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Update on Google Pay, Gallery Go, Stadia FAQ, Pixel 4 face unlock, motion gesture & iOS vulnerabilities Patched

Today, we bring to you top trending tech news and update on latest Google Pay, Play Pass, Photos lightweight known as Gallery Go, newly introduced pixel 4 face Unlock and motion gestures and as well as update on the discovery of critical iOS vulnerabilities patched found by Google researchers. Also, recently released post on other new related information from Google products and services.

This top Google trending news were crafted out in other to keep you updated on all that Google have shared online via this week. It was purported in order to keep concerned users updated with the Latest and useful information in the world technology.

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It is no longer a news that Samsung Company is giving out $40,000 prizes to winners of its Galaxy mobile graphics Design competition, in this coming month of August 2019. So if you haven’t registered yet or don’t know about the requirements and procedures then I guess you are very lucky to find this post, you can do right away or you proceed with the latest Google updates below.

The table of contents below got all the latest Google updates on its products and services for this present week. So you can utilize it for easy navigation to the trending information you wouldn’t want to miss.

Google Assistant App Update: Read and Reply Messages on Third-party Apps Using Voice command

Google Assistant has notified users with a latest update that enables them to read and reply messages on some third-party apps. The Google app received this update recently and it lets users interact with more messaging apps using voice commands through the User’s permission, allowing the Google app to access notifications and read messages from other applications through voice notes.

Before, Google assistant was unable to read private text messages or your WhatsApp and Facebook messages except you were on Android auto. Below is what Google assistant has been updated to do recently.

grant Google Assistant app permission or access

You can get started with this voice command by asking assistant to “read my messages” and if you haven’t granted it access or permission to read your notifications, then a prompt will display in order for you to approve or give Google Assistant the permission to access or read your phone notifications. Once you have granted the application permission or Access then it will read your messages for you and then wait for reply through the voice command. Since you have granted it access, you can now use it to read your messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, telegram, Discord, GroupMe, Slack, Twitter and other applications that are actively working for this newly introduced technology.

The Google assistant visual card displays a preview of message having the name of the contact and the application it will reply with. This update has made Google assistant more flexible and user-friendly. You can as well use it to search things online through voice command without necessarily typing.

The Google Assistant visual card shows you a preview of the message, the name of the contact, and the app it will reply with. This appears to be a fairly recent addition to Google Assistant. Try it out and see if it is working.

Google Play Pass Will Launch as a Paid Gaming service without ads

google play pass update

Google just took to the public to announce its new service called Play Pass, which will enable users to play games without being interrupted by ads. The screenshot of the service was leaked online thereby unveiling that it will be a subscription-based platform. From the source we got this report, it is noted that this service will have a big library of games, having all day in-app purchases unlocked. Google stated that at first, users will get a 10-day trial for just free and after that, it will now go for a price of 4.99 dollars per month.

new google play pass service

From the information page, we got to know that Google Play Pass will explore a curated catalogue spanning puzzle games to premium music apps, with every other thing in between. This update doesn’t really mean you will have Spotify included in it. But it seems so sure that users will be able to play Angry Birds 2, Asphalt and any other game without having to pay extra money for the competition package.


According to the source where we got this information “Android Police”, they reported that this service is currently undergoing testing mode. The spokesperson continued by saying that Apple Arcade might turn out to be more profitable since apple users are eager to spend more on applications. This is a step in the right direction because it will help control the interruption by some disturbing videos in apps, so customers could be willing to pay the monthly fee which turns out to be low or cheap, in order to stop such from disrupting their operations. Ref.

Google Pay Now supports about 25 Banks in Europe, New Zealand and Asia Country

In case you don’t know about Google pay, it happens to be a convenient method used in paying for product and services at stores using your mobile phones. However, not all the banks across the world have signed in for partnership with Google pay. So it is noted as an improvement to see that the list of the banks coming to partner with Google pay are expanding on Monthly basis.


Google Pay supported banks

This very time, the latest news on Google pay depicts that it have added about 25 more banks across the globe ranging from Asia, Europe and New Zealand having one bank included.

The newly added Bank in New Zealand is known as ASB Bank, while that of Europe inclusively add lots of Banks to the list from the following; UK, Ireland Norway, France, Germany, Finland, Russia, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.

Below are the Banks added to the above-mentioned locations. So if you’re banking with any of the banks below then you now have the option to use Google pay for payment of any product or services at any store.




