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8 Valid Reasons to Become a Software Developer

The demand for software developers all over the world has increased tremendously in the last few years, and yes, software developers are heavily paid. However, money should not always be the drive, passion and interest should also be considered before diving into the world of software development. You may not even know why you suddenly conceived the idea of becoming a software developer. Not to worry, this article was written to explain why your idea of becoming a software developer is a right step in the right direction.

Perhaps, in the next couple of years, you would be happy you made a good career decision. And when you look back in time on how you started your journey to becoming a competent software developer, you would be grateful to yourself for being futuristic and decisive.

Who is a software developer? A software developer is a person who has good knowledge of programming, or coding and specializes in developing computer software programs. These software programs allow users to perform certain activities on a computer device, and these activities include playing games and other vital computer functions.

A good number of software developers usually spend weeks and months working on a software project to ensure it serves a certain purpose. They can also be paid to update or upgrade an already existing software. At other times, they develop softwares and sell them off to interested persons.

Without a doubt, the software development industry is a force to reckon with in a fast-changing world of numerous technological advancements. Here are enumerated valid reasons you should consider becoming a competent software developer.

Eight Valid Reasons to Become a Software Developer

1. Mouth Watering Paychecks

Ever had the phrase “the big bucks go to the problem solvers”?  This saying holds water for software developers because they solve a lot of problems. So, one cannot suddenly become resentful when it’s time to give them their paychecks. If you have huge intentions of earning good money, I think you should consider becoming a software developer. Even though it’s a complex career that demands competence and technical know-how, you would find yourself smiling at the bank as often as possible.

2. Broad Prospects

Not many career paths can give the wide range of prospects software developing offers. As a software developer, you would discover that you have the option of choosing to work with numerous industries needing the services of software developers. For instance, a bank can hire you to help them develop a bank application that would subsequently need upgrade and maintenance even after the application has been launched. So, you are paid for developing the application and also paid for upgrade or maintenance if need be.

On the other hand, you could also be hired to work in the health sector, while developing and managing vital healthcare softwares. How about partnering with robust video game companies at the same time working with other competent programmers to see to the development and management of their games? So you see, there is a wide range of empty positions and vacancies waiting to be filled by software developers.

3. Malleable Work Conditions

The mentality in the labor market is fast changing. People want to work, earn some money and still be able to have time for social affairs, outings, and enough rest. How many jobs can bring in good cash and still give one the freedom to live a bossy lifestyle? The answer is a few and the good news is that the job of a software developer is capable of affording you the freedom of working at your own pace.

As a software developer, you can decide how much you charge a client depending on the workload of the job involved. You could also recommend the services of other developers to aid in taking on bigger projects for your clients. Not many workers enjoy this level of control over their jobs and not all jobs have malleable work Conditions when compared to software development or computer programming.

4. Continuous Creativity

If you have love for creativity as an individual, then you should consider becoming a software developer. Software development demands a high level of creativity and innovation and of course, you would be using your potential the right way while influencing the world positively, making life easy, and earning good money at the same time.

Creativity improves the quality of life you lead as a person. Take, for instance, you can conceive an idea of an app and the kind of functions you want the app to possess and in a matter of weeks create the app. Whether you sell it off or not the sense of fulfillment you derive from being able to create something of value stays with you. So, if you enjoy being creative and engaged, I think you should consider becoming a software developer.

5. Good Networking

As a creative and competent software developer, you have the opportunity of meeting and network with the best brains in your industry. This usually happens when big companies intend to work on huge software or upgrade already developed softwares. Of course, such companies would be needing the services of the best hands in software development. So, if you enjoy socializing, networking, and meeting new people from time to time, becoming a software developer isn’t a bad idea.

You would also enjoy the opportunity of meeting with other software gurus across the world. Every year, globally recognized conferences like Dockercon and Kubecon are organized
to launch, celebrate and market already developed software. Such conferences would create the opportunity for software developers to travel across the globe.

Most times, the expenses of such travels are taken care of by big companies intending to market their products at the conference. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. You might want to check the age of your Instagram account using this online tool

6. Healthy Competition

Another wonderful thing about joining the software industry is the availability of healthy competition amongst software developers. Some of these competitions are usually organized to get the best team of developers to work on big projects. While others are done to reward competent and hardworking programmers for the wealth of knowledge they have acquired and the contributions they have made to the advancement of software development.

So apparently, you are not just limited to the numerous job opportunities available to programmers. You also have the chance of getting to compete healthily with other software developers, and when you win such competitions, you are rewarded with fantastic prizes.

7. Coding Your Personal Application

Software development empowers you with the ability to code your personal applications. You would be able to conceive ideas of creating wonderful applications and with time, bring them alive.

Not many individuals can boast of such capabilities. Even though some of us are intrigued by the numerous functions of many vital applications we use every day, we still cannot think beyond usage or figure out a way to create similar applications.

8. Unfair Employee Advantages

No work is easy to do and nowadays we hear a lot of workers complaining about stress. Some have disrespectful bosses, supervisors, or managers in their respective workplaces. Some of these bosses make working difficult and extremely stressful for their employees. But thankfully, software developers are hardly stressed out by their employers except they don’t deliver their jobs as at when due.

As a software developer or programmer, you could be working from home wearing your nightgown and sipping a cup of coffee while doing your work. You are not under any rule that says you must dress in a certain way and most of the time you don’t need to physically meet your bosses before you work for them. In fact, programmers or software developers enjoy unfair employee advantages when compared to other jobs.