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Stop YouTube ads on Android/iOS – ad blockers ensure your device security

YouTube ads that suddenly pop up on your Android and iOS phones while watching your favorite YouTube videos are always annoying, and consequently, they spoil your mood. An increase in the frequency and duration of YouTube ads has left many of its users perplexed as how to permanently block YouTube ads on Android and iOS. 

 Are you tired of skipping YouTube ads, and looking for a possible way to block YouTube ads on your Android and iOS, don’t worry! The best YouTube ad blockers get rid of all annoying ads and let you no more suffer from the YouTube ads. 

Beware of malicious YouTube ads that can harm your private data

 You have no idea which YouTube ad contains malware and could harm your device. Malware can infect your Android and iOS devices if you click on infected YouTube ads. This type of malware could give hackers access to your financial account passwords and allow them to damage or take control of your whole device.

 Installing ad blockers not only stops annoying YouTube ads but also protects your privacy by preventing malware and other online threats from infiltrating your device.

How to Block YouTube ads without ad blockers

There is another safe way to block all annoying YouTube ads on Android and iOS without using an ad blocker. However, to block YouTube ads without an ad blocker, you have to get a membership of YouTube Premium which costs you monthly. 

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 Best YouTube ad blockers for Android/iOS 

  • Pure Tuber
  • Adblock Fast 
  • Adblock PLus
  • AdLock
  • AppBrain Ad Detector

 1 – Pure Tuber

 Pure Tuber is a multi-featured, easy-to-use, and completely free YouTube ad blocker for Android and iOS devices. You can watch YouTube without video ads by using Pure Tuber, and you can enjoy more with Pure Tuber’s multi-features.

 Pure Tuber does not allow other apps to steal users’ private data, such as apps that send unsolicited messages, video ads, and other links, Pure Tuber detects quickly and blocks all external online threats. 

 Pure tuber requires no additional steps to block YouTube ads on Android and iOS. Directly download the app from the official website https://www.puretuber.com/ 

 2 – AdLock 

AdLock is the most widely used YouTube ad blocker on Android and iOS devices. AdLock is a full-featured app that can be used to block YouTube advertisements on both Android and iOS devices. What else can AdLock provide? AdLock can also be used to block YouTube ads on PCs. 

 AdLock allows users to block any type of ad, including YouTube video ads, banner ads, and instant pop-up ads. AdLock’s functions are updated from time to time, bringing the most recent features to its users.  https://adlock.com/blog/how-to-block-youtube-ads-on-android/

3 – Adblock Fast  

 Adblock Fast is the best app to block YouTube ads on Android and iOS phones. Adblock Fast is also free to download and use. It is quick, safe, and simple. Adblock Fast should be your go-to adblocker if you’re looking for a multi-purpose utility app. 

 Adblock Fast uses less disc space and memory than other ad blockers.

 4 – Adblock Plus

 On the list of best YouTube ad blockers for Android and iOS, Adblock Plus is widely used and the top best YouTube ad blocker that is effective to stop YouTube ads. 

Adblock Plus is an open-source and completely free YouTube ad blocker that can be used on Android and iOS devices to stop YouTube ads. Adblock Plus is a user-friendly YouTube ad blocker that reduces the threat of malware attacks and ensures users enjoy fast browsing and ad-free YouTube videos. 

5 – AppBrain Ad Detector 

Because of its unique approach to blocking pop-ups and ads, AppBrain Ad Detector is one of the best Adblockers for Android and iOS. The software even sniffs them out by predicting which sites or apps on your phone have ads. So it goes out of its way to block them before they arrive. 

 AppBrain Ad Detector is simple to use and configure, so even inexperienced users will have no trouble configuring this software. 

Block YouTube ads without ad blockers using YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium gives you a way to block YouTube ads on Android and iOS phones without using any YouTube ad blocker, only if you don’t mind paying a monthly fee. However, if you want to block YouTube ads using YouTube Premium here is a link to purchasing YouTube premium to block all annoying ads.

 Always use recommended ad blockers for Android and iOS phones

 We are constantly faced up with video ads almost in every YouTube video which irritate us every time. Everyone will agree that skipping three to five YouTube ads in a ten-minute video is excessively irritating. However, to watch your favorite YouTube content without being overwhelmed by the irksome YouTube ads, we recommend you to download the above listed best YouTube ad blockers on Your Android and iOS devices.