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Top 5 Amazing Racing Games of 2018 And Beyond

Who doesn’t love playing racing games, I personally love them. With such an addiction towards combat racing games, ample of racing games keep pouring in every now and then. These vehicular combat racing games are becoming popular among the Android users. Android devices are becoming more and more advanced so that more heavy games can run on it.You will find these 5 combat racing games that are fun to play

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Clash For Speed

Clash For Speed racing game

Clash for Speed is a vehicular combat racing game. This new entry in vehicular combat racing game is full of unique features. This game offers different game modes to play with different tracks to race on. 
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The most unique feature of this game is its custom track builder with custom obstacles to add. You can design nearly infinite tracks which give you plenty of options to race. You will also get different cars and you can also upgrade them. These cars can be equipped with weapons which will help you in game to win the races.
>Download Clash for Speed

Death Race ® – Killer Car Shooting Games

Death Race game download

Death Race ® – Killer Car Shooting Games is one of those games that is based on a movie Death Race. This game contains different cars to drive and these cars can be upgraded in the garage to compete in the race. You can also add weaponry to your vehicles which will help you to create mayhem and destroy opponents.
Download Death Race

Cyberline Racing

Cyberline Racing game

Cyberline Racing is a multiplayer racing game which has more than 30 cars (4 Different classes). With more than 1000 events and with 100 levels of upgrade you can be never bored of this game ever.

Races will take place in different locations like sums, mountain roads, and deserts etc. You can compete in online competitions and collect legendary items and upgrades. You can also check your ranking on the global leaderboard and match it with other online players.
Download Cyberline Racing

Death Racing Rivals 3D

Death Racing Rivals 3D game

Death Racing Rivals is a fast and furious death racing game. You will race in different cars and you can add guns and rockets to fight your opponents.
You will get to race in a different environment with rich graphics, great sound effects, and great gameplay.

This game is pure excitement and you will love its high definition 3D graphics. Get ready to decimate your opponent in this dangerous vehicular combat game.
>Download Death Racing Rivals 3D

Overload – Multiplayer Cars Battle

Overload - Multiplayer Cars Battle game

Overload – Multiplayer Cars Battle is also a multiplayer game, in which you will get 3 completely different modes to compete. 

Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the point are the three different modes you will get to play in this game.

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You will get to choose from different vehicles to compete in the race and you can also upgrade your weapons in order to win the race.
>Download Death Racing Rivals 3D game

Racing games are developing greatly on Android devices. With the improvement in hardware configuration, games are also improving on Android platform. In vehicular racing games you will get great cars to race with and on top of that, you will get to use different weapons to destroy your enemies.