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Samsung Company will Give out $40,000 Prices to winners for a Global Mobile Design Competition – How to Apply?

This announcement is basically on the Mobile competition of a global Galaxy design (irrespective of your country), it is purported for coming up with new innovative designs on how Galaxy mobile devices should be used in the future.

This competition is hosted by Samsung mobile phone manufacturing Company. in this competition there are two categories to enter; the Next Mobile + category is just to design a new accessory for Galaxy smartphones, tablets and wearables, and they include: tablet covers, Smartphone cases, watch straps or earbud cases. This is done in order to enhance a better device as well as providing an extra added value for their users and customers.

As you can see, this competition is based on mobile phone designs and for you to perform very well on this competition you have to make research and have ideas of how other mobile designs are made. Now, I encourage you to view the latest mobile phones 2019 with latest designs so as to have idea on the trending designs from different smartphone brands.

In continuation of the second category which was aforementioned previously, is the Next Mobile Wallpaper paradigm category. And this has to do with creation of new wallpaper designs or graphic designs for Galaxy devices, with screens showing forth elements such as interactivity and contextual awareness.

Just as announced by the senior director developer relations known as “Lori Fraleigh”, She directly reported that this competition of Galaxy series has always been about forward-thinking innovation. She further said; each new edition to Samsung’s signature line up for mobile devices go a long way in pushing the boundaries of what smartphones wearables and tablets can actually do. Showing forth more daily life streamlining and by empowering and encouraging users to do more.

This Samsung competition was first stated on June 27th, as it was set up in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy family and the price featuring is $40,000 dollars which will go in cash to the winners of the contestants. and the design challenge is available globally, that is, all around the world just to dream up their own boundary.

This competition is held in collaboration with the leading Design magazine known as Dezeen and it will kick off by August 4th, 2019. The competition is open for all designers encompassing individuals, students, Studios, and as well as other personalities in diverse professions but can design. In this award winning competition, contestants are required to submit visuals of their designs in new dimensions just by incorporating game changing elements like interactivity and contextual awareness, which was previously conveyed at the beginning of this article.


Samsung mobile galaxy design competition 2019

Below are full details regarding to the rules and regulations guiding this competition, including submission of instructions and as well as price information for the winners.

Rules and Regulation and who can enter this competition?

The competition is actually free to enter and every entries from designers or teams will be accepted. So any entrant can freely enter one or both of the categories depending on your choice.

All participants must be 18 years and above, inclusively design students, professional designers etc who can be able to present their work to a panel of English-speaking judges.

The entrants will be invited to travel to the UK from 24th to 26th September 2019 in order to present their concept to the jury in London. In addition to this, the top three winners of this competition will be invited to the Samsung Developer Conference in San Jose, USA, and date ranging from 28 to 31 October, 2019 basically for the award ceremony and exhibition of the designs.

As regards to contestants entering as a team, they will be required to select a single representative which will attend to the judging and Awarding ceremony.

The Judging criteria

Samsung mobile company is looking forward for fresh perspectives and ideas for how their Samsung Galaxy devices could be used in the future. And this happens to be a wider strategy of incorporating users feedback and as well as open collaboration with a wide diverse of different designers to present the future development of its products.

Based on the two categories stipulated, the Next Mobile + Category; the contestant or the participants must be able to design a new accessory for a Samsung Galaxy devices, either a smartphone tablet or a wearable device like a smart watch or earbuds. The judges will strictly look at innovative accessory designs that duely provide interesting new interactive functionalities or features which in return can create a new experience for the users.

For the second category which happens to be the Next Mobile Wallpaper paradigm category; the contestant or participants are free to come up with designs of new wallpaper for a Galaxy mobile device. It could be static, animated or live. From this section, the judges will be looking out for the designs that best suggest new possibilities for future mobile devices. Inclusively Incorporated with interactive wallpapers specially responding to users touch and movement, or generative designs that transforms depending on the individual or user’s data or situation.


samsung company competition design Price awards for winners

Prices for the Winners of this Competition

The total price money set out for this competition is $40,000. In each of the category, the winner of the top prize receives $10,000, and the runner-up get $5,000 while the third position will receive $3,000 award. Also, the fourth and fifth participants in the categories are not left out, as they are going to receive $1,000 each.

How to Enter or Participate in this competition?

The contestants are expected to submit their entry through this form and include the information listed in the guidelines below.

It is to be noted that the requirements are quite different for each category, so you are expected to read the submission guidelines carefully in order not to miss out the required information and details.

Please you are also expected to meticulously read the terms and conditions before entering or participating in this company’s competition.

Also note that the top 5 finalists in each of the category will be required to make a short video clip depicting their idea and documenting the making process for the Samsung promotional material for this contest. You should also note that the video is not a part of the evaluation criteria and participants or contestants do not need to submit this video when they enter the competition. The participants should endeavour to prepare or make a video if they are invariably selected as a finalist.

The Next Mobile + and Submission Guidelines

In this category, the contestant can design any form or kind of accessory for a Galaxy mobile device. Even though, Samsung are particularly interested in innovative accessories that can intelligently interact digitally with their smartphone Galaxy devices, providing better technology and enhanced functionalities that is able to create unique new user experiences.