  • Abanca
  • Caja Rural
  • Cajasur
  • Cecabank
  • Ibercaja
  • Kutxabank
  • Liberbank
  • Ontinyent
  • Unicaja


  • Komplett Bank AS


  • PerfectCard


  • Consors Finanz BNP Paribas


  • PCS


  • Komplett Bank AS
  • Sbanken


  • SGB-Bank SA
  • Bank Pocztowy Spolka Akcyjna




  • Komplett Bank AS

United kingdom

  • PerfectCard


  • Rakuten Card
  • The Awa Bank, Ltd.


  • Citibank Singapore Limited

For now, these are the newly supported banks that can use Google Pay services for payment of any sort. The list would still be updated in due time as Google further in partnership with Various money saving banks. Stay tuned because, we will still bring to your notice the changes made and all the newly added Banks. Ref.

Google Introduced Pixel 4 to have face Unlock and Motion Gestures

In another news from Google department, the company has leaked some features regarding to Pixel 4 Smartphone having Face Unlock and motion gestures. Below is what the leaks entails.

This newly Google announcement made for upcoming features on pixel 4, which is based on Motion Sense, is said to be a Google Project ongoing that will let users control basic functionalities right in their Pixel 4 smartphone. And those features are as follows; skipping songs, silencing phone calls by just waving your hands and snoozing alarms

This motion Sense technology works through the help of a complex radar system. It is placed above the display screen and can sense any kind of movement. Currently, the system can only recognise simple hand waving gestures but will be configured to carry out more complex things in the nearby future.

Google further announced that the motion Sense will only be made available to the selected countries where pixel are currently available.

Today, the newly and another feature announced by Google is the Pixel 4 Face Unlock. Actually, this is not like the facial recognition that is usually embedded on third-party Android manufacturer devices. That is, what Android devices used to have as built in recognition. Rather, the system is kind of closer to the system apple introduced for iPhone X products based on complexity and as well as security functionalities.


Google Pixel 4 face Unlock Motion Gesture update

As we all know, Android facial recognition systems usually take a picture of your face for security unlock, but in this newly introduced face unlock on Pixel 4, it will scan a 3D map from your face utilizing a Dot projector, flood illuminator and IR camera, and then use your information to unlock the device. And this is significantly secured than only when picture is involved, and it is less to be spoofed.


This technology or system is identical to the type of iOS system in terms of functionalities of the hardware. Google said it will have a special functionality involved in saving the facial data securely in the Titan M chip, so that nobody can have access to it. And this is noted to be a good step in the right direction since it differs from Face ID in its implementation.

In IOS devices, they require you to swipe up after face ID completes scanning your face but it’s not so for the upcoming feature in pixel. As the pixel 4 will be sensitive to the movement of your hands just above the Soli radar chip, and when it detects your moving hand, it will power on the Face unlock hardware which will now detect your face and unlock it as you are picking it up. Thereby facilitating easy operation to your phone homescreen down to other functions you want to carry out over the menu screen. Also, this Google’s system works in orientation, such as upside down.

As it stands now, we aren’t sure that Google will include a fingerprint sensor to the device alongside with the face unlock or maybe Incorporate Apple route and forgo it entirely. The device doesn’t have anyone at the back although, there maybe one of it under the display. But we suggest Google might go for all the features on face unlock, even though we are still expectant of all they are upto.

Google stipulated that the pixel 4 will be coming out to the public later this year. No actual date was given for the launch. Ref.

Google launched Photos lightweight Also Known as Gallery Go

Gallery Go by Google Photos update

Google recently launched the latest Go app called Gallery Go after the initial release of Google Go, YouTube Go and Maps Go. This is directed towards getting Photo Sync and management functions in a lighter and less data hungry version. This particular Google Go is incorporated with 10MB which happens to be a fraction of the 130MB memory size situated on Google Photos app.

Google Gallery Go

This newly introduced application got every standard features of the traditional photos app, for example, the auto-organization, easy editing across multiple devices and as well as photo finder. The app features a smart and nice interface having a separate category tabs for screenshots, Videos, and documents with content-based groupings. Just like Google photos, the images or pictures are synced and displayed in a chronological order.

Further more, the Gallery Go is such that works offline, in other to spare bandwidth. The application is currently live on the Google Play store and it requires version of Android 8.1 Oreo and upwards to run it. You might want to see the test check from here.

