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4 Top Web Hosting Trends To Pay Attention in 2021

As a website owner or someone whose website brings in the bulk of their business income, it is important that you understand the place of web hosting in the success of your online venture.

Web hosting is one of the most critical parts of website development and therefore, is definitely not a place you want to make a mistake in. in the first place, web hosting is the foundation of your website and online business. This is where everything about your website is domiciled, and the efficiency and performance of your website is largely tied to the efficiency and performance of your web hosting platform.

These days, thanks to the constant advancement in web hosting technology, web hosting providers can boast of top-notch hardware and software solutions, as well as best practices that benefit the website owners and their users. But there is always room for more improvements.

The following are some of the top web design trends that are expected to drive websites performance in 2021, and it is vital that you recognize and take advantage of them as they come up.

Cloud hosting

In the fast few years, cloud hosting has gotten to become one of the most popular forms of web hosting, and for good reasons too. Cloud hosting provides website owners with top-of-range web hosting services at affordable prices. 

Some of the perks of cloud hosting are top-notch security solutions, unlimited storage and bandwidth, zero downtime, and pay-as-you-use scalability. 

Another reason for the popularity of cloud hosting technology is that it provides an ideal hosting platform for every website need, regardless of size or scale. In fact, growing businesses and established eCommerce operators can enjoy the same cloud hosting services, thus leveling the playing field somewhat. 

Even though cloud hosting has become part of the fabric of web hosting, this is a trend that will enjoy even more exposure in the coming years. So if you are yet to move your web operations to the cloud, you should seriously consider doing so in 2021.

Pricing competition

The cost of developing a website depends a lot on the simplicity or complexity of your website needs, and this breaks down into domain and web hosting, content creation and graphics, web development, marketing, and so on. As a rule, every other aspect of this cost analysis can be negotiated, but that of domain names and web hosting are usually fixed as per individual hosting plans. But this is set to change. 

In the coming months and years, the number of web hosting providers will increase significantly, particularly as the number of people looking to host websites will increase. This will result in stiff competition that will reflect in pricing.

This expected increase in web hosting demand in the coming year will bring about a price war that will benefit website owners. So that apart from the introduction of unique features and tools, website owners can also use price advantage as criteria when choosing a hosting company. In fact, we can expect to see some really tempting discount deals and mouth-watering offers. 

So if you think you are paying too much for web hosting services, or if you are not satisfied with your current hosting provider, chances are you will be able to clinch a better deal elsewhere or even with your current provider as the price wars heat up in 2021 and beyond.

HTTPS will become the new standard

Sometime in 2018, Google made it so that users are notified whenever they are accessing a non-HTTPs website via the search engine. At first, many website owners saw this as a small deal forgetting that the bulk of any website experience starts from the search engines. Since then, whenever a website use arrives at a website that does not have the HTTPS, their browser will mark the site as unsecure. 

This critical update quickly became accepted as the norm and many analysts swore they saw it coming. 

Switching over your site to HTTPS is a no brainer. HTTPs plays a huge role in building user trust, so that people can confidently spend time on your site knowing that their every personal detail is safe and secure. Plus, HTTPs on your site means that you get a better deal from Google in terms of search page rankings than non-HTTPs websites.

All these factors mean that for the rest of 2018 and the entire 2019, website hosting companies looking to get ahead of the competition offered SSL certificates to their customers. In the same way, websites looking to stay one step ahead of the competition quickly installed SSL certificates to get that vital HTTPs. 

But in 2021 and going forward, secure HTTP or HTTPs will no longer be just a feature. It will be a vital part of your web success. Therefore, whatever your website plans for 2021 are, be sure that getting HTTPs is part of them.

Managed web hosting 

In 2019, 2020, there was very little web hosting companies could do to differentiate themselves from the pack. Almost every company provided customers with the same set of features at almost the same price range, and customers were to all intent and purposes, stuck with their web hosting company. 

But in 2021, an innovative form of web hosting will be brought into play, and will be particularly targeted at small businesses or website owners without much technical expertise.

This innovative trend will come in the form of managed web hosting. Of course, managed web hosting is not a new concept. A few web hosting providers have been providing managed web hosting for their customers for some time now, especially in the areas of managed WordPress hosting. But in 2021 and going forward, this concept will cover all the available hosting plans and packages. 

As already established, the concept of managed web hosting will appeal a lot of smaller websites and online ventures without a lot of technical capacity. This will free the owners of these businesses to focus their energies on the other aspect of running their businesses. 

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With this system, the website hosting provider is not just responsible for providing web hosting services, they are also responsible for managing the website, taking away the pressure of keeping up with technical advancements from the website owners.

Of course, there are those who will prefer the traditional form of web hosting where they retain all or some control over what happens to their website, but in 2021, managed web hosting will quickly become a popular option, therefore you should keep an eye out if this is what you need for your online business.

Wrapping up

There are lots of trends and improvements that are expected to come up in the web hosting and web development field in the coming years, and while each and every one of them is as important as the other, it is our hope that taking advantage of the few covered in the article will help you stay at least one step ahead of the competition.