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Google Will Start Deleting Your Data Automatically

From now on, you can allow Google to remove your data after a certain period of time. In this way you will not have to manually delete the data yourself. Auto-delete is possible for the history of the location and the web and app activity.

In an article in The Keyword, Google has explained why it added auto-data deletion control to its services. The company says it collects data to make Google products more functional. Of course you do not have to give Google your data. If you do not like to use additional Google features, you can make Google save your data. But what if you want to use these features but do not want Google to store your data forever?

Newly Introduced smartest: Google Assistant

Until now, the only option was to manually delete your data every week, every month, or whenever you want. But with Google’s automatic deletion control, your data will be deleted after three or eighteen months without you having to do any particular work.

All you need to do is enter your Google Account and choose Manage Your Google Account. Then click Data & Personalization and find Activity Controls. Click Manage Your Activity Controls and then Manage Activity.
Automatic deletion control for web and app activity and location history. Once you click on both options in Manage Activity, you can delete the data automatically. You can also choose how long Google will keep them.

Take care of your data

Everyone should be careful about how the data that is published on the Internet is used. Google’s automatic deletion control, which Google recognizes as personalization and privacy bridging, shows that Google cares about the concerns of people. Even if you are not worried about how big companies like Google use your information, there is always a concern that this information will be lost to others. As a result, you should always be aware of your information and data on the Internet.

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