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FIFA Soccer V13.1.12 Full Apk + Mod Download

FIFA Soccer has been an interesting game on Mobile devices, since the introduction of the game over different devices ranging from PC, tablet and down to smart cell phones. The best experiences of FIFA Mobile Soccer always leave the players with enthusiasm of playing more of the football game.

FIFA Soccer game gives you so many features to explore, you have the ability to build and manage your team as the manager of the game. This football game is flexible, as you can be able to work your way through it whether you are a game guru, savvy or an amateur. Start up and get around the football soccer pitch. The very best flexibility I have known FIFA Soccer Development Company to be, is that they always ensure the game download files are below 100MB. And this is sure to be downloaded easily on all mobile devices capable of playing both official and mod FIFA apk version.


Hey! You are absolutely in charge of managing your best team to a wining competition. So be the manager and build your best team collection. Create a smart, stronger and bigger squad with high sorted football skills, do some pretty adjustments and include some special tactics to their skills. And watch your squad be the best club in the game matches.


As the manager of your club, you would want to introduce the best attack modes so as to suppress and win any strong or high level competition on your door steps. Enjoy special experiences as the player, take up your club to thrilling matches, apply your skills in the friendly home matches and win the golden cups. Keep your players updated with best controls and strength both for defensive and striking.


Be alert and stay connected to this special game you like playing, coming with fresh up to date stories and as well as matches. Quickly move to the playable events that come up hourly, and enjoy amazing prices, player items and packs etc.

fifamobile mod apk game
fifamobile mod apk game


I believe you want to catch up all the good experiences via FIFA Android game, so it is very possible. All you need do is to join and participate in leagues. Pave your way in the World of social communities of football and enjoy the intriguing matches with friends who are gamers around the globe. Put your skills into action through inter league championships, as well as short term competition against worldwide leagues, in order to step up to the top. On your way to the top, you will get to compete with strong and top opponents, so apply your very best tactics and skills through your football players. You also have the ability to send gifts, involve in chat conversations, thereby letting you know that you are part of the global soccer community.


FIFA Mobile remains an authentic mobile soccer experience game that you wouldn’t want to displace for any other soccer game, because it have over 650 real teams, about 40 leagues and as well as 18, 000 real players. Just lead your team in scoring highest goals, become the star of the game as you give your players best defenders, attackers and as well as good and best keepers. Be the top of talk in the World of sports.

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Some Vital Consumer Information:
This game app requires a steady Internet connection at some level (so this depicts that there may be network fees or charges).
You have to accept the EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Which works in the dimension of Collecting data via third party analytics technology (Privacy & Cookie Policy for details).

Game Terms of Service: https://terms.ea.com
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For official enquires and assistance regarding FIFA, visit https://help.ea.com


The game came with an update which improved the previous version. There were update on pitches, players, skills etc. You can Follow this group on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE for feature expositions and conversations.

  • FIFA Latest Version: 13.1.12
  • Game File size is: 80 MB
  • Review Posted By: www.techbmc.com
  • Name: FIFA Soccer 13.1.12 Full Apk Mod Version for Android phone Online (FIFA Mobile Soccer)
  • Game Password: www.rexdl.com
  • Updated Date: july 2020

Links To Download FIFA Soccer Mobile Mod APK

For FIFA Soccer Version 13.1.12 :

  1. Download the APK File [Arm] for v13.1.10 from Here
  2. Download the APK File [Arm64] v13.1.10 from Here
  3. Download fifa mobile mod apk from Google Play store link

Upcoming FIFA MOBILE MOD APK Version 13.0.13

  • Download APK File [Mod] v13.0.13 is Coming Soon..

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