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Best on-ear, in-ear and Over-ear Headphone Tips

If you are interested in listening to Audio music, watching movies with a laptop or Mobil phones, playing games then it’s one of your concern to choose the right headset for your gadgets. Therefore, we intend to study the different types of headphones based on the shape and shape of the ear, and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Read on for full details.

Basic Different types of headphones depending on how to wear or put in the ear

Based on how your headphones are placed, these popular products are categorized into three categories:

  1. In-Ear or internal phone
  2. On-Ear or on the phone
  3. Over-Ear or Handset

1. In-ear headphones or inside the phone

These headphones, also known as Effort, have a very small size compared to the other two types of headphones, which fit perfectly into the phone. Due to the fact that they are very close to the eardrum and actually block the sound of the surroundings, the earpieces provide good sound quality, but imagine that the in-ear headphones have the best sound quality, it’s hard to make mistakes because small drivers come in these headphones. Therefore, these drivers are not able to offer excellent sound quality as much as other headphones.

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In the bottom part of the airs, there is a soft cover that is known as Airbād. Usually, companies produce this piece in different sizes to give users the ability to listen to their ears so that they can enjoy better sound quality by eliminating the sound of the environment as best as possible.

What is the right earphone?

If you also want to listen to music, jogging, exercise, and other sports activities, In-Ear headphones are the right option for you because these headphones are simply portable because of their small size.

If your goal is to buy professional headphones, such as a gamer, this type of headphone does not suit you at all. You should even say that you have to go straight to the gaming headphones because they are powerful but not very professional headphones that you need.

If you want to dig deeper and decide the right type of headphones for you, you can consult valuable sources, such as Red Diamond Audio. It focuses on spotting the right headphones and gives insightful advice on prolonging their life.

In-Ear headphone strengths

  • Removes surround sound
  • Simple portability
  • The smallest type of headphones
  • Suitable for sports activities

In-Ear headphones weaknesses

  • The weaker sound quality of other types of headphones

One of the most famous and most expensive headphones on the phone, for example, is the AirPad 2 Apple, Samsung Galaxy S, Irdatz Peru, and so on. Of course, all three of these headphones are wireless. So do not worry about the problem of bolting the headphone wire.

2. On-Ear headphones or on the phone

These headphones are much larger than the In-Ear headphones, but they’re smaller and lightweight than the Over-Ear headphones. So the portability of this type of headphone is not as easy as the headphones inside the phone, but it’s still easier to carry than the Over-Ear headphones.

The headphones on the phone are exactly on the eardrum and direct the sound directly into the ear, but it does not isolate the surroundings. On the other hand, the music of the streaming music is leaked.

Along with these disadvantages, headphones on the phone have many benefits. For example, these headphones produce fewer headphones in the handset, and on the other hand, they can cause damage to your hearing system in long-term use.

So when buying these kind of headphones, you need to be careful that the headphones are exactly the size of your ear so you can enjoy all the benefits.

The strengths of the on-ear headphones

  • Better sound quality than in-ear headphones
  • Simple portability (but not as much as in-ear headphones)
  • Low damage to the hearing system

Weaknesses of On-ear headphones

  • Larger size than airfoils
  • Insoluble insensitivity and, consequently, isolation of sound

Differences between headphones on the phone and away from the phone


3. Over-ear headphones or earphones

The most powerful type of headphones are long-eared headphones that are designed to be quite large so that they fully cover the eardrum. Due to the large size of these over-ear headphones, powerful and powerful drivers are embedded in them, which offers superb sound quality and deep bass. On the other hand, since these headphones are large, the drivers are at a distance from the ear and therefore play sound and music similar to the studio.

Since these headphones completely cover the ear, so the noise of the surroundings will be eliminated as best as possible. However, this kind of headphones is the choice of professional people due to the superb sound quality and the noise of the surroundings. There are even incredibly powerful examples of these headphones available on the market, which we call gaming headphones and are the best option for gamers.

The strengths of the over-ear headphones
  • Best sound quality
  • Excellent removal of disturbing sounds around
  • Convenience in long-term use
Weaknesses of phone headphones
  • Hard carrying
  • expensive

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