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You Can Now Record And Send Video on Google Hangouts [Recent Update Made By Google on Hangout

As it has been, Google for years now, embedded on Hangout regarding to iOS apps, its updated feature that allow users to record and send videos. Today, the trend on point is pointing to the latest update on Google’s Hangouts, as very soon, Android apps for hangout will be having same features just like iOS apps. Features like recording and sending videos.

So as it stands, Hangouts users using an Android phones will soon be able to record and send up to a minute of footage from inside the app once the update arrives on Google Play store.

In the Month of February, in 2014, iOS Hangout as of then, only allowed Users to record and send a short video of 10-seconds. Then later this year 2016, in the Month of March, it was updated to a full minute, but sadly for the Android users, they were left out, having to make do with updates like the feature of Google Voice conversations to send stickers.

Google seems to be developing better apps when you talk of iPhone devices than that of its own operating system. Even as that, the recent update about to take place on Google hangout should make Android equal to iphone as Google pushes it live across various stores this week.

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