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Best Weather Apps for iPhone 2021

This post has been updated with the most accurate weather app for iPhone iOS device. If you are in anyway searching for the best free and paid weather application for your smart device, then below lists of weather checking apps will be of help to your quest.

It is not a new thing that in App store, there are hundreds of available weather app developed by different mobile companies, even the Apple built-in weather app is also present in new and old phones. But everybody got different taste to something. And as such, you might want a different and sophisticated forecasting data presentation while some other persons, desires a very simplified data presentation from the great weather App. Whichever that suits you best, we’av got some nice list of the top forecasting app you should install and use from below.

What is the best weather app for iphone? This happens to be the search query for anyone trying to find out the best ever used weather iOS application, that is readily available in Apple App Store for downloading. If you happen to be in this set of category, then this handy guide or app list will see you through. Read on for the best of what you seek.

Uses of Weather Applications

Weather apps provide you with prediction by forecasting the environment or weather condition of your geographical zone, and in return, present the information or data just as requested. With the best iOS application, you are sure of getting accurate weather alerts depending on your specific location in the GPS. So below are the best iphone apps for checking weather condition or status.
Best iPhone Applications for Monitoring Weather Behavior.

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1. Dark Sky ( iOS )

This is one of the best overall daily weather apps for handy usage in checking the weather condition of your area or location. Dark Sky weather app gives you weather forecast information on day to day as well as weekly and monthly basis. It shows you how storms are moving whether in the past of in the future.


Features of Dark Sky

Push Notifications: The app was embedded with an advanced notification options which enables users to receive notification down to a minute alert before it starts raining. There is an option for getting notification or alert on government severe weather condition such as; flooding, thunderstorms, hurricanes etc. This very app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices.
>Download Dark Sky Weather App Here. (App Store)

2. Weather Underground (iOS)

With no doubt, Weather Underground app is another best free Weather app available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices.

This app uses several weather stations to deliver the best forecast of temperature of a particular geographical area or location. It uses hyper-local forecasts and interactive radar, current conditions, customizable alerts, and other services or functionalities, to provide you with the best information needed for knowing your weather condition.


Features of Weather Underground

Weather Underground iOS application provides users with forecast on wind speed and direction, as well as today’s rain accumulation, dew point, humidity, pressure, and visibility. Goes a long way to compare today’s weather with that of the local historical data. Keeps record of Sunrise/Sunset tile, monitors air quality, local flu outbreaks with the Health tile and UV risk,

Got an interactive map for viewing the weather map’s improved layers such as weather stations, satellite, heat, radar, crowd reports, rain accumulation, and much more.

>> Download Weather Underground iOS app Here (App Store)

3. AccuWeather (iOS)

AccWeather uses scientific measures to provide users with essential and detailed forecasting based on their location. The app provides users with accurate live weather forecast alert predicting temperature condition. There is a detailed daily report covered from prediction in AccuWeather ios app.


Features of AccuWeather iOS APP

The technology behind AccuWeather ensures to update Superior accuracy control over your home weather condition in any part of the World, it uses real-time alerts.

Informs you about any severe weather event, and ensures rain doesn’t cut you up wherever you are at that moment in time. Goes a long way to provide users with daily snapshot of vital stats ranging from dew point to UV index, precipitation, allergy, visibility, and air quality reports. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch, and Apple TV devices.

>>Download AccuWeather ios App Here (Apple App Store)

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4. The Weather Channel (iOS)

Weather Channel is one of the best social weather app for checking accurate local forecast right from an IBM Business channel. The app is simplified to give you easy accessible functionalities for checking weather conditions.


Features of The Weather Channel

Provide users with weather data or information which will enable them to set their plans for their day-to-day activities. With this app, you are confidence of your planned event because you already know the weather temperature.

Weather Channel app is programmed with location-specific photo backgrounds feature, as well as current weather details which gives detailed report on local conditions.

If you are the type that goes on vacation often, then this app will help you check the air quality of that location before you start your journey. Currently, the air quality reports are now made available at the following destinations United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, Germany, China, India, and France. This app is readily available for devices such as iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

>>Download The Weather Channel App Here.

5. Solar: Weather (iOS)

This particular App happens to be the best bare-bones weather app for ios devices. Solar is minimal weather app with good graphical background for weather information display and a concise text explanation of weather activities or attributes.


>>Download Solar Weather App Here.

Wrap Up

Checking your weather condition or temperature is a necessity if you want to have a successful plan of your daily or weekly activities. I believe from above, we have done justice to useful iOS applications that can aid you in making such research on how your day would go based on climate condition, of your exact location in the world map. Take your time to go through the review and download the specific weather app that suits your test for checking your zone temperature or climate change.

We suggest you download and install only one of the above listed applications. Do not install two different apps operating on same purpose. It is not a good practice.

Also, note that, weather apps makes use of map location function, so if yours is switched off then head to your iphone settings to enable the option. Doing so will aid the tracking of your location and in return enables easy gathering of temperature conditions of your location at that point in time.

Help someone out there to get this best list of apps for weather purposes, by just sharing with below social media button. Thanks.