. If it were not Rock Star and its new masterpiece, Celeste would be named “Best of the Year” by Techbmc.

Celeste is perhaps one of the most repeatable games of the past few years. The game always has something new for every gamer with every taste. During the game, the story is not very prominent, but its effects are clear at every single stage.

A person who escapes from the fear and anxiety of everyday life and takes refuge in a mountain that revives the inner feelings of a person. The narrative of self-knowledge, the fight against the monsters created in each person’s personality and defeating them has made Celeste one of the best story ideas among independent games.

10. Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Manufacturer: Rockstar Studios
  • Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

The story of the end of the era of the Wild West’s rebellion and its intersection with American civilization in Red Dead Redemption 2 was narrated in the most artistic way possible, linking the story of John Marston in the original version and creating some of the most beautiful moments in the world of video games, and there is no doubt that The last great Rockstar masterpiece deserves to be proud of “The Best of the Year.” From the first moments of the start of the game to the final stages, the Rockstar surprises you momentarily and has a story to define.

No region is created without purpose, no human being is idle, and after all, there is a story. The grandeur of the world of play makes it look great in its beautiful nature, and when we listen to Arthur Morgan, it’s like we’re following the story of one of our closest comrades. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can scarcely find a way to stop drowning in the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 is in every field a classy masterpiece that will be a great classmate for gamers in the years to come. Perhaps, as long as the Rockstar does not create the next game, no other playmaker will be able to draw new standards for the world of world-class games, so that others will follow it and make superb games. This is our biggest annoyance of the Rock Harder.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually a demonstration of how future games of Open-World style should be. All the mechanisms we’ve experienced in the previous section and other titles of this genre have been upgraded to Red Dead Redemption 2 and have become more entertaining than ever.

Arthur, in the role of a member of a Wild West gang, is doing exactly what you expect. The main stages of the game are each of them a new adventure that has different sensations.

In fact, Red Dead Redemption 2 shows how cute the wild west was! Based on storytelling, Arthur’s and other band’s main goal is to provide a huge amount of money to spend on campus members, and that’s a concern for this excuses to Doug, Arthur, and their other friends to stop doing anything.

This time but you tell us. What is the best game of 2018 in your eyes? Participate in the poll below and share your reasons for the top game of the year in the comments section with us. Remember to share this post and subscribe to Techbmc Newsletter. Thank you.