For those of you participating for the Next Mobile + category, you are expected to submit a full description of your concept having full detailed information on the product specifications and target audience as well as lifestyle image, showing the products in use.

Also the contestants will need to submit their entry through this form and include the following information just as stipulated below:

>> Include the name of your Design , which will display on all communication and media coverage. Endeavour to end the name with the words “of Galaxy”, in order to explain the relationship with Samsung Galaxy devices.

>> You should also include a description of your Design clearly explaining the concept and any relevant features having a maximum words of 300.

>> The 3D CAD files of your design should denote (Parasolid, IGES or STEP).

>> Provide a hero product render clearly showing forth the design.

>> Include the lifestyle image displaying the accessory in use by the target audience.

>> Provide a visualisation displaying the accessory next to existing Samsung Galaxy mobile devices.

>> Include a PDF presentation of maximum 10 pages having renders, technical drawings and as well as text explaining your Design and target audience.

>> Optionally, you may include a video or animation that showcase your Design and it’s important features.

The three images which include; product render, visualisation and lifestyle image next to existing Galaxy devices, should be single images without logos, text or frames. You should format the image to be either JPG or PNG, in a landscape format, having a maximum resolution of 300 DPI and inclusively, a maximum file size of one megabyte (1MB) each.

You should make the PDF presentation to be in landscape format, having a maximum resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum file size of 5 megabytes (5MB) only.

The optional video or animation can be formatted to mpeg-4 in a MOV or MP4 container, having a maximum file size of 25 MB.

Please take note, the contestants should upload every submission material in a single zip file, having a maximum total file size of 1GB. And in addition to this, they should also upload their hero product rendering and the optional video preview displaying their designs in a separate Fields, just as it were indicated on the form.

The Next Mobile Wallpaper Paradigm submission guidelines

The contestants should be able to design any kind of wallpaper for Galaxy smartphone devices. The designs could be static or animated. It should also be interactive wallpaper that response to the user’s input or gesture, it could also be a generator wallpaper that changes regarding on the user’s data or surroundings.

Steps to Create your Designs:

Step 1: You are required to download this package of reference files and utilise the canvas PSD template to ensure that your own wallpaper artwork is the correct size that will look good on mobile devices, both in portrait and landscape orientations.


required wallpaper format size resolution for samsung competition

Step 2: You are free to create your own wallpaper design using the software and digital design tools of your choice. It could be Adobe Photoshop software, CorelDRAW, Microsoft paint etc.

Step 3: Endeavour to use the relevant PSD templates to choose the best display or view of your wallpaper that will appear on the lockscreen of a smartphone. The template has a dark version and a light version, so choose the one that is most suitable for your Design.


lockscreen PSD template best view wallpaper for the challenge

Step 4: Utilize the relevant PSD template to display how the wallpaper you designed can be extended across various different Galaxy devices in other to provide the best user holistic experience.


PSD template design showing different galaxy screen wallpaper devices

The contestants of this section are required to submit their entry through this form having the following information intact:

>> Provide the name of your Design which will display on all the best communication and media coverage. Remember the name should also end with the words “of Galaxy”, depicting the relationship with Samsung Galaxy devices.

>> There should be a description of your Design explaining the concept and any interactive or generative functionality having a maximum number of 300 words.

>> Endeavour to design a still hero image showing forth the wallpaper design on the lockscreen of a Galaxy smartphone, using the provided template.

>> You can portray your final design output as either a still image, an APK file or a video. Should in case your wallpaper is designed to be interactive, animated or generative, then ensure you demonstrate the functionality clearly and friendly during your submission.

The resolution for your final design should have 3040 by 3040 pixels.

In this section, your images must be PNG or JPEG and videos must be MPEG4 in a MOV or MP4 container. The video should be between 5 and 40 seconds long.

It is a necessity that the contestant should upload every of their submission materials in just a single zip file, having a maximum total file size of 1GB. Inclusively, they should also upload their hero image and the optional video preview showing forth their design in the separate Fields, just as indicated on the form.

The Closing Date for this Samsung Mobile Design competition

Every entry must be received by 23:59 GMT on this Date (4th of August 2019). Any entry received after this date will not be considered for the competition.

All the top five entries in every category will be announced after 4th September, 2019. Then, the next thing that will follow is the invitation of the finalists to London on (25th September, 2019), for presentation of their ideas. And after then will the jury of Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs, and Samsung executives with a panel of designers, decide the first, second, third and fourth winners of this Competition.

Just as stated in the beginning of this article, the top three winners will need to attend the award ceremony in this year’s Samsung Developer Conference starting from 29 to 30 October 2019 in San Jose, USA. They will now officially receive their design awards.

For further information or details on Samsung Developer Conference, you can located it at www.samsungdeveloperconference.com from the early month of August 2019.

The Mock-ups of the final top five entries selected in each category will be showcased at the conference.

Contact Address For Enquiries:

If you wish to ask questions about the competition or any press enquiries then you should forward your quest to this E-mail: info@samsungmobiledesigncompetition.com.

Ensure to read the competition terms and conditions before you enter the registration or submission.

I wish you good luck in this competition. Do us the favour to share this post on social media using the share buttons below. As this will easily facilitate the goal of reaching the target audience (graphic designers). Who would love to partake in this favourable and award-winning Samsung competition. Thank you.

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