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Latest Smart Watches Review 2019

Hello fans, this week we will be engaging you with the latest smart watches specification review, Leaks, and upcoming smart watch accessories and important news from different watch manufacturing brands.

This article will be based on the latest smart watches that was rolled out this week 2019 and those still coming out will as well be updated as the week runs out. Also, where to buy smartwatch? how much they cost? Date of release, and the best among them with other related details you sure need to know, are well explained below.

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Also, I updated how you can use smart watches to check your blood pressure status. You might want to check them out in order to keep your health in good state and to know the exactt timing of your blood pressure or hypertension.

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latest Smart watch reviews, leaks, specs, images, features, and prices

Below are the latest smart watches, news, specifications, leaks, images, prices features and every other thing or details you need to know regarding to these gadget accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Revealed leaks in official images

Samsung has been one of the best smart watch manufacturing company and recently they have been releasing its top best ranked smart watches in the gadget market accessories, just for the public. These smart watches got so many interesting features that every customer would want to test or utilise or even have experience of.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 leaks review

Recently, Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 was rumoured and there have been so many contributions and talking about it in different online platforms. So many of the revisions contributed by different personnel said that this latest Samsung Watch 2 built is really similar with the latest Apple watch, as it also offers an ECG and as well as fall detection found in the newest Apple smartwatch. The Samsung watch even improved the body packing making the accessory look better than its competitor. Read on for the details of this active 2 smart watch.

This official press leaked render for Galaxy Watch Active 2 leaks promo images and this officially confirms the overall design as well as the name. The design is very similar to the first watch active and undoubtfully, it shows that this is the successor of the device. Even though the active watch has been around and sold in the market for few months and now here comes another active watch 2, that will be made available in no distant time from now.

There has been a talk in few days ago over the leaked Samsung wearable roadmap which revealed that there will be a Galaxy watch launching in the 3rd quarter of this year 2019, but as it stands no new watch active.

However, if the rumoured watch active 2 is actually coming, then I think it will be announced on August 7th maybe alongside with the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 + smartphones. It maybe two days before since the render is going to be August 5 and I’m thinking that Samsung doesn’t want to take any of the spotlight away from the new smartphone notes at its grand event

The new smart watch features a leather band with a sporty look and a silicone straps in the box. Also, the watch power button got a red ring around it even though it is not entirely clear. The previous rumours talked about the Watch active 2 coming out in two sizes of 40 and 44mm, having three colors inclusively, a Wi-Fi-only and LTE models. As you can see, the unit pictured here could be the LTE variant. Ref.

The latest Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Review

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Smartwatch review

This very smart watch “Mobvoi TicWatch Pro“, was first launched as at last year 2018, having a dual display features. Even though it didn’t pioneered the idea that was Casio, the premise is made simple. The watch is featured with AMOLED touch display which invariably function just like other wear OS watch, even though there is a transflective screen which displays the time and as well as the step count when the display is off.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Review 2019

This Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G happens to be the successor to the Ticwatch Pro, and it got the design very similar to the previous. Even though there are notable differences in the features of connectivity and hardware specifications, which will be enumerated below.

The core main differences are the double RAM and 4G/LTE support. Would you consider Galaxy watch over this?

This Mobvoi TicWatch Pro doesn’t come with the feature that offer sleep tracking but it promises that the feature will come in the future update or upgrade. But the watch covers lots of activity-tracking and they are as follows: the distance walked to, the heart rate monitoring, active timing and step counts.

Below are the full specification of Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Smartwatch:

Watch Case:

It is embedded with Polyamide and glass fiber, aluminum back cover, stainless steel bezel and matte black finish features.

Screen Display:

The smartwatch display features a Dual [AMOLED + FSTN LCD] 1.39″ displays; having Gorilla Glass 3

Battery Capacity:

Built with a 415 mAh battery; having a magnetic four-pin charger.

Watch Dimensions:

It was dimensioned suitably with a 45.15mm x 52.8mm x 12.6mm.


Has a 47.4g weight size.


Features an Interchangeable 22mm; having a silicone strap added.

