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Glo Network To introduce Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan – That Offers A Whooping 800% Bonus On Every Recharge

Glo Telecom, always a surprising network that offers cheapest data plan amongst other Telecom Networks in Nigeria. They are here again to surprise their customers with the best call plan soever.

  Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan is a newly introduced plan that offers users 800% bonus on any recharge made on new glo SIM card or line.

This Jollific8 plan is specially designed to give new Glo prepaid customers a maximum eight times more value on every airtime they recharge using their Glo sim, having that they are already subscribed to the plan. So, because of that, there is no benefit of doubt that Glo Jollific8 plan is one of the best call Tariff at the moment.

The Benefits Of Glo Jollific8 tariff Plan

1. You always get eight (8) times the value of what you recharged for  every time

2. Offers you free data and as well free voice on every recharge you make being on Jollific8

3. Allows users to share data to another Glo customer through gift share.

How Glo Jollific8  Function/Work

1. When you recharge the amount of N100, you will get extra N800 airtime plus 10MB of data

2. Once you recharge N200 the plan offers youN1600 plus N100 (25MB to gift)=N1700

3. if you recharge N500, glo through this plan will give you N4000 plus N200 (you can share 50MB through gift) =N4200

4. Another, is when you recharge your Glo line with N1000 amount you will get N8000 plus N400 (100MB to gift)=N8400

5. when you recharge with N5000, you will receive N40k plus N2k and (500MB to gift)=N42k

How To Subscribe/Activate Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan

The plan is meant for new Glo lines or sims. So to get yours migrated to the tariff plan you have to follow below;

>First, Get a new Glo Sim if yours is old

> Secondly, Register and get it activated (you’ll automatically be on Jollific8 tariff plan)

> Now Dial this code *123*Pin# for the plan to be activated

How To Check Your Glo Jollific8 Account Balance Using Any phone

To check your data balance, dial this code on your phone #122# 
Also, to check your data gifting, dial this code *606# as well

Important Things And Tips You Should Know About Glo Jollific8 tariff Plan

1. You can  migrate out of Jollific8 by dialing the migration code of your desired profile.

2. You cannot migrate back to Jollific8 tariff plan once you migrate out of the plan.

3. You will be charged first from your data plan before your “Jollific8 data bonus” account can be charged when you are browsing if you have a glo data plan.

4. If you have credit in your main account, the bonus accounts are charged first and Main account will be charged when the bonus accounts have been fully depleted or expired.

With all the details provided above, you should now be convinced that the plan is one of the best sofar comparing other networks tariff plans.