Home Tech News Bitcoin Price massively Increased to $6,961 – What Investors Should Expect

Bitcoin Price massively Increased to $6,961 – What Investors Should Expect

By 2017, the bitcoin price trend has risen sharply to $ 20,000, but with the introduction of 2018, the trend has declined. The same may discourage some investors from investing in this digital currency, but now it turns out Beat Covey’s golden days are back. But the problem here is whether this growth will be sustained or that we will face downside.

Bitcoin yesterday hit a solid lineup of 6200 and 6450 dollars at once. Today, the digital currency continues its uptrend and has reached $ 6800.

Bitcoin price growth trend analysis

If we look at the chart analysis indicators, we see that the bitcoin price is currently stabilized. The main lineup is close to $6,400 (previous failure zone), and if we are seeing again bitcoin prices, if the value of this digital currency falls below $ 6,400, we expect the currency to fall to $ 6,250. But there may be no reason to worry because many indicators, such as the RSI and MACD, predict a continuous uptrend.

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Bitcoin price growth analysis chart

Recent Bitcoin Price rate
Growth in Bitcoin Price chart

What is your opinion about this? Will Bitcoin continue to grow, or will Bitcoin again see the downside? Share your opinions and experiences with us.

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