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New Xiaomi Irdatz-Peru Wireless Headphones VS Apple AirPad

Xiaomi, who calls itself Apple China, finally unveiled his wireless headset, Airdots Pro , in competition with Apple AirPad. The issue is that the price of this product, like all other Xiaomi products, is much cheaper than Apple AirPad. Below is an eye opener to checkmate Irdatz Peru Xiaomi and also compare the Airpods and Irdatz Peru Xiaomi headphones.
Xiaomi Irdatz-Peru Wireless Headphones
Latest Xiaomi Irdatz-Peru Wireless Headphones

Irdatz Peru

The new Xiaomi wireless headphones are very similar to Apple’s AirPad. The best feature of this wireless headphone is the standalone function of each handset. In fact, any of the AirDots Pro handsets can work independently without affecting the quality of the sound.

Xiaomi to improve the frequency response, each of these handsets of this wireless headset has a 7-mm b-neodymium iron boron driver in addition to the titanium aperture.

One of the great benefits of Xiaomi wireless headphones is the full charge in just an hour, and it’s best to use these headphones for up to 10 hours 

Irdatz Peru Xiaomi compared to Apple AirPad

The appearance of Irdatz Peru Xiaomi is similar to Apple’s AirPad, but Apple’s Airpods wireless headphones are completely gone and the phones have a circular shape. This is while behind the handsets of these Xiaomi headphones, there is a completely flat mode.

The Xiaomi wireless headphones weighing only 5.8 grams are compatible with a variety of Android, iOS and even Windows devices. While the iPad Air is weighing 46 grams, it’s only compatible with iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod devices.

One of the other differences between Irdatz Pro Xiaomi can be the ability to remove voice noise during a call. While the Apple Airpods wireless headphones do not have this feature, so in places where there’s a lot of noise, such as shopping malls, noise is sent during noise-call.

Xiaomi in Irdatz Peru has fixed one of AirPad’s biggest bugs. Airpad has no buttons for controlling music or calls. In AirPad, you have to use Siri or use it directly from the iPhone. Meanwhile, Irdatz Peru Xiaomi has touch control for controlling music and calls and more.

If we disregard all the differences between Airdas Peru and Apple AirPad , we cannot ignore the price argument. Apple’s Airpods are currently priced at $ 154 (about $ 2 million), while Irdatz Peru Xiaomi is priced at $ 60, or about a third of Apple’s headphones.

Xiaomi begins to launch his new wireless headphones for $ 60 on January 21st.
Ref: techbmc