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Are You Aware Of The Latest Mobile Gaming Trends

As time goes, people smitten by the world of mobile gaming apps are increasing exponentially and there’s no other technology that can be as mesmerizing as mobile games offer to gaming freaks. The increasing demands for innovative games are inspiring game developers to create unique games with incredible storyline, play environment, graphics, characters, and unpredictable levels.

Last year, we have witnessed a great hike in gaming enthusiasts and game-specific technologies, these amplifying opportunities to build mobile games with extraordinary efforts. This year, we are expecting game developers to leverage their updates in the realm of mobile gaming.

Let’s explore top 5 trends that are defining 2018’s mobile gaming outlook.

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Mobile eSports – Finally on the Ramp

The whole new arena, has so far been comparatively latent, is emerging in the mobile gaming arena as eSports, becoming popular than ever. We have been witnessing an explosive rise in the number of fans for eSports and believe me this trend is not going to slow down in the near future. According to Holmes report, eSports industry is unbelievably growing at rising pace boosting revenue from its sponsorship, media advertising, and development partnerships and yes, from merchandise sales.

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Vainglory and Clash Royale are games that are making a tremendous mark on the mobile space and are highly unstoppable. Thanks to the versatile gaming environment by modern mainstream mobile devices, the gameplay, accessibility, and affordability, all are equally exciting that paving the future eSports mobile games. Also get the best of your sports news from Real Madrid fc news.

Interactive Social Features – Now Your Friends Know Your Moves

Social gaming is not something new when it comes to web games. Even there are mobile games that come with social elements for quite a while. But now, a deeper and more interactive social feature is shaping the wave in mobile game industry 2018. We as a gamer always want to expose and post our gaming records with our fellows using different social platforms. Though sharing, inviting and engaging with others sounds quite wannabes but that’s what we are been trapped to. 

This is reason why major mobile games are coupled with social features, now it’s a norm. It’s an intense fascination for gamers towards a social platform allowing them to interact with gaming community and gamers with common interests. This idea eventually increase our sense of loyalty and commitment towards our favorite gaming app, and at the same time increasing its usability and ranking; a win-win situation.

Cloud Games – No More Saving Scores Manually

Cloud-based games are redefining the newer way for both game developers and gamers. This unusual concept in the game development intriguing those who have never played cloud games. In such games, players play the games live on cloud server and at the same time streaming them on their smart screens without needing to download or install the game.

Players! Now you don’t even need to worry about the storage capacity for the game you’re or want to play, just select the language based on your geo-location and start playing. But, don’t forget to turn on your internet connection! Top cloud games are GeForce Now, Plagiga, LiquidSky and LoudPlay.

Live Activities and Features Will Rise – It’s Not Just Fun Anymore

Games are no longer just the combination of static players and developers alike, it has filled with live events and activities, now, mobile games are much more than just fun and entertainment. Developers are continuously leveraging certain live elements to the mobile games, seeking more interest, retention, and loyalty, from us. 

With a variety of live features, you will be more excited and inspired to play more and more, though that results in habitual addiction. According to research, 60% of top 100 grossing games has incentives and rewards that make players to take part in live events. We are expecting this trend to continue with more intensity and impact in coming years.

More Cross-Platform PC/Mobile Games

Reports suggest that smartphone and tablet games contribute to almost 42% of total global gaming revenue; higher than what PC games is generating. This is why professional game developers are on their foot to create games that work across all the gaming platforms including mobiles, the way it work game consoles and PCs.

One of the popular games we are counting here is the creation of Minecraft that exemplifies this trend. The indie sandbox video game allows you to play offline or online with other participants. Additionally, this game is available on Window 10 and Xbox One.

The inspiration has reached to online gambling sites, embarking upon virtual casinos across both desktop and mobile platforms to cater the gamers while on the go.
This year, story-rich games crafting the idea of cross-platform are rocking the future mobile games.

The Future Of Mobile Games Has Arrived Already, But Is That Secure?

2018 has started with the increasing reach and impact of mobile games than PC and console games; I would rather play in my palms than watching on the bigger screens. All the credit goes to creative graphics, technology-enabled improvements, affordable prices, and user-friendly themes. But make sure the games you’re playing is not within the reach of snoopers and hackers, I personally suggest to use a gaming VPN, to stay away from cybercriminals. 

These are just few trends revamping the mobile game industry, inspiring future and current game developers and gamers to build and play unique video games.