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Microsoft Welcome Back PowerToys to Improve Windows 10

Microsoft first introduced the concept of “PowerToys” in Windows 95. The tool was originally designed to test Windows engineers. Microsoft provided some of the best of it in a package with PowerToys. PowerToys includes popular apps such as Tweak’s Interface, Quick Res for quick image resolution, and Send To X, which allowed you to bring files and folders to the command line, clipboard, and desktop. send.

PowerToys was lost after Windows XP, when Bill Gates ordered a security scan for all Windows components. These functionalities are re-activated by Microsoft to give them what Windows 10 advanced users need. This PowerToys software giant is put into the open source on the hub, so anyone can build advanced tools for Windows 10.

The first two features Microsoft is working on in Windows 10 is the Guide to Windows shortcut keys and magnification to the desktop widgets. Magnifying the Widgets A pop-up button is located next to the magnifying button that appears when you move the pointer toward it. This feature is made so you can take an app to another desktop and use the multi-desktop feature of Windows 10. Windows Shortcut Guide When you press the Windows button, it will show you tips for keyboard shortcuts.

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Microsoft also plans to release PowerToys for Windows 10:

  1. Full Windows Manager that includes layouts for connecting and removing laptops
  2.  Keyboard shortcut manager
  3. Replacing Win + R
  4. Alt + Tab Better, which includes a browser fever and browser search seamlessly for running applications.
  5. Battery monitoring
  6. Change file name batch
  7. Change the resolution fast in the taskbar
  8. Mouse Focusing Events
  9. Cmd (or PS or Bash) from this part
  10. Browse the contents of the content menu

Microsoft, which recently opened the Windows calculator, is awaiting collaboration and feedback for more ideas on the Gate Hub. The company also plans to release PowerToys and its source code on the GitHub.

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