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How To Listen To Youtube Audio Having Your Screen Backlight Off

Most of us enjoy listening to audio musics than watching movies. And sometimes, where these musics come from is always from video background track and because of that, we watch that particular movie over and over again on youtube. But not because you like the video but because the background music is what you derive your joy from while watching it on youtube. As time goes on, you get bored seeing the video while listening to the music played on the background and you try to make your screen go off in order to prevent your phone battery from draining, so that you can continue listening to the song, but all could not avail. You also thought of locking your screen, but when that takes place, the music gets paused showing playback. You have done all you know for the youtube android app to go off on your Android screen but couldn’t achieve that. Don’t worry about that again because, the solution is now on your court.

And now, the question becomes, how do I achieve this goal? Hey don’t worry, you can achieve the goal with an app called “Black Screen of Life” This app has nothing like ads runing on it. It works perfectly well when you want to switch your Android screen off, in order to listen to your favourite song on youtube videos serving as background track. The app does it work by  blocking your device Proximity Sensor without  getting the video to pause and playback.

Youtube Audio Screen Backlight Off

Reasons, Why You Should download This App, Black Screen of Life,

√ The app is very easy to use

√ With this app, you can go a long way in watching some of your favourite songs on YouTube without watching there videos.

√ Black Screen of life saves your phone’s battery while doing its job.

Black Screen Youtube


When you download it from below, launch and activate it, and now you should go to YouTube and litsten to your favourite track on any video without the screen being on. You an as well keep your phone in your bag or pocket and your music will be playing. That’s it guys.

To Download the Black Screen of Life from playstore click here or download the raw apk here. After that install and make good out of it. Remember it works on all Android device without rooting, so enjoy.

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