Digital Wellbeing software is supposed to be a useful tool for monitoring smartphone usage and balancing technology and life. But over the past few weeks, owners of pixel phones have come to the conclusion that the software has lowered its speed. Many of these users have said that their digital devices have been dumped by their Digital Wellbeing. Initially, one of the users of Reddit said that when it turned off, the pixel speed of the pixel-3 accelerated very quickly.

The problem seems to be the issue of flagship pixel 3, pixel 3 x and also pixel-sized 3-E and pixel-sized 3-E pixel phones. For now, all you can do is block the app’s access to some of the operating system’s capabilities, which also reduces the functionality of the application.

Digital Wellbeing is one of the main features of Android 9p, which was first released for pixel phones before it was released for all Android phones. The company plans to release Digital Wellbeing for Android Qi.

How To Fix slow down from Digital Wellbeing feature App in Google’s Pixel phones

fix Digital Wellbeing slow in Google Pixel phones
Settings to fix Digital Wellbeing slow in Google Pixel phones

If you’re having such a problem, go to your pixel phone settings to fix it. Choose Digital Wellbeing. Touch the three dot icon (…) at the top of the screen and select Turn off use access. On the Usage access page, select Digital Wellbeing and disable the permit use access option.

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