The CEO of Slightly Mad recently announced that the company is going to launch its Mad Box game console. He initially also published some images and was waiting for user feedback about it. It has recently been revealed that the company intends to change the appearance of the console. Continue with the latest game news along with the world of play 

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mad box new console game design
mad box new console game design

Recently, Slightly Mad CEO Jon Bell has posted images of the Mad Box console deformation. In these images you can see the name of the game running on the console. In this picture, there’s the name of the game Project Cars Revolution, which actually does not exist in this series. Bell also said in response to users about the game that it might be in the future for such a game. It looks like the console builds up to three years. You can view these images below: 

mad box console screen resolution game

mad box console orientation settings

mad box new customization


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