Google Researchers Discovered 6 critical iOS vulnerabilities, where 5 is patched Already

Google researchers detected 6 iOS vulnerability

The Google security researchers department discovered about six critical flaws over the iMessage and it can compromise the user’s phone without having to interact with the device. This critical vulnerabilities belongs to the interactionless” category. And the good news is that 5 of vulnerability discovered have been patched during the iOS 12.4 update/upgrade.

About 4 of the vulnerabilities discovered require the attacker to send an executable code on the iMessage and immediately the victim opens the message, then the executable code will run. While the other remaining two vulnerabilities are meant for memory exploits.

Just as aforementioned, the good news remain that 5 of them have been fixed, while the remaining two remains a secret until apple decide to patch it. So we highly advise users to update to iOS 12.4. version just in case you haven’t done that already. We are glad that security researchers were able to discover the vulnerabilities before anyone else. And as ZDNet reports; that most persons would want to pay millions in order to use this exploits for carrying out certain things, before Apple finally patch them in upcoming update. See more here.

Google Stadia FAQ Were updated with details Concerning device and controller support, Founder’s edition fulfillment

We have to bring to your notice that the Google Stadia is gradually approaching and Google’s FAQ has been updated with new details even though they are few surrounding the founder’s Edition controller, as well as device support. Inclusively, the general report about how the controller connects to Stadia. Also, the information included talked about what would happen if a game is no longer supported by its own developer.


Google Stadia cloud based gaming service update

If you happens to pre-order a Stadia founder’s edition, you will get to receive a Redemption code through the email you utilised during the signup or registration stage. It is noted that you don’t really need to redeem the code from the same account because, it stands not to be a problem if it is a personal Gmail account.

You can recall that the Stadia founder’s edition were offering a bundle to get users started with Stadia. It is still available now for a token of $129, this avails you the limited-edition Stadia controller, a Buddy Pass, a Chromecast Ultra, three months of Stadia Pro subscription as well as a first dibs on the Stadia name you got.

The Google company further explained more on how the controller can be connected to a game. This Stadia controller makes use of Bluetooth LE and it gets paired to a device and setup for gameplay. After it is being set up, it will then connect directly to the Wi-Fi, which implies that you cannot use a Bluetooth connection directly to a device for playing.

However, you still have an option to play games if eventually you are out and you can actually do that by using a hard-wired connection through a USB-C connected directly to any supported device. And this will now usher us into some of the devices supported or eligible at Stadia’s launch.

So the Google Stadia FAQ updated with more information or details regarding to devices and controller support, having Founder’s edition fulfillment entails more about the following revealed report.



The devices in which the Stadia will be supported are tablets which are running Chrome OS and all the pixel 3 devices inclusively, the pixel 3, 3 XL, 3a and as well as 3a XL. We are believing stadia to add more supported devices as soon as possible, in order not to keep gamers waiting.

Google also made it clear that games purchased from Stadia will remain available to players who purchased/bought them, after the developer drops support for the games. And this invariably means that only those who purchased the game initially can have access to continue playing them later. And what this means is that, Google won’t let users buy an abandoned game whose developer isn’t maintaining via upgrade or update.

Are you still wondering what Google Stadia entails?

Stadia happens to be a new game streaming platform introduced by Google and it allows gamers to play high graphic-intensive games right from any device, by streaming the games without having to download offline, provided the device in use got screen. The games runs on Google’s servers, as the phone in use stream video of the gameplay and the controller connects inputs to the game directly through the Wi-Fi connection.

This Google cloud-based gaming service that is programmed to stream games to your smart TV, computer, and smartphones without any highly expensive hardware, is expected to launch this year 2019 by the month of November. And it will be made available for the following countries as soon as it is launched. They countries are as follows; United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, USA, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Ireland, and Spain. Just as aforementioned, there will be an option for subscribing to Stadia Pro gaming plan etc.

Most of the game titles you should expect from Stadia are as follows: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Samurai Shodown, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Doom Eternal, Doom (2016), Metro Exodus, Rage 2, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat 11, Football Manager, The Elder Scrolls Online, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Darksiders Genesis, Thumper, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, NBA 2K, Destiny 2, Borderlands 3, Get Packed, Final Fantasy XV, Trials Rising, Gylt, Grid, Just Dance, Farming Simulator 19, The Crew, and Baldur’s Gate III. Ref


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