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Latest Headphones, Headset and Earbuds Reviews

Here are the latest review on headphones, headset, earbud, and earpiece gadget accessories 2019. This review is channeled to cover all the latest and new gadgets under headphones and headsets, their features, details or specifications, price, leaked images, and as well as where to buy the cheapest and affordable earpiece from different brands and online stores.

This week review on headphones and headsets will Focus on latest news, release or launched date for headphones and headsets, earpiece, buds from different mobile manufacturing company. So that is to say; every news regarding to headphones and headset will be found in this post just for this week. By next week, we will also have another update or post that will contain all the latest headphones and headsets for that week. And this is how we intend to serve you better in the global market of latest mobile phones, headphones as well as other gadgets reviews.

Below contains all you need to know regarding to latest headphones and headset technology 2019 for this week. The review is based on specifications, latest news, features, pictures and images, color, prices, where to buy them, and date of release or launch etc. Read on to get the best selection of buds, headset, headphones, earphone for your mobile phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Receiving New Silver Color for Note10 Family

If you have been following this blog for the past week now, you will get to understand that new technologies are Rolling out so loud especially this present time. Many mobile manufacturing companies are really doing a lot in the field of producing nice and enhanced gadgets for the public to use. In the past week you might have witnessed our latest post on the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 plus which got a new “Aura Glow” colour. Now the company has decided to couple the smartphone with a pair of shiny wireless headphones.

Galaxy buds are now listed over Samsung regional website, having the new silver finish colour. And this very colour appears to be so identical with the colour of the upcoming Note 10 smartphone. So it is obvious that this Samsung Galaxy bud in Silver colour is actually meant for Galaxy Note 10 + device. Well, let’s keep expecting the outcome.


latest Samsung Galaxy Bud review

Apart from the colour, there has been no change in the new Galaxy buds, as the bud gadget still remain the same price of EUR 149.90. It even included the same model number as it were before. Well, it doesn’t really mean that Samsung is not working to improve it’s buds. However, an update rolled out for its pairs and that was yesterday. The update was purported to fix some issues and to upgrade some features.

So if you really prefer wireless audio Gear buds, then this could be the best as it stands. Currently, there is a talk concerning a new AKG branded wired pair buds and the rumor said it’s going to come alongside with the new Galaxy Note. And this bud is likely to have the feature of active noise cancellation and as well as a Type-C Port. Samsung might skip the 3.5mm audio jack on the Note10 device this year.



You might want to expect another new accessory coming out alongside with note 10, which is the new Galaxy Watch Active 2. the SmartWatch already made it’s way via the FCC. Ref

The New Sony WH-XB900N wireless noise canceling headphones review

SonyWH XB900N wirelessnoise canceling headphones review

This XB900N happens to be the Sony’s latest headphone accessories. And these are Sonny’s extra quality bass headphones anyone could wish to have. This set of headphone was constructed with some of the features from the higher-end model, that is, the WH-1000XM3, having features like active noise cancellation as well as a gesture-based control system. Basically, this headphone review will guide you on how XB900N sounds, its different functionalities, how they really work and if they really worth your money for purchasing.

Design of XB900N

The design of this XB900N system happens to be a Cross between 1000XM3 and the XB700. you can attest that the design of the ear cups looks like that of 1000XM3, having big flat areas with a smooth gradation extending to the ear cups.

As you can see, just above the ear cups is an embedded large events hidden under the yokes which is similar to the XB700N. The vent aids in better bass sound delivery.


best Sony WH XB900N headphone 2019

The ear cups got a thick padding with a soft leather like material and in the inside is a cloth grille covering the main outer plastic grille for the drivers. The upside is the headband which is fully adjustable and allows ear cu os to slide up and down, about swivel of 90-degrees and as well as being able to fold one at a time. As a user of this headphone, you can swivel the ear cups at a particular point in time when you choose to hang the headphone by your neck or fold while traveling.

This XB900N got no traveling case but gets a thin cloth bag, which is not utilizable. At the right top is the headband having a similar plush cushion just as the ear cups. it is not really dense as the one found on 1000XM3, although it is still comfortable for use.

Regarding to the material of the headphone, the externals are specifically made with plastic having a soft matte finish. Even though it doesn’t really show so premium or more expensive in appearance than that of 1000XM3, but they are not really cheap as they appear to be.

Having a headphone that will give you comfort is basically a necessity. As comfort is a major part of a headphone design technology. So I believe you don’t want to wear or put on headphones that are not really comfortable even if they sound so good.

Luckily, the XB900N is found to be a comfortable headphone, as the embedded thick padding feature on the Cups was really made soft and easy for the ears. The producer or manufacturer of this type of headphone ensured that there is plenty of depth to the padding so that your ears won’t touch the grille located inside. You might wish the diameter of the ear cups was a little bit larger so that your ears won’t touch the inner rim of the ear cups, just as I wished during testing experience.

The function of the ear cups is to create an excellent seal just around your ears. And it usually stick to your skin thereby allowing only little air to go in or out. So this type of headphone is perfectly built as it auger with customers need. How do I know that? Previously, there were lots of feedback complaints regarding to most noise canceling headphones like CH700N. It was said that the ear cups isn’t sticking very closely to the skin. So this XB900N solved such issue in its technology.

Controls and Software of XB900N Headphones

There are mix of physical buttons and touch-sensitive panels for controlling the accessory. And this physical buttons include the power button which also function as the pairing button when pressed and held longer. The next button beside it is for voice assistant (Google assistant or Alexa) basically used for controlling the noise cancelling feature via the application.

The sony software is the headphones connect app which we have been using previously for Sony wireless headphones. with the use of this app you have the ability to control the EQ, noise cancelling settings, as well as various Audio effects. Through the app you have an option to select the stable SBC mode which are grayed out for other Codecs.



Headphone Audio quality

The XB900N are clear sounding pair of headphones. they got heavy bass sound as it was made from bass series. The audio sound is perfectly mixed.

If you’re listening to any music on track with this headphone, then you will definitely enjoy the sound it is producing, as you won’t miss out any beat in the track or the song. The instruments used in any song or track are fully heard with the use of this headphone. The speakers are amazing one.

The Battery Life

The battery life of XB900N is a lasting one. Sony company did well by embeddeding a 30 hours battery life. Although, it takes about 7 hours to charge fully. There is no fast charging rate support for this headphones, and you charge with a USB-C connector.

Price of Headphone

Sony company places it’s Sony WH-XB900N price cost at US$249/€249/INR16,990.

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