Watch OS:

The operating system embedded is Wear OS which got a TicHealth and Essential Mode features.


Powered with a Snapdragon Wear 2100.

Memory Size:

Loaded with a 4GB ROM and a 1GB RAM for faster operation.

Watch Connectivity:

The connection Incorporated to this smart device is a 4G/LTE FDD; with a Bluetooth v4.2 + LE; and as well as, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n; NFC.

The watch Sensors:

The company ensured to embed the most interesting active detection sensors and the following are the features; accelerometer, PPG heart rate sensor, the gyroscope sensor, an ambient light; e-compass, the off-body sensor; and as well as the GPS + GLONASS + Beidou.


Features a IP68 (very suitable for swimming pool); with a MIL-STD-810G compliant feature.


The watch is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

It may interest you to know that smart watches powered by wear operating system are not exactly trending as it stands, due to slow development over few years but Google is actively updating the firmware recently. Stay tuned for more details regarding to this tech development on wearables operating system. ref. Below is another trending smartwatch you wouldn’t want to miss reading its features and full details.

Samsung Will Add ECG to Galaxy Watch Active in 2020

Samsung company is expected to launch its second-generation of Galaxy watch active smart watch having both 40mm and 44mm sizes. It happens that they might miss on the previously rumoured ECG and fall detection because of the FDA approval which may likely not come out to the market launch on time. And this indicate that the next Galaxy watch that will come with electrocardiography app will show to the market by next year 2020.

Samsung ECG for Galaxy Watch Active in 2020

So that is to say, Samsung will bring ECG to Galaxy Watch Active in 2020. However, the latest news or report have it that Samsung will introduce about three versions of its Galaxy watch active 2 and one is already out. The second is still rumoured which we have detailed some of its features above, and the third watch is yet to be revealed. The three watches is said to have LTE, and the second will be embedded with only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. While the third watch will come with separate feature under Armour-branded variant. It will feature a fancy sports strap and a six months of MapMyRun subscription.

The upcoming SmartWatch will have a stainless steel cases, and a leather straps with about four colour variant during the time of launch.

Just like stated above, in the previous review, the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 will be unveiled on August 7th being a part of the unpacked event in the New York and USA following the debut of Galaxy Note10 smartphone devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Received OTA Update

This is a highlight on Samsung Galaxy watch active getting OTA updates. This is actually a new product of Samsung watch accessories, even though it was announced earlier this year but all report seems to be looking at 2nd generation release which will be coming out with the new upcoming Galaxy Note 10 smartphone in time to come. But that doesn’t really mean that the current active Galaxy watch already in the market today won’t be getting updates anymore. Samsung will keep updating the latest firmware upgrade to this first launched active watch as the public awaits for the second generation.

intuitive App Tray UI OTA update for galaxy watch active

Now, the Galaxy watch Active owners who already installed the update can now go ahead and make use of the improved application Tray UI for a friendly and easy navigation, as well as simplicity in finding the app you need to use. When you get this activated, it will switch to its own view displaying only the time while blocking other incoming notifications.

smarter usability OTA update galaxy watch active

Also, it may interest you to know that Bixby has been updated and upgraded too. As it can now launch application or carry out a conversational language. There is now an option that can enable you to control smart Home devices with Bixby without touching or pressing the Smart Watch. The smart watch can now recognise your voice without turning on the screen. A lot has been updated in Bixby for friendly and great user experience. There is more powerful features to explore in Bixby as it stands now.


This big OTA update from Samsung to its Active watch introduced more powerful features. The recently introduced swimming functionality is now made available in Galaxy watch active. And now the wearable is upgraded with constant track of your health especially when your heart rate status goes beyond a certain point or lower than it should be. There is a customizable thresholds now.

stylish strap OTA upgrade for galaxy watch active

In addition the Samsung official strap studio shop now provide 15 news transfer each category, leather and leather dress, textile and rubber. Ref.

Stay tuned for more latest reviews on smartwatches coming out this week. For now, share and bookmark this page for later update. Regards.