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5 Best Writing Apps for Android in 2021

Thanks to technological progress, it became easier to study. Students actively use different smart apps to solve certain academic issues. It’s a wise move because those applications are really helpful and resourceful. For example, they can help to organize your notes, save time, and enhance your writing skills.

Note:  This article has been updated for best results and answers to seekers based on best writing apps to aid your content development skill. While some delivers articles full of error, you can be distinguished from them through your proficient writing. These following Android applications will help and guide you through your writing work.

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There are multiple writing apps and it may be difficult to define the best one. We have studied the current market. We have opted for 5 great writing apps that will help you in 2019.

Google Docs

We’d like to start our review with Google Docs. It’s a great creation of Google Corporation and is favored by millions of users. It is practical, easy to manage, smart, resourceful and quick. You can fulfill a lot of functions necessary for your writing practice. You can:

  • Create and edit documents;
  • Work online and offline;
  • Save to cloud;
  • Share files;
Google docs
With Google Docs, you can write, edit forms for free

This is a cloud-based app. It automatically saves all the docs you create. It is possible to work even offline. It’s a great advantage because you can instantly access any paper right from your phone and edit it. The app has the same features as Microsoft Word. Accordingly, you can format your texts in all possible ways. You can also create letters and applications. Its storage is 15 GB. The app supports images too. All you need is to have an account on Gmail and sign this app into your account. Afterward, use it from everywhere for free.

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Dictionary App

Students are expected to be creative when they write their assignments. One of the ways to reach the uniqueness is to use vivid and proper language. Therefore, you should use the Dictionary App. This application allows for learning and understanding a lot of words.

When students do their research, they read a lot of literature to support their projects. Some words may be unknown. Sometimes, they have an idea of using some new words but they don’t understand their meaning. Using this app, you will find out the meaning of more than 2 million words. You’ll be provided with clear definitions and multiple synonyms for each word. Thus, you’ll stuff every text with appropriate language to impress your professors.


If you are a busy writer, blogger or student, you should obligatorily use Jotter Pad. This very app is targeted at writing novels, screenplays, poems, and books. Why should students use it too? The app allows for making instant notes, editing, writing, and improving creativity. Students will never forget about some date, assignment or interesting idea for a writing project.

JotterPad – Writer App

The application is easy to manage, has a smart interface, and offers various modes and numerous features. For example, users can take snapshots, use the keyboard with different word combinations, track the word count, and so on. It is cloud-based and you can use the built-in dictionary to enhance your productivity and use vivid language. Finally, you can use it everywhere if you upload it to your phone or tablet.


Oftentimes, students have no possibility to note some great ideas when they occur to the mind. Most of them are forgotten for good. To overcome this issue and have a chance to take instant notes, they can use Evernote.

Evernote writing app

This application is known for the possibility to schedule every day step by step. You can take instant notes, create subheadings, set reminders and add descriptions. Thus, no tasks will escape your memory. The documents are made in PDF format. It’s possible to create documents with clippings.

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Using the camera of the device, you can scan any printed book, journal or other publications. It’s very convenient when you don’t want to spend money on some tutorials or textbooks. Moreover, you save heaps of time. You can synchronize your device with your PC or laptop. Undoubtedly, it’s faster to write academic papers on these devices. It enables the saving of various texts, files, videos, images, and audios.

Microsoft Word

Our review wouldn’t have been completed if we didn’t mention Microsoft Word. This application has the well-known and most important features of a writing program. It has reached such great popularity due to its amazing resourcefulness and you should make use out of it.  You can format and structure your papers via your phone just like you do that on your PC/laptop. You’ll have instant access to read, write, and edit your documents.

Besides, you can:

  • Save your files to the cloud,
  • Create templates,
  • Collaborate with other people,
  • Synchronize it with all your devices,
  • Work with papers offline.

These 5 writing apps are very popular among users. Therefore, you should not doubt their usefulness for your writing purposes. They all have much in common, as well as some crucial differences that serve various purposes. You should obligatorily try them to see how they suit you. After all, you’re free to look for more writing apps in 2019 and how they can be helpful for students.