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Powerful Desktop AMD 7nm Ryzen 3rd Generation Processors Unveiled

AMD, the processor’s giant, announced last night at the CES 2019 showcase a third generation third-party processor, the processor that is the most powerful desktop processor.

AMD unveiled the Matisse code last night during the CES 2019 Expo, with its 8-core processor and its 16-bit processor based on the 7nm Zen 2 architecture. Two significant features in this processor series are the use of 7-nanometer lithography and support for PCIe 4.0 , which has a dual bandwidth compared to the third-generation PCIe, and this is the first time AMD has used the newer lithography and the Intel PCIe Interface He will stop. Of course, for full support for the fourth-generation interface, we’ll probably have to wait until the Taiwan Computex exhibition to introduce the X570 chipset with full support for the new generation interface.

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It seems that the AMD has designed this processor series to compete with Intel’s current flagship and is set to launch its most powerful new processor in the second or third quarter of 2019. Read on to compare the processor with the current flagship of Intel.
AMD 7nm Ryzen 3rd Generation Processors
AMD 7nm Ryzen 3rd Generation Processors 2019

Third generation third-party processors against the most powerful rivals

Benchmark record

AMD Corresponds to the Power of the Third Generation of the 8-core Cortex-16 Cores Processor (Thread) , the Core i9-9900k CINENENCH with the most powerful mainstream processor Intel Core i9-9900k  .

The third-generation multi-core processor won the 2023 record , while the Intel Core i9-9900K processor recorded the 1873 record, defeating the third-generation Release processor, Intel’s flagship processor. As such, the title of the most powerful desktop processor is the third generation third-party processor.

CES 2019 Tech Invention Expos:

The third-generation Razer series has not only defeated Intel’s current flagship, but is also far superior to the current flagship of the AMD desktop processors, as far as the benchmark 2700X7 processor reported the record of 1798, and now the new processor of the record 2023, which represents a 12% improvement in performance.

Intel’s third-generation processor superiority to Intel’s flagship did not end only on the multi-core, but in the advocate’s mono-core segment, it showed better performance than the current flagship of Intel.

Undoubtedly, the third-generation third-party processor performance is due to improvements to AMD’s Zen 2 architecture. AMD CEO Lisa Soo said that third-generation development of third-party processors has not yet come to an end, and the final version will no doubt showcase its performance.

Power consumption

In an experiment that AMD has done in front of everyone, it refers to the power consumption of the new processor. The future AMD processor has 133.4 pounds of power thanks to the 7-nanometer lithograph. Meanwhile, Intel Core i9-9900K, the Intel flagship processor with a power consumption of 179.9 watts. In this way, the future flagship of AMD has about 30% less power than its competitor from the Intel family.

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